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George Black, Omicron, who is taking post graduate work at the University of A: They are living in Tuscaloosa. They are living in T errace Court Apts. Lindsey announced their engagement in July. Brother Jost is secretary of the St. Brother Baker and his bride are at home at Locust Lane Apt. Philistine, both of Hazeltine, Pa.

Sheridan are making their home. Dallis, Alpha Iota, At lanta, Ga.

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Noland, Eta, Rockmart, Ga. Cody, Alpha Alpha, Griffin , Ga. The Codys arc living on Courtland Ave. Gavonnah Loyd, Exchange, W. Clinch, of Wilmington , Mass. Seven brothers and recent alumni of Mu Chapter were married during the summer: A'so, over the summer, wedding bells pealed for four brothers of Gamma Chapter.

Helton, Epsilon, August 5. John Leslie was born to Brother and Mrs. Lawson, Upsilon, July 15 Weight: David Mason Miller was born to Mr. A daughter, Mary Delia, was born to Mr. Prather, Omicron, June 19, The stork recently visited in the homes of the following Alpha Upsilon brothers: He married hi s sponsor for the football team, Miss Edna Shockley, two years later. Between graduation and becoming president of the college, Dr. Jacobs was an officer of Jacobs Company, advertisers, publishers, and printers, which has since become Jacobs Sports Magazines, Inc. Stephen, Upsilon, a son, James Robert, April 21, The Stephens are living at Stratford St.

Brackens, Upsilon, Western Springs, Ill. One must marvel at his varied other energies also. Several handso me buildings Clinton arc testi monies of his planning. He played a great part til our country's defense in World War JI. He was a health educator-a Southern lawn tennis and football figure in his own right-a church elder-and author. She's a little mite of a girl weighing 6 lbs. A second daughter, Nora Kay, was born to Brother and Mrs. Knaggs, Alpha Omicron, Augu st Henry Addison Van Hala, Jr.

Henry Van Hala, Omicron, June Pi Kappa Phi mourns the loss of its distinguished brother, Dr. William Plumer Jacobs, former president of Presbyterian College. Jacobs was born in Clinton, S. Throughout his entire short life, the activities of Presbyterian College had been a part of him. In September, , Dr. God bless the lad. Records show that Dr.

Jacobs entered the preparatory department of Clinton College in He attended Davidson College in and returned to CHnton for four years of unparalleled work as a student. Voted "most popular" and "most influential" by his classmates, "Jake" deserved the votes by virtue of being president of his class and of the literary society and by being quarterback and manager of the football team which he organizedthe first at P.

He was a college orator, class prophet, Pac-Sac art editor, and manager of the basketball team, besides holding prominent membership in the glee. William Plumer Jacobs, Beta. A copy of the above portrait hangs in Presbyterian College, Clinton, S. In June, , the new president, William P. Jacobs, accepted the responsibility of setting an indebted college back on its feet. He did it without pay, and with the assistance of men and women who also worked for small salaries in crucial times. Jacobs resigned his position with the college in February, Bonded and floating debts had been paid and he had been largely responsible for the additions of Doyle Infirmary and the Clinton-owned public library for college use.

South Carolina's best tennis courts arc on the campus where Dr. Jacobs started annual tennis clinics for Southern boys and hired the state's first full-time tennis coach. Clinton became the tennis center of the S o u t h. Ellison Smythe's collection of first editions on South Carolina history, is housed in the library building having been given to the college through Brother Jacobs.

He was 26 year; old. After special work in St. At this writing Central Office has not learned the cause of Brother Mobley's death. Lawton, 21 ' W. Miller, Alpha Tau, died oil Augu st 30, l Miller, Covert St. He suffered a cerebral hem crrhage. He ioined the staff of Howard College in anct had served there since that time. Colonel Nelms was born in Hartwell, Ga.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in Prominent In Rome, Ga. He went to Rome, Ga. Nelms co nnected with th e Geo rgia Power Company until , when he became associated with 0. Willingham to form the Willingham-Nelms Insurance Agency. At the time of his call to active duly with the Army, Colonel Nelms was active in a number of civic organiz11tions and was Presid ent-elect of the Rome Kiwanis Club which he had served for a number of years as director. H e was also a director of the Rome Chamber of Commerce.

He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Bessie Bagwell, Hartwell, Ga. Ernest Nelms, Hartwell, Ga. After promotions to MaJor and Lt. May the memory of this great man and great Pi Kapp live forever in the hearts of Pi Kappa Phi 's everywhere. Washington College, and refused a request to run for city commission post. He was serving a three year term as director of the Chamber of Commerce, prior to which he served as a director and vice president of the organization.

He was also affiliated. A committee headed by George S. Axtell wa, named to plan the affair. The affair was held at the Orlant: Andy Carroway of Sanford: Doyle, John Seiser, Louis J. Existence of such a club, it was pointed out, probably. Emi l Aimar, Jim Howell,. Treasurer submits his report Form No. June 15th for August issue no chapter letters this issue September 15th for November issue. December 15th for February issue. March 15th for May issue. Chuck Palmiter surprised us all by reporting his marriage during the summer. We have just completed plans for rush season. There are fewer freshmen than usual this year, owing to a twelfth grade being added to the local high schools.

However, prospects look good for a fine crop of pledges. James Howell gave an enthusiastic report on the convention and we'd like to thank and congratulate all those who helped to make it a success. Already it looks as if this group will be able to carry out an efficient administrative program and the chapter should have smooth sailing as far as management goes Fall operations were resumed on September From all corners of California came well-bronzed Pi Kapps.

It was good to get together again after the summer vacations. Of course, everyone had interesting tales to tell of summer adventures, but of greatest interest to everyone was the news from Bob Zeni of the National Convention. Pre-registration and informal initiation began at noon on October 11, and extended to October 14, when the formal initiation Under the capable leadership of our ; in ceremony look place. Six men safely unarchon, Frank Perry, Beta expects to have derwent a stiff period of purification and a very prosperous year at Presbyterian have been received into the ranks of the We are planning to buy new furniture for Pi Kapp brotherhood.

The new additions the chapter room. Pledges Bill Jolley, Harold Maraddresses of their chapters and tremely smooth and efficient rushing comaddresses of graduating brothtin, and David Armstrong were formally ers. Record Card Form No. Added to Pi Kapp alumni. Brother Hamlet Johnson into office. Executive Notional California won her first game of the seaEecretory, L. Coulter, former National Secretory. It was easy t o see th at everyone was back in th e swing again. All things considered, Gamm a is loo king fo r ward to a full and excit ing yea r, a year which wi ll be p ro fitable to both the chapter a nd to th e broth ers of Gamm a Chapter.

D elta Chapter go t o ff to a good , ta rt t his fa ll und er the able leadership of a rch on H arold Dillard , sec retary J ack Bindewald , treasurer Willi am W ardlaw, hi storia n Bill R andall, chap lain Skeets Graddick, wa rden My ran H atfield , a nd Interfratern ity representa ti ve E d Cheatham. W e are beginning a nother year full of activities a nd making preparati ons fo r ru sh week Oct ober 11 - l Sth.

Th e activities will include a mounta in party, with squa re da nci n' , fra t songs a round the fireplace, a nd fri ed chi cken. Also, we have plans for a tea dance w ith a local band , a tea drop -in a t Brother McK inney's home a nd two stag suppers. Th e week end p la ns to be a big affai r, starting off with a dance on F rid ay a fternoon.

On Friday night Pi Kapps will a ttend th e Furman fo otball game en m asse. There will be business meetings Sa turday morn ing a nd a fternoo n ; a nd on Saturday evening the banquet a nd form a l dan ce will cli max th e week end 's entertainmen t. We sin cerely extend in vitations to all our. Brother E d Ch ea tha m is in ch arge of all arrangements. At th e first of the summer a go od m any brothers a nd th eir dates spent a wee k a t Ocean Drive Beach , S. A good size group were present at summer scho ol, but few on the week ends, what wi th attending wed dings and gath erings at the far corners ol N orth and South Carolina.

