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This question on the Ordinary Level Maths paper today was 'ridiculously simple'

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(Basics) O Level A Maths: Differentiation Part 1

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Power of Maths

Participating fully in the world of the future involves tapping into the power of mathematics. The NCCA have produced a useful video which explains the benefits of this new syllabus to parents. This can be found at:. Junior Certificate Mathematics is offered at three levels: Foundation, Ordinary and Higher, with separate syllabuses for each level. It is examined at all three levels by means of terminal examination papers. There is one examination paper at Foundation level and two at Ordinary and Higher levels. Leaving Certificate Mathematics is also provided at Foundation, Ordinary and Higher levels, with separate syllabuses for each level, and each examined by means of terminal examination papers two at each level.

Mathematics curriculum at Dominican College Sion Hill Mathematics is a core subject for all students throughout their six-year cycle in Sion Hill. The Syllabus Mathematics is a wide-ranging subject with many aspects. This can be found at: