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When Baudelaire translated Poe, he rethought the Paris that Poe had already placed at the centre of his crime-writing world; when Duhamel translated Cheyney and Chase in the wake of the Liberation of Paris, America was again reimagined as a new allegory for the post-war French condition. This paper traces the role of Crime Fiction, and its translation, in the formation of new national allegories; but it also simultaneously traces the rewriting of French national allegory in the development of French Crime Fiction. Most users should sign in with their email address.

If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Don't already have an Oxford Academic account? Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. Je lui rdpondrai ga raide comme balle, I'll answer that to him straight off. Faire la balle, to be convenient.

Qa fait ma balle, it's just the thing, the ticket for me. Envoyer bailer quelqu'im, to send some- body to the right about, to tell someone to go to Jericho. Tu te feras j ali- ment enlever le ballon, you'll get your bum properly kicked. II a fait du ballon, he's done time. II sort du ballon, he's just out from prison. Fool, dufier, awkward fellow, fathead. Au bout du quai les ballots I inter jectory stock phrase expressing contempt. One who has a waddling gait, hence without energy, lazy, careless. To go about aimlessly, especially with a waddling gait.

J'ai fait un vrai bal- thazar, I had no end of a spread, a slap-up dinner, a regular tuck in, a blow out.


Faire son baluchon, to pack up, to get ready. Fast Ufe, lively froUc, spree. To lead a fast life, to run wild, to be on the spree. II aime bien bambocher, he's fond of a bit of a spree. One who leads a fast hfe. For instance, one will exclaim " ga n'est pas banal! Bande d'idiots, bande de salauds! May be addressed to one person, merely to emphasize the insult.

Allusion to this garment flowing free like a banner. Faire de la banque, to puff up one's goods. Baptiser son vin, to put water into one's wine. Baragouiner I'anglais, to murder the King's English. Un travail barbant, a boring job. C'est une barbe, quelle barbe! C'etait la barbe et les cheveux! Les vieilles barbes de 48, the old fogies of Ce qu'il est barbe le pauvre vieux! Crisp and entangled beard. To rob, pinch, scrounge, bone. On m'a barbote ma pipe, they've scrounged my pipe.

To muddle about, to footle, to make a mess of it.

A cadger, a scrounger. Young and inexperienced person. Qa n'est pas un travail d conjier d un barbouille de cet dge-ld, this is not a job to be trusted to a fledg- ling of that age. Bundle of things necessary to a soldier, hence luggage of any kind. Qa a barde la semaine dernidre, we had a hard time of it last week.

Maintenanl il faut que ga barde! II a fait du barou hier soir, he made a great noise last night. To make off, escape. Obscene gesture expressing contempt. Tailler una basane, to make such gesture. Exceedingly short fellow, rump end. Ce qu'il est bassin avec ses his- toires! To bore, importunate, buttonhole. Boring thing or person. Bastoche, la, proper name.

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The Bastille district of Paris. Faire du bastringue, to make a row. Noisy and inferior music. Any collection of things. II a emporte ses meubles, ses livres, et tout le bataclan, he took away his furniture, his books and all the paraphernalia, all the rest of it. Monter un bateau d quelqu'un, to tell somebody lies, fictitious stories. II m'a monte un bateau, he's been pulling my leg. Good, well, tip-top, Ai. Un bath type, a topping chap. On a fait un bath diner, we had a slap-up dinner.

II a ete bath comme tout, he was as pleasant as you like. In a bath manner. Mener une vie de bdton de chaise, to lead a fast life. Tour de bdton, illicit gain, graft. C'est du battage, it's exaggerated, affected, that's all bluff, show. To talk, chatter, gossip. In the stock phrase: Same meaning as before, perhaps sUghtly more emphatic.

Tailler une bavette, talk, gossip. Les vieille femmes aiment bien tailler des bavettes, old women are fond of talking, gossiping. Any collection of things esp. J'enverrai sauter tout le bazar! I'll chuck up, smash up, the whole bally show! To get rid of by selling esp. Elle est belle femme, she is tall and strong.