E psilon Chapter felt rather set up in having one of th e largest delegations in attenda nce at the 22 nd Sup reme Chaplet meeting. T wo carl oads of brothers represented us. Bob Bumbarger , class of ' SO. U noffi cial delegates were: H a rry Powe, W. E psilonians spent a few days touring Canada and visiting interesting places on th e return trip to D avidso n.

L ast year D elta won t he in tramural a thleti c award and hop es to repea t this pe rformance this year under the able leaf.! W e are con centra ting on scholastics, too, a nd hope to move up from seco nd place to fi rst in that depa rtment. See you a t th Conclave! Offi cers e lected to serve this semester are: Mo nsieur Guy Dardel, Paris, France. A lifelong resident of Fran ce, Monsieur D ardel is a gradu ate of Sorbonne univer-.

This is a land o f opp ortunity, as I have alwaY! The efforts w hi ch a re b eing made now will probably bring only temporarY resul ts, bu t I am confident that a rea llY strong government will be formed a little 1 la ter. They thought th at he shOU have bee n allowed to speak without moleS' tation. H owever , they are of th e opinion that he has no chance of election to the presidency. Pi Kappa Phi is the first fraternity at Davidson to enter an undertaking of this kind. The program is being launched tn closl!

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It is calculated to engender a strong program of internationalism at l: Similar projects have been adopted at other American colleges since the end of the war. Officers for the year are: With this staff of officers, some or Whom hold prominent positions on the catnpus, we hope to build Zeta's membership to an all-time high and to assist the Pi Kapps in becoming the nation's number one fraternity in everyone's eyes.

The Pan-Hellenic Council has inaugurated a rule, Placing rush week in the opening of second tertn. This should enable us to know the new men better. The rule, however, does not Prohibit us from rushing any good illen who may have been overlooked in the Past. We'd like to extend our appreciation to 0tnicron chapter for the hospitality it recently extended one of our brothers.

Thirty-six men were rushed on this flowing into the north wing. We expect function and thirty-eight new faces were to have a chapter lounge as soon as the counted at our stag party the following new gym is completed and have sufficient night. It didn't take long for "the word" funds on hand to furnish it in grand to get around that good clean fun and style.

Several functions have been planned and much work has North Carolina Kappa been done to make this our most successOur present officers are: Leland Close ful rush year. As a number of brothers archon; Clell Bryant, treasurer; Waite; graduated in June, and others are graduMoore, secretary; Bill Moore, historian ; ating soon, we are putting greater stress Jim Thompson, chaplain; and Joe Melvin , on this rush period and are certain of warden.

Bill Johnson is serving as house success. Pi Kappa Phi upped its standing on the On October lS last year the first step campus recently with the election of "Big" was taken to reactivate Kappa at the Uni Bob Edwards as president of the law school versity of North Carolina. At a meeting of student body. This work paid from Law School in September and is now off and proved that Pi Kappa Phi was successfully practicing law at Columbus, ready to return.

On February 7 Mu Ga. In spite of the burden of meeting and We really progressed during the summer rushing in the campus Student Union and Iota will be one of the big names on Building, Kappa was able to take its place campus this quarter. The big news is at N. Compared to our old home building in March. After much hard work it is a palace.

We are renting and have an and help from National, we secured a option to buy. Our building fund drive house before the close of the school year. Fifteen we extend an invitation to any Pi Kapps couples attended and all were sorry to see traveling through Chapel Hill to drop by. Several brothers returned Although school did not officially open li week in advance and with more enuntil September 27, Iota had been very thusiasm than skill, aJI, pitched in to labusy behind scenes planning our rush bor.

The house was painted inside and out functions. Thanks to our Rush Chairman, with "stratosphere" brothers, Joe Melvin "Chuck" Colletta, it looks like fine pickand Bill Johnson, high men on the ladings ahead. Their recommendabrothers in line in an all night session on tions, together with those of the actives, the living room. Clell Bryant supervised made up a long list.

