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Lastly, since this is a novel in the Citadel series, there is a citadel that is surrounded by mystery. Unlike the first three novels in the series though, I felt the citadel, Sentinelspire, just didn't measure up to the intrigue and mystery of those that came before it. Now, please know I am not talking about the overall story here, just the actual citadel. It just didn't seem to play as prominent role in the story as the others, which was slightly disappointing. The characters in this novel are really where story is. Characters such as Berun and Lewan, ranger and apprentice respectively, both of these characters start off interesting but as the story progresses they become much more interesting.

The character development of these two characters is well done, but more importantly, it makes sense. It is not character development for the sake of character development. It is character development because of events, thoughts, and flaws of the individual characters. It didn't seemed forced at all.

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There are other characters in this novel that are enjoyable to read about as well such as, Sauk, Talieth, Perch, and Taaki. All of the characters had a role in the book and didn't seem to be there strictly for filler. As far as characters go in a Forgotten Realms novel, the characters in this novel are some of the best I have read in quite some time.

A few criticisms about this novel: I was disappointed with the lack of mystery and intrigue surrounding the Sentinelspire. This may very well just be related to how well written the other three books in the series were, but I simply did not care about the citadel in this book. It really could have taken place anywhere in the Realms. Now, some positives about this book: The characters are interesting and refreshing.

In Frostfell, I was disappointed by the characters, not so with this book. I can easily see myself wanting to read more about a couple of the characters in this book.


Sehestedt proves that less is more. He gives the reader just enough information to allow their imagination to run wild. It's nice to know that there are authors out there who do not feel the need to describe every little detail. At pages it is longer than most Forgotten Realms novels. Sehestedt uses every word to tell his story. There is rarely a slowly in the pacing and, for the most part, clicks along at an enjoyable pace. Is this the best book in the Citadels series?

I don't think so, I would have to give that honor to Neversfall. However, this book certainly is a very good addition to the series, and the Forgotten Realms in general.

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I am becoming a big fan of these stand-alone novels. In my opinion, Mr.

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Sehestedt has grown quite considerably since he penned Frostfell and seems to be well on his way to a very good career as an author. If people are looking for a self-contained story with interesting characters this is certainly a book that would come to mind right away.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I wasn't "sucked in" like some other authors have been able to do, but I definitely enjoyed the book. Don't expect anything over the top as far as character development or battle scenes, its just a single story and not a series so descriptions are limited in regards to the characters and backgrounds. It's a great book. The characters are fabulous and I'd love to read more about them in future books.

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I though the Sentinelspire itself was kind of pointless as it could have easily been the Sentinel-bakery. This doesn't distract from the story at all but I just think it's kind of funny since it's the Citadel series. If your looking for a single stand alone Forgotten Realms book I'd highly recommend this one.

This is a stand alone book. I enjoyed the story.

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  • It's a basic meat and potatoes fantasy novel. I decided to sample another piece of this author's writing after I had read the first two books of the "Chosen of Nendawen" series. They were so different in style that I had to know what was his "normal" style. Well I think, after now reading 5 of his books, that this is his baseline. He really likes character standoffs. So much that I feel that it ruined the 2nd and 3rd books from the Nendawen series. So if you are looking for a new author then I think this is a good entertaining book but I'd think twice about buying just anything by this author.

    This was interesting with the vilian being a good alignment. Sentinelspire is one of the better fantasy books I have read lately. I had trouble putting the book down, because I truly did want to know what happened next. My only quibble has to do with how Talieth kept referring to The old man of the mountain. Afraid I can't explain that any further, however. A nice story full of intrigue, suspense, fighting and a little bit of brotherhood.

    See all 11 reviews. Then the regiment holding Neversfall disappeared, leaving no hint of what took them. The replacement forces find themselves attacked from both within and without the fortress's walls. Besieged by monsters and men, a mercenary captain and an elite warrior must work together to discover out who their enemy really is. Ukaguzi Sera ya Maoni. Flowing text, Original pages. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.