Détective sur cour

C'est un beau voyou I a regular cad he is 1 BEC 25 b6nef bee, sb. Laisser quelqu'un le bee dans I'eau, to leave some one in the lurch. Avoir le bee sale, to be always thirsty. Une prise de bee, a quarrel, set-to, slanging match. Tenir quelqu'un le bee dans I'eau, to put off some- body with fine words, to keep some one on a string. Tomber sur un bee de gaz, to meet with any kind of unforeseen obstacle. De gaz is often understood. To criticize, run down. Tu paries d'une bedaine! To become pot-bellied, to develop a corporation.

Touch-me-not sort of person! Elle fait la begueule, she is prudish. II a un le be'guin pour elle, he is in love with her, he is gone sweet, on her. Sometimes said of a thing, to have a lancy for. Profit, pecuniary gain, advantage. Battre la berloque, to rave, to be crazy, to talk nonsense. Ma montre bat la berloque, my watch is quite crazy, goes anyhow. Je comptais sur lui, bernique! I relied upon him, but he failed me ; what a sell! Heavy shell 42 cm. La grosse Bertha, the big gun that bombarded Paris. Faire son beurre, to make profits, to make one's fortune, to feather one's nest, to make one's pile, fa mettra du beurre dans les epinards, that will make our Ufe more comfortable.

Qa fait mon beurre, it is to my advantage, it is the very thing for me. C'etait un vrai beurre, there was nothing hard about it, it wasn't a tough job, it was as easy as can be. Avoir un ceil au beurre noir, to have a black eye from a blow. J'ai cherchS ce livre, mais pas plus de livre que de beurre en broche I I looked for this book, but I could not lay hold of it, it was not to be found.

II n'y en a pas bezef, there isn't much of it. Bono bezef I very good! Qa c'est pour hibi, this is for number one. Public-house of low order, 2. Beer of inferior quality, any tasteless drink, slops. Qa biche, les affaires! Qa ne biche pas avec sa femme, he does not get on well with his wife. Ilaitne d se bichonner, he is fond of adonizing himself.

C'est un veinard de bidard! Infantry instructor on board a man-of- war. Quite comical, screaming, killing. Une histoire bidonnante, a simply killing story. Passe-moi le vin, je vais bidonner un coup, pass the wine, I'll have a gargle. To laugh uproariously, to be convulsed with laughter. Ticket theatre, railway, etc. Mild form of bougre.

Bigre, vous y allez fort I by Jove, by Gad, great Scott, you come it a bit strong! Mild form of bougrement.

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To worry, to fret one's self. II ne se bile jamais, he never frets himself, he takes things easy! From people who fret themselves being supposed to increase their secretion of bile. Devisser son billard, to die, to kick the bucket, to peg out. Passer sur le billard, to be operated upon. Une sale bille, an ugly-looking customer. Je vous fiche mon billet que, I swear, I take my davy that.

Prendre un billet de parterre, to come a cropper. Trick, cunning device, stratagem. Je ne connais pas ce vieux birbe-ld, I don't know that old crock. Penal regiments in Africa. Alter d biribi, to be sent to one of these. En bisbille, at loggerheads. Cartes biseauUes, cards faked up so as to make cheating possible, briefs. Faire son bisness, to ply one's trade. To be vexed, fa me fait bisquer de le voir si veinard!

Mixture of spirits and coffee, bad spirits. Tout ga c'est de la bistouille, this is all nonsense, rubbish, bosh. Prendre une biture, to get drunk, to booze. S'en donner une biture, to have one's fill of anything. A great quantity of anything. II y en avait une biture, there were pots, bags of them. Freshman at Polytechnique school. To pluck at an exam. Not to elect a candidate. Lie, false story, bung, humbug, flam. Raconter des blagues, to tell lies. Quelle blague I bosh! Allans, blague dans le coin!