Each man was permost of the interior decorating. Six functions were plannedThanks to the University, beds, dressers three stag dates, a hayride, an old fash and bureaus were obtained, and each man ioned square dance, and an informal dance. The hayride was held September 25 and three truckloads took off for Stone MounOur formal open house was on Carolina's tain to partake of those good burnt hot opening game with Texas when we enter-.

For the Homecoming game with N. State Clell Bryant and his committee are planning an appropriate display. It calls for a circus theme, showing previous Carolina victims in cages and State College being tamed. It is being billed "The Greatest Show on Earth," and we intend to be just that. We are having "open bouse" and entertaining Tau. A skin was bet with Lambda on the Georgia game and we are ready to collect it at any time.

Several brothers went to Athens for the game. Except for an unfortunate car wreck in which, lu ckily, no one was injured, a very good time was had by all-thanks, no little, to the brothers at Lambda. The fall and winter intramural program is in the hands of Kemp Maser. Our football team started the season off by drubbing Phi Delta Theta In a league with six other exceptionally good teams, we look for the season to be a thriller.

When we came back to school we found we had lost only two actives-Kurt Weill and Ernie Machen. Once again we should like to express our gratitude to Brothers Bernie Jones and Charlie Martin, to Mu chapter, and to all who were instrumental in helping bring Kappa back. Lambda started the fall quarter with a bang.

During the summer plans were formulated for our formal rush parties. One was a night club party, and another, a Monte Carlo party complete with all gambling devices available. Favorable comments were received from various campus sources. As a direct re sult we successfully pledged fifteen men. We are proud of our charming house mother, Mrs. She is also the Confidentially we love to eat and our food has improved a hundred per cent since she came. Plans have been made for our Rose Ball to be held January Secretary Frank Jolly hopes to get a well known band fot the occasion.

The dances will be one of the main events on the social calendar thi1 year. We were fortunate in securing some valuable transfers this quarter. Emmett Bearden, who has become our pledge master, transferred from Alpha Alpha. So did Joe Murphy. Bubber Widener came by way of Stetson chapter and he bas been given our post of athletic director and Bill Satterwhite comes from the Georgia Tech chapter. The other chapters' losses were definitely our gain. Our new publication "Forever Lambda," will come out again October We received many responses from the first issue and some very healthy advice from our distinguished alumnus, E.

Lambda is definitely on the way up on the Georgia campus. Mu Chapter held its first meeting of the school year Monday, September 20, launching what promises to be one of the most successful years since the beginning of the war. The following officers were elected in the spring to serve during the current semester: On April 25 eleven men were initiated by the chapter: George Boivard, Bradford, Pa. John Best of Little Rock, Ark. Burnette has recently won some distinction on the Duke campus by being elected president of the Duke Men's Glee Club. Speaking of contests, Mu's Norm Nels look third place with a song he wrote for the national fraternity song contest.

The "Borland Award" was made to Bill Massey. Bill Massey was the first to receive the award. At the banquet Charley EarleY made the athletic trophy award to T. Spence as "the most valuable intramural ath lete of Pi Kappa Phi. The banquet speaker was Brother T. Gholson, an alumnus of Kappa Chapter. Wes Gilbert was master of ceremonies. A humorous skit, bridge, several novelty numbers, and food were the entertainment. This "exchange" is on its way to becoming an annual affair.

The total croW was about one hundred forty. Brother Tom Driver spent the sur: Lawson Crowe partiCl' pated in the Y. Bud Sager and l'ed Villaneuva were on the winning tennis team, and Bill Masey plus Villaneuva lorrned the horseshoe twosome. Spence look part by contributing their various talents. We exlend our sympathy to the members of hi: Pi Kappa Phi has continued to lead the field in Roanoke College campus activities. We have retained our title as intramural champs for a second consecutive year. In addition, individWtl honors went to Wilbur Mann and Jim Charlton as intramural champ and college swim champ, respectively.

