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In watching an arboretum grow, many of those who watched have grown to love the trees.

Julian Stockwin – Betrayal

Hopefully, they will not change. One hopes also that Ruk Rakaganno, in their daunting new task, will find the strength to maintain the arboretum at a high standard, their slogan being the value of planting and caring for trees. Already, young researchers are on the job of identifying the species on the land, at present numbering over eighty.

In his own words, Popham had "inherited junk", thorny scrubland that did not allow saplings of larger trees that would protect the dry zone soil, to grow. This was a result of fires, felling, and the replacement of static chena cultivation for the shifting chena cultivation that would allow the soil to recover over a period of ten years.

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Popham knew that there was not enough land for the peasant to find new ground to slash and burn for each crop. In the past, the value of wildlife was recognised: Aluthgama Upananda Thera of the Sri Bodhi Rukkaramaaya, Athurupayaya, Dambulla gracing the occasion of the ceremonial opening to the public, said Popham had funded the cetiya in that temple. Foreman Ubeypala spoke almost reverentially of Popham, illustrating that Popham had cared more for his trees than other material property he had.

Ubeypala gave us one story told of him, that having knocked his car on a tree one day, Popham had rushed to the cottage to obtain medicine for the tree before attending to the car.

Perhaps Popham knew the value of the tree better than his staff knew the value of his car. That, however, would necessarily be relative. For more information contact or e-mail rukraks sltnet. Produced by Upali Group of Companies. With no British warships able to navigate the River Plate, Kydd is tasked with with defending the British force with whatever crafts and men he can muster and as the enemy draw closer, Kydd finds himself increasingly under pressure to hold them back.

Such are the fine margins of high command.

Arnie P. Zimbelman (Author of Recompense)

In a similar vein to the Sharpe novels you sort of feel that you have read the book before and feel a bit stale. This is a cracking story and I think using a little known episode of the Napoleonic wars gives it freshness that has been missing from the last couple of books.

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One of the joys of the whole series has been seeing Kydd grow from a pressed landman into a full post-Captain and learning the ropes of command as he goes along. In Betrayal he really comes into his own as he commands the ad-hoc naval forces and is tasked with opening up Buenos Aires to trade. Stockwin captures the dilemmas of men in high command in the age of the sail, months away from political and military chiefs they must make decisions on the spur of the moment that could bring greater glory to the Empire or just as easily see them disgraced and dismissed from service.

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This is a very good book and I highly recommend! Betrayal is released in October Ditto what Harvey said.

BTW — I loved the Sharpe books and Hornblower too , but have been hard pressed to find a new series that grabs my interest. The Flashman books are always good for a laugh! This Kydd series looks interesting too. Flashman books are brilliant…some of my favourites! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.