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Stories from a Theme Park Insider : Robert Niles :

What happens when the president of France gets lost inside Pirates of the Caribbean? A former employee, or "cast member", at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom answers these and other questions while sharing humorous stories about working inside the world's most popular theme park. You can download a sample chapter from Theme Park Insider: Last edited by robbalvey on Mon Jul 18, 4: Club TPR is here!

Reply with quote Re: I really enjoyed Kevin Yee's book and look forward to this one. At least he changed my name for the stories in his books!

Stories from a Theme Park Insider

Although, I could of swore I had read that name-tag story before, perhaps I came across a blog he had written about it. I'll probably buy this later tonight. Last edited by ernierocker on Mon Jul 18, 1: Funny how the both of us, total Disney nerds at the time Jedimaster would be jealous , and then we both ended up working on theme park website projects!

One of my traditions is to save a book I purchase for an actual Disney World trip. This gets me excited about the trip and also gives me something fun to read on the plane. This book was a major disappointment.

First off, it is VERY short. It took me less than hour to finish it. Secondly, the stories were neither memorable nor interesting. I finished this and left it at the airport for someone else to enjoy. Feb 18, Winnie rated it really liked it Shelves: I purchased this book for the Kindle. I really enjoyed this book, the stories held my interest and were very entertaining. My only regret is that it wasn't longer. Jun 25, Dave rated it really liked it. A nice collection of stories about life as an employee at Walt Disney World. If you enjoy theme parks and want a glimpse of life from the other side, this is a good, quick, and frequently laugh-out-loud-funny book.

Jul 31, Daniel Butcher rated it really liked it Shelves: Intresting and amusing stories from a former cast member. This ebook is a quick read sure to give a few giggles and is nice in being a memoir not trying to blow the lid off the Disney machine or present stories of young people behaving poorly. Dec 29, Dave B rated it really liked it.

A very easy and fun read. The book is a composition of short stories from a cast members perspective. Since I had received the ebook as a gift, I was especially unaware at how short of a book it was. It is appropriately priced, so the length of the book is not an issue. May 02, Blarneygod rated it really liked it. This was an entertaining and fast read. It is a compilation of short stories of the writer's experiences working for Disney World. In several of the stories, not much happened, but all were told in a way that made them interesting.

This is a very short book. Jul 13, Taryn rated it it was amazing. I found myself laughing out loud!!! Mar 01, Zuzana rated it liked it. It was well written but too mellow.

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Not much of "insider" info. Jul 25, Natalie Niles rated it it was amazing.

This book is a wonderful blend of quirky, lighthearted, humorous and heartwarming. It is sure to put a smile on your face and give you some good laughs.

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Oct 17, Lauren rated it it was ok. Some of these stories are interesting, but most of them are mundane. Jan 03, Piper rated it really liked it. If you spend much time in theme parks, you will enjoy this book.

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The job isn't all fun and games. It's a fun read though. Jan 07, Chris Sherwood added it. A quick, pleasant read. Jul 28, Nicole Girolomo rated it really liked it. A fun read for anyone who likes Disney and wants to learn a little about what happens behind the scenes. Mar 23, Diana rated it really liked it. I lap up anecdotes from the Disney parks. If there was a sequel to this one I would have purchased it long ago.

Jan 03, Kathryn rated it really liked it. If you frequent the Disney Parks, you'll enjoy this book. I know we'll going back this coming year so I am brushing up on my fun facts. Mar 17, Christina rated it really liked it Shelves: Quick read, interesting and positive look at what it's like to work as a cast member at Disney World. Jul 25, Jen Gieseke rated it really liked it.

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