Both Wilbur and Bob Smith were tied in points for intramural champ , so the ti e was played off in a horse-shoe throwivg match. Our activities did not consist so lely of athletics. We won a good majority of all class and student body govnnment offices, including three presidencies and three vice-presidencies. In our most recent initiation, four good pledges padded an' 'proved became brothers. Our new pledges are: Roger DeBusk and Beverly R. Our new house is indeed an asset in rushing, anr. Since May Omicron has been guided by a new set of officers: The summer chapter roll was considerably shorter than it had been for the past year, with 25 actives and 5 pledges en ro1led.

Two pledges were added that quarter, Wilbur Johnson, Dothan, Ala. Spring and summer social activities were moved outdoors. Highlight of the spring was an outdoor semi -formal dance. The chapter held a formal. Jrm Fleshman, past archon and 1 teasurer, was elected archon.

Thomas, chaplain; and Jim 00 k, warden. From left to right: Joe Neal Rhyne, B. You may have guessed it-Bailey is camera shy. Standing from left to right: Jim Fleshman, archon, and Bill Smith, house manager. The half a man holding a full sized goat paddle is S. Maynard Turk, goat captain. On a Toronto sidewalk from L. Behind the camera is Bill Smith. The chapter entertained the members of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority in our back yard with a barbecue slipper the following week end. Brother Bruce Evans donned the white cap and apron and. This i and Lee Preparin ities hav ll.

When it the insp teceived 3-A. Vincent Brown, an August initiate Martin. Notice , our side yard. Picture taken from the second floor of the chapter house. Must be a jinx I. Brother Totty, our new intramural manager, has started to whip together what looks to be a promising touchball team.

He has a wealth of good material in the pledge class. The coming year promises to be very successful and the turning point to greater horizons for Rho. A large group from Alpha ota came over for the week end and for the big game,Aipha Iota vs. Kerr, a ll pitched in and 'l'elped with painting and house cleaning. The follow Ing fourteen men make up a splendid Pledge class: Three old pledges became members be1 ore school started.

We are glad to wei-. Here a group of Pi Kopps are gathering before the freshmen descend on the premises. These two scenes show the donee held one night during Rush Week at the chapter house. It was the first time any fraternity hod used girls on a rush party during rush week.

Traveling Counselor Charles W. Sigma chapter is expecting to have a fine semester with 39 actives and 6 pledges, and we expect to increase our pledge roll with the oncoming rush season. We have a very capable and efficient archon in Dick Singleton. Through the hard work and leadership of Howard Pettit and Hugh Going our chapter rooms are now the best on campus. We bought new furniture, repainted our rooms, covered the floors, and added many needed items to make the rooms more impressive and comfortable.

The following men recently became brothers: Bill Parker, Bob Hartley, J. The alumni were invited and Sigma put on one of its very best initiations. We are planning to make our Rose Ball one of the best dances we've ever given. It will be held at the Hotel Columbia on December 17th. A stag supper will be held the night before and our alumni are being encouraged to attend. Several rush parties are also being planned and, with the help of the Columbia alumni, we hope to make them successful. We are well represented in intramural sports and can be found in practically every organization on campus.

Sigma has played hosts to many broth ers of other Southern chapters and we extend a cordial invitation to all Pi Kapps who find themselves in or near Columbia. We did it again I Upsilon Chapter again led the field of 57 fraternities and captured the much coveted Scholastic Cup. Each semester the University awards a cup to the fraternity with the highest scholastic average. During the spring semester we continued our informal rushing and pledged the following men: The chaos of registration and formal rushing is over.

Before the smoke and. They are George Walker, Newton, Ill. Brown '26, of Westfield, N. J, Initiation ceremonies were held at the chapter house July 25, and those initiated were: At a model initiation held at the past convention at Detroit, Upsilon acquired a new brother in the person of Harvey C. Holmberg, Academy, Dearborn, Mich. Many of thef1l made their first call to our new bouse 00 this occasion. Our last dance entitled "The final Fling" concluded the social program. The fall term will be packed with events incuding Homecoming as a special daY 0 campus.

