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Other mental illnesses also occur after birth, and differences among postpartum mood and anxiety disorders are covered. All disorders disrupt the family, including mother-newborn interactions and bonding and breastfeeding. This edition includes more information on traumatic childbirth, potentially resulting in PTSD in mothers and fathers. Risk factors, primary and secondary interventions, screening scales, and nursing interventions. Download the Journals App! Get the support and resources you need to deliver the highest quality of care. When critical life-saving decisions need to be made you need to be confident in your choices, on-target with your assessments and in-the-know on protocols.

Staying up-to-date on standards of care, industry trends and research and developments is essential. AWHONN helps you stay ahead of the curve, giving you the resources to understand and follow critical lifesaving procedures, the tools to make informed decisions and the opportunity to excel at management.

Plus, we advocate for you. Membership dues are nonrefundable. You may cancel your membership at any time after one year. This edition features three new chapters and completely new review questions. This powerful study tool offers unparalleled preparation for your certification exam. The only resource written specifically for nurses, our updated hyperbilirubinemia monograph will keep nurses up to date on the latest information related to screening for hyperbilirubinemia and the importance of optimal breastfeeding as a preventative measure.

Most newborns develop some degree of hyperbilirubinemia in the first week of life. However, some of these newborns may develop severe hyperbilirubinemia that can lead to acute bilirubin encephalopathy which may, in turn, become the chronic condition, kernicterus or even lead to death. The incidence of kernicterus, an almost preventable condition, appears to have increased in the past 10—15 years.

A systematic approach that identifies newborns at risk for severe hyperbilirubinemia and ensures proper follow-up and treatment is key to preventing kernicterus. Normal bilirubin production and elimination are covered. It educates perinatal nurses on bilirubin screening and that suboptimal breastfeeding is a risk factor for hyperbilirubinemia.

The monograph also covers phototherapy and the idea that it should be given as a dosage similar to medication.

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Its concise outline format covers concepts of reproduction, fetal development, normal pregnancy, intrapartum and postpartum periods, the normal newborn, complications in the mother and newborn, and ethical issues. This book is an excellent reference for certification exam preparedness staff developers, and as a unit reference. Coverage of the full scope of maternal-newborn nursing practice addresses topics, such as: Help improve patient safety and reduce costly errors. Proven Return On Investment. NOEP has been utilized successfully in hundreds of hospitals since The Neonatal Orientation and Education Program NOEP is a comprehensive, educational program that can assist your facility in improving patient safety and reducing errors.

It provides current, evidence-based education and orientation to your neonatal nursing staff. Modules combine video, animation, case scenarios and competence assessment tools that ensure nurses gain key knowledge and skills. Assessment and Care of the Late Preterm Infant Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline is the premier comprehensive evidencebased resource developed to guide nursing care of the late preterm infant.

Nurses and other health care providers can use this guideline to plan and implement assessment and care from birth through discharge, provide staff education, and educate parents about their late preterm infants. This guide will provide you with the framework that identifies the specialized body of knowledge, skills, and competencies integral to neonatal nursing practice. The sixth edition includes role definitions for the neonatal nurse, neonatal nurse practitioner, and clinical nurse specialist in lowand high-risk neonatal settings.

This guideline delivers clinical practice recommendations for neonatal skin care based on the best available evidence. It is directed toward neonates birth to 28 days of age of all gestational ages. It is applicable in all neonatal health care settings and other health care facilities that provide care during the post-birth neonatal period, such as freestanding birthing centers. The sixth edition includes role definitions for the neonatal nurse, neonatal nurse practitioner, and clinical nurse specialist in low- and high-risk neonatal settings.

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Assessment of Neonatal Abstinence Online Slides — 2. Describes key considerations when using screening tests to identify drugs of abuse. Details the importance of establishing and maintaining reliability in using clinical assessment tools, especially the Neonatal Abstinence Scoring Tool developed by Dr. Published by the March of Dimes. Clinical Competencies and Education. This narrated slide presentation defines neonatal abstinence and signs of withdrawal associated with various drugs of abuse. See page 23 for more information.

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See page 17 for more information. Shortening Length of Stay Recorded Webinar — 1. Look here for the most trusted evidencebased clinical practice guidelines as well as books, webinars, practice monographs, education guides and much more. Online Test — The Perinatal Medication Administration Competence Assessment Tool ACAT engages the RN in a professional assessment and development activity that can be used when assessing the knowledge base of nurses who care for women and newborns.

With purchase, you or a user at a facility with one postal address may: For any other republication, distribution to outward facing websites or other dissemination, please contact permissions awhonn. Achieving Consistent Quality Care: Standards for Professional Nursing Practice in the Care of Women and Newborns Eighth Edition Standard These standards define the roles, functions and competencies of the nurse who strives to provide highquality services to women, newborns and their families and delineate various roles and behaviors for which the nurse is accountable.