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II m'a fait une blague, he fooled me. J'ai fait une blague, I have made a blunder, blaguer. On ne peut pas le croire, il blague toujours, you can't believe him, he's humbugging all the time. II aime bien blaguer, he is fond of chattering. One who is fond of blague, wag, waggish. Je lui jambonnerai le blair, I'll smash his mug for him. To have a bad smell. S'il est jugS je ne le vois pas blanc, if he is tried, he's in for it. Un verre de blanc, un petit blanc, a glass of white wine. Ugly, bad of its kind sometimes untoward.

Prendre la bleue, to drink an absinthe. Young soldier, collec- tion of such. Drunk, tight, well sprung. Proof against danger, disease, etc. Fourrer au bloc, to put in the clink. C'est mon blot, it's my business, I'll see to that. C'est pas ton blot, mind your own business. Je me suis blouse, I was wrong, I made a blunder. Blouser quelqu'un, to mislead somebody. Tout ga c'est des bobards, on nous I'a trop fait!

C'est des bobards, it is all bosh, tommy rot. On lui a montd le bobe'chon! Faire bobo, to be aching. Un bobo, a sore. Hence bocherie, bochie, bochisme. Un succds bceuf, an enormous success. Avoir la gueule debois, to IgqI out oisoxta, seedy, after a spree. Casser du bois, of an airman to break some part of the aeroplane, to crash. Any place good or bad where one is employed.

One may say une bonne boUe, but the word is always taken in a bad sense when unqualified. Coucher d la botte, boulotier de la botie, to be confined in the guardroom. Botte d dominos, coffin. Very comical, exceedingly funny, screaming. To amuse oneself enormously, to laugh to one's heart's content. Ce qu'on s'est bole! II a ete bombarde goiiverneur, he has been appointed governor. Faire la bombe, to live fast, to go on the razzle. Etre en bombe, to be on the spree, in for a buster.

Hard felt hat, billycock. To have to do without, to be deprived of. Tu peux te bomber! II est bon pour 4 jours de boite, he's sure to get four days in clink. Quel bondieu de temps! Anything material or not con- nected with worship. Envoyez de suite trois bonhommes not bonshommes de corvee, send three fellows on fatigue duty at once.

Faire son petit bonhomme de chemin, to toddle along. Deceitful' talk or reasoning. II m'a racontd ,des boniments, he told me all sorts of lies, he's kidded me. Faire du boniment a quelqu'un, to try to coax some one by cajoling talk. Faire du boniment d une femme, to make love to a woman. Avoir quelqu'un d la bonne, to be well disposed towards somebody.

C'est bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. Expresses impatience, ad- miration, etc. Bon sang que c'etait beau! Tirer une bordee, to go on the spree. Rouler sa bosse, to wander about the world, J'ai roule ma bosse un peu par lout, I've knocked about a great deal, all over the world. S'en payer un bosse. Ce que j'ai bossd hier! Rigoler, se tordre, comme un bossit, to have plenty of fun, to laugh uproariously. Un bossu en civet, a jugged rabbit. Proposer la hotte, to make amorous overtures.

A propos de bottes, with refer nee to nothing in particular unseasonably. Botter le derriere, to toe the backside. II se fera botter le derriere, he'll get his bottom kicked. He'll get properly talked to. Qa me botte, it suits me all right, that's the very thing for me. Porter le bouc, to wear a goatee. Bouc de regiment, sapper. Because formerly sappers wore such shaped beards. Faire le boucan, to be noisy, riotous, to kick up a row. Qa fera du boucan si fa se sait, that'll be no end of a scandal if it comes to be known.

Ce qu'il est bouche! Bouche d I'emeri, same meaning. En boucher un coin, une surface, to astound, to make a successful retort to. Qa lui en a bouche un coin, he was flabbergasted, struck all of a heap, crushed, he was choked off. I can't get over that! Mettre un bouchon d quelqu'un, to make somebody shut up. C'est plus fort que de jotter au bouchon! Ramasser un bouchon, to come a cropper, to experience a failure.