Some of the Upsilon men and their guests after the "Sweetheart Dinner," held last spring. He is chief budget analyst, in charge of budget and reporting procedure, of the Ford Motor Co. We are proud to have such a distinguished person join our ranks. Richard Coleman, Garden Grove, Calif. They have left the "cloistered" life for the cold cruel world.

Plenty of food and drinks made everybody happy-while activities included swimming, tpmbling, and baseball. Topping off the ali-day affair was the annual active-pledge baseball game. As usual this was a rough and tumble contest with the acqves just nosing out the pledges with a one point lead. On May 2nd, the chapter commemorated Mother's Day on campus by holding a. Elected to office for this terJll forts were: Brother Bill Conway dl a fine job in making the arrangements.

The following brothers graduated: Howard Kurtz, "Pat" Patterson, Andy: Stops were made enroute visiting some of Chi's alumni. IVc arc all glad that Alpha Chi is close nough for an occasional visit. Archol ccn, who volunteered to umpire the contest, appeared to be all wet on many or his decisions. This concluded a memorable term for us all. It is hoped that. Thompson, historian; and Joe Huber, chaplain. Ed Vana, very capably, continues as house manager; Phil Neff, as head waiter; and Bill English, as rush chairman.

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Fa II rush is one of the biggest items on Omega's calerv: The graduating classes of last June and August claimed fourteen seniors 1 leaving us with on ly forty actives on campus, and forty nine men living in the chapter hou! The week before registration the house received a thorough going-over by practically the entire membership. Pledges and actives alike pitched in to give Omega a real housecleaning. The pledges were increased to 21 by the pledging of three freshmen athletes, Pete Brewster, Ralph Ormsby, and Bob Snyder. Campus attention will be directed on October 15 to our annual pie-eating contest with Pi Kappa Alpha the only other fraternity at Purdue whose name begins with "Pi".

Twenty-one men made at least one hon orary each last semester: Lowell Babe is managing editor of the Pt1rd11e Exponent, with pledge Cliff Oestreich as a junior editor. Several of the brothers succumbed to the love bug this summer and took the final plunge into matrimony-Bob Good enough, John Dennerline, and AI Knuth, who was recently elected president of Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honorary. It is suspected that several more of the broth-.

Watch this column for further announcements. We are quite anxious to hear from all you alums. If your present address is not in our files, please let us know, so that the Omegalite, forwarded mail, and other correspondence can reach you in the shortest time. The welcome mat is always out here at the chapter house-drop in and say hello if you are in the vicinity. That's a ll for now-yours for a bigger and better year for Pi Kapps everywhere. I Undergraduates and pledges af Chi Chapter, taken after the presentation of the Cup Brother Bob Feasel, historian, holds the cup in 11 hands.

Sorry, there's not much news from us except our efforts are being directed to building Alpha Alpha to its proper place at the head of the Mercer Greeks. Organization and planning is well under way for the major rush season of the year during the winter quarter. We're going out for the best of the new crop.

_4_Nov by Pi Kappa Phi - Issuu

Brother Bill Cody, Griffin, Ga. Carl, Blanch and Bill are still in school. Willard Chason, of Cairo, Ga. He is a student in the Walter F. George School of Law. Our new chapter room is furnished and finished and is getting lots of use, especially the telephone. Come to see us.

The start of fall quarter found Alpha Delta back on the University of Washington campus stronger and more active than ever. The bedrooms which did not receive attention last. Rush week brought eight new pledges into the house: PleQged last June, too late to be reported in the last chapter letter, was Hobert Brown. A fireside, October 2, started what promises to be our best quarter since reactivation. Saturday, October 23 is homecoming. It includes an open house following the football game and the annual homecoming banquet in the evening.