Nursing Care of the Woman with Diabetes in Pregnancy Evidence-Based Guideline — This clinical practice guideline addresses diabetes, provides comprehensive recommendations for nurses who care for women with diabetes—types 1 or 2 and gestational diabetes A1 or A2 — during pregnancy, labor and postpartum, and their babies. See page 4 for more information. Key terms such as tolerance and addition will be differentiated.

The role of medication assisted treatments will be described. Effective pain management strategies for peripartum women with OUD is presented to include information about specific analgesics effects. This guideline is crucial for any nurse practitioner on a health care team! Guidelines for Practice and Education Seventh Edition.

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Every step of the way AWHONN has you covered We are the one source you can trust to help you meet on-the job demands, give you access to exclusive content, authoritative resources, clinical content and more. The magnitude of the complications of Zika infection on developing fetuses and rapidly evolving recommendations around related care require that nurses stay up to date on the latest information to best serve women of childbearing age and their families.

The purpose of this article is to provide nurses with critical information on strategies to prevent Zika infection and appropriate follow-up of pregnant women and affected infants. Also available in Spanish: El virus del Zika: Lo que cada enfermera debe saber.

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December 14th ISBN: December 7th ISBN: December 4th ISBN: Natural Labor and Birth: August 24th ISBN: August 23rd ISBN: April 12th ISBN: Williams Obstetrics, 25th Edition Formats: March 22nd ISBN: Print, eBook Arthur C. December 8th ISBN: Obstetrics and Gynecology Flashcards Formats: June 12th ISBN: Print, eBook Robert K. Modern advancements in both general surgery and gynaecology, however, have blurred many of the once rigid lines of distinction.

The rise of sub-specialties within gynaecology which are primarily surgical in nature for example urogynaecology and gynaecological oncology have strengthened the reputations of gynaecologists as surgical practitioners, and many surgeons and surgical societies have come to view gynaecologists as comrades of sorts.

As proof of this changing attitude, gynaecologists are now eligible for fellowship in both the American College of Surgeons and Royal Colleges of Surgeons , and many newer surgical textbooks include chapters on at least basic gynaecological surgery. In the UK the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists , based in London, encourages the study and advancement of both the science and practice of obstetrics and gynaecology.

This is done through postgraduate medical education and training development, and the publication of clinical guidelines and reports on aspects of the specialty and service provision. The RCOG International Office works with other international organisations to help lower maternal morbidity and mortality in under-resourced countries. Gynaecologic oncology is a subspecialty of gynaecology, dealing with gynaecology-related cancer. Despite the patients being predominantly female, like all specialist areas of health, historically gynaecology has been dominated by male doctors.

However, in recent times as many of the barriers to access the education and training required to successfully practice gynaecology were removed, women have started to outnumber men in the field. Possible reasons reported for the decrease in male gynaecologists range from there being a perception of a lack of respect from other doctors towards them, distrust about their motivations for wanting to work exclusively with female sexual organs [8] and questions about their overall character, [9] as well as a concern about being associated with other male gynaecologists who have been arrested for sex offences [ citation needed ] and limited future employment opportunities [ citation needed ].

Surveys have also shown a large and consistent majority of women are uncomfortable being forced to have intimate exams done by a male doctor. They are also less likely to be embarrassed, so as a result talk more openly and in greater details, when discussing their sexual history with another woman rather than a man, leading to questions about the ability of male gynaecologists to offer quality care to patients.

In the United States , it has been reported that 4 in 5 students choosing a residency in gynaecology are now female. There have been a number of legal challenges in the US against healthcare providers who have started hiring based on gender of physicians. Dr Mircea Veleanu argued, in part, that his former employers discriminated against him by accommodating the wishes of female patients who had requested female doctors for intimate exams.

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So far, all legal challenges by male gynaecologists to remove patient choice have failed due to there being protection in law for 'bona fide occupational qualification' which in previous cases involving wash-room attendants and male nurses have recognized a justification for gender-based requirements for certain jobs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Gynaecology A dilating vaginal speculum , a tool for examining the vagina , in a model of the female reproductive system. The University of North Carolina Press, , Marion Sims, the Father of Modern Gynecology. Retrieved 11 October The Metaethics of Radical Feminism. Essays on Race and Ethnicity in Global Perspective. University Press of America. Mastering the Female Pelvis. The Changing Demographics of Women in Medicine". Archived from the original on Patient Education and Counseling. Swedish clinics ban women from choosing female doctors".