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Piers is cool, lonely and has similar interests to Alex, unlike his cheating girlfriend Shonnie who has retreated back across the Tasman to Australia. This coming - of - age story exposes adolescence and young relationships from an unexpected angle, leaving the reader to reflect on the consequences and meaning of love.

Lovers of the bard's work will enjoy this contemporary twist on Romeo and Juliet. Gracie Kato survived years of abuse at the hands of her wife. While her body has healed, her heart and soul remain damaged.

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Gracie seeks solace at her grandfather's home in the Yukon Territory of Canada. There she'll be able to work at his gold mine, named for her grandmother, Gracie's Glory. It's the perfect place for her to start over again. Liv Templeton's heart was crushed years ago and she doesn't see any chance of recovery.

She's never alone unless she wants to be, but never seeks any commitments.

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Instead she puts all her energy and time into running the family mining business. From the moment they meet, Gracie and Liv's connection, physical and emotional, is obvious to them both. Is Liv ready for a serious relationship?

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Even if she is, will she be able to convince Gracie to trust again? To let her soul heal? Will Gracie open herself up to Liv? Or will she close her heart forever?

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In this follow-up to "Nighwatcher"Nthe second installment in bestselling author Staub's unforgettable new seriesNit's 10 years later and the terror continues as a desperate killer strikes again. Octavia vows that Jake Bentley, a self-made financial guru, will never get his hands on Radleigh, and she sets about turning it into an upmarket hotel.

All she has to do is persuade Jake to finance the venture. Jake dislikes everything Octavia stands for, but he's backed into a corner and has no choice but to finance her crazy scheme.

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When someone sabotages Octavia's efforts and she turns to Jake for advice, they finally discover release for their pent-up passion in one another's arms. Embroiled in a bitter tangle of resentment and paranoia, Jake must race against time to save Octavia from her own folly before Radleigh is lost to them both Steel skillfully weaves the strands of the Matthews and Thomas families together in a layered story about loneliness and companionship.

More large print best sellers. I'm a thinker some people call it day dreaming, but I prefer thinker. My inspiration might come from the weirdest thought that suddenly gets transformed into a romantic story.

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A news report of a dog being injured brings to mind a hero or heroine who may be a vet. Then my romantic mind can't seem to help itself, but create a love story. I like to write at least 4 hours each week day.

I try to keep the weekends for my family but sometimes a story is just too persistent. I find I can't help but write it. What is the most difficult aspect of writing? I think best in the shower but due to our water restrictions, I have had to find another thought inspiring place. I now go to the gym and take a nice slow saunter on the treadmill.

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You don't have to concentrate on anything but putting one foot in front of the other. It allows my mind to wonder. I love romance books that have a happy ever after ending, first and foremost, but I also like a good mystery. Emma Anderson Published by: To stay alive Charli Smythe must live by a set of well-defined rules. Keeping her psychic ability a secret and avoiding relationships has kept her ahead of the danger from her past.

It leads to a lonely existen MORE When Nikki Greene is kidnapped by a crime boss, the last thing she expects is for an even more dangerous man to rescue her. When a gambling addict offers his daughter as payment for his debt, Devil accepts. Sex without st MORE