November 6 is the pledges' day, climaxed by the semiformal pledge dance that evening. With the all U activities included, there will be a full quarter for the Alpha Deltans. Very active indeed, for it was the summer members who redecorated the house. Johnny Johnson, a student in the school of Architecture, supervised the interior decoration. The new color scheme brightened the rooms considerably a: The chapter participated in Summer Frolics August 5th and 6th. Three of our men attended tl! Mother Rood is back this fall after recuperating during the summer from a serious eye operation.

Rush Week began September 20th and continued to the 29th. All our men joined in the rushing spirit, so our program was a complete success. We pledged 42 men. Staker, Tampa; Henry F. The annual pledge banquet will be held October 15th at the Thomas Hotel. An Orchestra has been engaged for the evening. Three former Chi brothers from Stetson University, Dick Mansur, Bill Thompson and James Duffett, have transferred to Florida, and have become active in our chapter; these men are a very welcome addition.

A great friendship has grown up between Chi and Alpha Epsilon. On many social week ends Chi members come over to Gainesville and help us celebrate. Homecoming has been set for November 20th. Since our football team, the Fighting Gators, have been doing quite well; we are expecting a big week end and looking for many alumni to come back. Establishment of a new annual social function at Alpha Zeta was initiattil 1 spring term with the first annual R0' 3 Ball. Bre permanent properties, resembled a rost tiends garden. Refres d b1 ments were served from beneath a rost Osca d ll. Part of the Pi Kapps ond their guests at the first annual Rose Ball.

The five 1 candidates for "Rose af Pi Kappa Phi. She was also presented with an engraved bracelet. Inside the house, flower-covere. Blue silhouetted spun10 as fla ss on the cellmg gave the effect of a were rry sky. Pohng, and 15 er members of the faculty of the Col1 wer.

National Convention in Detroit. Burton ray was our official delegate. While ere, they were entertained at a break!. Brother Dunaway is a Vi IVe. Miss Beverly Knight, our ose," was presented with a corsage as ltibute of our esteem and joy at having cr back with us. During the same time, twentyl-ee men were pledged, the largest pledge 'ts that any brother on campus has seen. L Ernest, Howard R. Finney, Paul finO Jr. Walsworth, and Wallace W.

Due to graduation seven brothers were lost to us. Pardee, and Robert E. Four or five pledges failed to return for the fall quarter. With these changes, the total active strength of the chapter now stands at 27 and 19 pledges. Alpha Theta chapter slipped somewhat during Spring term and is now tied for third place with Alpha Gamma Rho.

Now that we are in our new chapter house our hopes are high for a better standing. During spring term Alpha Theta gave a very good account of itself in the Intrafraternity softball league. They survived the semifinals and finished third after the final playoffs.

Following their formal dances, Phi Mu and Delta Zeta sororities used oui house to entertain their dates and guests at an early breakfast April On May 20, Delta Zeta gave us a party at the house. We'Ve finally broken the jinx in interfraternity competition. Brother Doug Nieman's work on the softball team paid off, carrying Pi Kappa Phi through the league play an undefeated team.

However, luck began to run short in the finals when the boys lost two hardfought 'games to end up the season runner-up champions. Two new trophies now repose on our trophy shelf. We hadn't planned to publish a summer issue but the large number of men back in school last quarter justified one. The past two quarters have seen a lot of things happening around Alpha Iotaelections, initiations, parties, etc.

New officers elected are: Frank Robison is busMcCain, warden. We expect great contributions Robbins was also tapped by Spades the to Pi Kappa Phi from these two men. Huston Hurston, Tallassee, Ala. He's a real asset to Alpha Iota and we Ala. The social season for spring quarter was Miss Billy June Sanders, Birmingham, filled with gala affairs and the highlight Ala. House socials for spring and summer and fall quarters. Our house is now one of the most beautiful on campus. We'll truly miss them. A labor of love was performed on the chapter rooms when many willing, working hands redecorated and almost restored them to their original charm.

