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We CAN NOT release his real name or his image because he is currently teaching men these skills and dating 4 different Strippers in Vegas while married to an exotic bikini model half his age! If the clubs or the girls found out who he is or what he is doing, he will become flagged and unable to teach this amazing skill that he has spent his entire life developing. I have personally seen this man lets call him Damien walk into a strip club and have girls beg him to dance for him and when I say beg him to dance for him, I mean they beg him to dance for him for FREE!

I have seen Strippers physically fight over him and wait ouside the club for him pleading with him to go home with them. I have personally seen strippers trying to make out with him right at the club and do inexplicable things to him all because of the way he talks to them. Best of all, he is not good looking, over 50lbs overweight, almost 50 and losing his hair, yet 18 year old dancers in Montreal, Canada attack him and 21 year old strippers in Las Vegas beg for his attention.

How To Pick Up Strippers

Damien is an impeccable dresser and used to be an image consultant. He can give you a makeover that will completely change the way you look and put you on the path to pure success. He even tells the dancers at the club what to wear and what not to wear. He knows all the staff at most the clubs and his personality is larger than life. And, when I say 'knows all the staff', he gets to know them on his first visit!

It is part of his teachings to get to know the staff right away and he will show you how to do it too. He is an amazing life coach and has a way with words that will give Hollywood writers a run for their money. He has walked into Strip Clubs across America and within 15 minutes he makes life time friends. His personality is magnetic and magical. His presence demands awe and respect as soon as he enters the premises.

His charisma, energy, enthusiasm, eye contact and behaviour is what every stripper dreams, craves and desires in a man. He is the ultimate man's man, the smoothest ladies man and probably the most exciting person you will ever meet. I want to be clear, he does not spend any money on the girls. At most, I have seen him buy her a drink and only because he knew he would be sleeping with her later on that night. He does not use pick up lines, canned routines or any tricks to pick up women. He simply uses his personality and his language to leave a first impression that is seldom forgotton.

Ten Tips For Picking Up Strippers

He know how to talk to women, how to look at them, how to touch them and how to get them to do things they never dreamed of doing. What is it that causes a woman, who has opportunity to perhaps hundreds of men, some of them offering very lucrative deals, to suddenly fall for a single man to the exclusion of all others at a most intimate level? Typically it begins with little glances, little bits of eye contact, just kind of feeling each other out.

Usually it takes a few times, possible weeks before that initial spark builds into anything of significance.


Once a conversation, a rapport develops, things tend to speed along. If they are interested, most strippers will come right out and tell you - she is going to react differently towards you than towards other guys. As the game to play is at a most animalistic level one has to be most developed at a basic animal level. Yet this is mostly false. For instance, women often tell me that I have a nice bicycle.

Actually I have a so-so bike at best. How does one look honest? Dreamy blue eyes, million dollar smile, developed, well defined muscles, perfect posture, beautiful hair, and an unassuming, welcoming demeanor. Join Date Jul Gender: Way To Get Strippers Book Sit at a side bar, order a drink, face forward, watch the tv or talk only to the bartender and when asked to chat by a stripper tell the girl you're there to meet someone for a meeting but thanks for the offer.

Join Date Nov Gender: Age 31 Posts Originally Posted by Hank Havok. Age 25 Posts 1, I don't do stripclubs much, but are you insisting that looks, aside from many other things, is the key to getting strippers? Join Date Aug Gender: The key to getting strippers is to meet them at places other than strip clubs.

Strippers as girlfriends are a pain - they're usually messed up in some way. A stripper as a friend and wingman, though, is great fun. Many strippers like to go clubbing, and the successful ones are very good at reading people. Remember, strippers manipulate men for a living. They understand PUA game. It's fun to people-watch with a stripper friend.

How To Pick Up Strippers – Return Of Kings

Ask her "will that guy get that girl? If you find a target, a stripper friend will give you good advice, and maybe help directly. Join Date May Gender: Strippers vary a lot.

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Maybe some of the dumb gym-bunny types will only go for a guy with well-defined muscles. But usually they are smart girls, and for them - just as for most girls - it is rare to find a decent guy, not a jerk, who knows how to hold a conversation and make them feel good, feminine, sexy, just through the way he talks to them and holds eye contact.

Learn How To Meet And Seduce Women In The Club/Dancefloor

Posture secure, confident , tonality deep, masterful , and your own sense of value are important. It is a huge mistake to treat a stripper like she is the most beautiful 10 you have ever seen.

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  4. I would never tell a stripper she is beautiful or sexy or the best in the club. As I sat there watching her, thinking that she seemed to look much like other women who I had liked very much, I noticed that she was stealing little peeks at me.

    This went on for ten maybe fifteen minutes when she suddenly began walking towards me. Seeing this I got up from my seat and started her way. We met somewhere in the middle, in the mists of a rather dense crowd. We introduced ourselves then she leaned in close and asked if we should find a corner and go make out. Turned out we had a lot in common. I never came onto her. Another stripper in that same club watched me all the time, unknown to me. We ran into each other at a New Years party.