Chapter officers for the fall semester include: During the summer, activity at Alpha Mu slackened. Fifteen brothers attended the main session while the post session saw the return of six Pi Kapps. The house officially opened on Septem ber 21 for the fall semester. In the ensuing week brothers an. The following men were pledged at the beginning of the Fall semester: These men, together with the five pledged last spring and' the three returning from the armed services, constitute one of the finest pledge classes in years.

Alpha Xi brothkins, and Dick Moore. These beach parties were spaced over a period of has made extensive plans for homecoming ten weeks during the summer. New chapter officers for the fall quarter are: All members had a pleasant summer. It was filled with many memorable occasions such as beach parties, picnics, and house parties, each of whlch provided to one and.

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The coming to New York of Brother Fred Krupp, an alumnus from Duke, has done much to stimulate the interest of alumni and actives alike. His hospitality is truly th. Twice be bas given over his home and yacht to the brothers. Brother Krupp is now secretary of the New. Y ork alumni chaper, another proof of what the fellows think of him. Several of the boys attended sumrner I en nes school, so the house was kept open and The P; many house repairs and improvements r Rowa were undertaKen and completed during the or the time.

A house and lot across the stre Brother on the corner of Knapp and Welch was buzzed f purchased h ' the Building Corporation to Homecoming pro bY towing 1 ises a delicious buffet supper planned ' cificall our housemother, Mrs. McCanon, alon et this. The victory came as a glorr t. Frank Sm1th IS the new secretary ryaa'l. The most comical event r the afternoon was a softball game in tJ! Wieners, gebeeO llarshmallows and all the trimmings were! It belongs to the University r til' nct cannot be purchased. In view of the pro bY: Alpha Omicron's Rose Bali held last May 8, proved to be a great success, with many alumni and undergraduates present.

Small loving cups with a Pi Kapp crest on them were the favors. All in all, it was a pleasant even ina. Brother Grant Roy made the trip from Atlanta to give a word of advice and encouragement. Devoleena Bhattacharjee aka 'Gopi Bahu' quizzed by police in diamond merchant's murder cas I wish him a happy married life. Kapil Sharma kick-starts the shoot of his new show; take a look at the first picture of th Shilpa Shinde trolled for making fun of Karanvir Bohra's wife Teejay.

Koffee With Karan 6: Karan Johar and Kajol talk about the time he ignored her at Manish Ma Dietician Shilpa Mittal on the right diet for kids to combat ill effects of gadget use.

Overcome. Plan. Push.

Shashi Tharoor on how he shares his writing motto with that of an American humourist. I taught myself two finger typing and that s how I typed out my page P Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal's sea-facing bungalow Gulita, is all lit up after their wedd Sudha Murty on what inspires her to be a writer and the importance of reading for kids.

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Maheshinte Prathikaaram is my turning point. See all results matching 'mub'. The Nambi Effect - Official Teaser. Fun And Frustration - Official Teaser. Ayyan is a protest and has its own politics: Bijibal and Harinarayanan BK. I know I still have to do a lot more to be a successful actress. Sona Mohapatra asks Arvind Kejriwal to cancel Kailash Hina Khan is all praises for Ranveer Singh, calls him a gentleman! Shah Rukh Khan proves his 'timeless' love for wife Gauri through this comment.

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Refugee Song - Daana Paani. Blackmail Song - Bewafa Beauty. Baaghi 2 Song - Ek Do Teen. Blackmail Song - Badla. Baaghi 2 Song - Lo Safar. Baaghi 2 Song - O Saathi. Raid Song - Black Jama Hai. Blackmail Song - Happy Happy. Veerey Ki Wedding - Title Track. Dil Juunglee Song - Bandeya. Hate Story 4 Song - Badnaamiyan. Hichki Song - Oye Hichki. Raid Song - Nit Khair Manga. Hate Story 4 Song - Boond Boond. Padmaavat Song - Binte Dil. Padmaavat Song - Khalibali. Dil Juunglee Song - Nachle Na. Aiyaary Song - Yaad Hai.

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Deepika plays a perfect muse to her directors

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