Si on me repince, c'est la boucle, if I get nabbed again, it's the clink, I am in for it. Se faire boucler, to be put in clink, in the stone jug, to get run in. Se boucler la ceinture, se la boucler, to tighten one's belt for want of food. Boucler la lourde, to shut the door. Tourner, s'en alter, en eau de boudin, to come to nothing, to fizzle out. To eat, to feed. Va le voir il ne te bouffera pas, go and see him, he won't eat you. Bouffer de la tete de cochon, to get hit with the head in the stomach. Bouffer de la case, to be in prison, to do time. Bouffer le blair, le nez, les foies, to quarrel, fight.

Only used in the stock phrase, tu I'as dit, bouffi, just so, right you are, you talk like a book. Avoir la bougeotte, not to be able to stay in the same place, to have the fidgets. II a une sale bougie, he has a villainous lace. So called on account of thick smoke emitted when bursting.

Un pauvre bougre, a poor devil. Un sale bougre, a bad egg. Un bon bougre, a good chap. II est epatant, ce bougre-ld, he is a caution, he takes the cake. By Jove, this is quite another matter! Though bougre has the same derivation as "bugger,' the original acceptation has completely disappeared in French, and the word belongs not to foul but to very colloquial language.

Bougrement beau, bon, mauvais, etc. J'ai bougrement travaille, I've worked jolly hard. Fern, of bougre i. Music-hall, penny gafif, coffee-house of low order, coal-hole. Faire du bouif, to swank. Boire, prendre un bouillon, to experience a failure. Donner un bouillon de onze heures a quelqu'un, to murder some one by giving poison. Tomber dans le bouillon, to fall into the water, get a ducking. Tu paries d'une houillotte I talk of a mug! Remercier son boulanger, to kick the bucket. Boule de son, miUtary loaf. Envoy er bouler quelqu'un, to send some one to the right-about, send some one sprawling.

Boulevard Saint-Michel, in the Latin quarter. Faire une boulette, to make a blunder. To work, to toil. Ily a du boulot, there is plenty of work. Qa n'est pas ton boulot, that is not your business. Short, thick, or fat person, a podger. II a boulofte francs dans sajournSe, he blued, got through twenty pounds in one day. Comment fa va t-il? Qa boulotte, how are you getting on? Qa m'est tombe bourn sur la tete, it fell down, bang on to my head.

Bourn, voild I said by a waiter to mean that he has heard customer's call. II est toujours a bouquiner, I. Confer des bourdes, to talk nonsense. Faire une bourde, to make a blunder. La bonrgeoise, my wife, the missus. Lies, false statement, balder- dash, fake. Tout ga je n'en crois rien, c'est du bourrage de crdne. I don't believe that, it's all tosh, they're codding us.

Bourrer le crdne d quelqu'un, to tell some- body lies, especially to hoax. To deceive by filling up or cramming with false stories, empty talk.

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Les journaux nous bourrent le crdne, the papers are kidding us. One says also bourrer le mou. One who bourre le crdne. Monter le bourrichon d quelqu'un, to rouse, to work upon, somebody. On lui a monte le bourrichon contre moi, they have excited him against me. II se monte facilement le bourrichon, he easily works himself up into a state, he kids himself easily. Kif-kif bourricot, quite the same, six of one and half a dozen of the other, much of a muchness. Old or bad horse, jade.

Faire tourner quelqu'un en bourrique, to drive somebody mad, off his nut. Bousculer lepot de fleurs, to exaggerate, to come it strong. To spoil, do badly. Bousiller un travail, to bungle, mess up a job. II s' est fait bousiller, he's been done in. Faire du bousin, to be riotous. From old cant bowsing, bowsing ken, low tavern. Perdre la boussole, to lose one's head. II a perdu la boussole, he is crazy, daft, off his chump. To eat, feed esp. House, institution, establishment esp. What a beastly hole!

J'enverrai sauter toufe la boutique. I'll chuck up the whole concern. Et toute la boutique, and all the paraphernalia. II a eu la croix de guerre, la Legion d' Honneur et toute la boutique, he's got the croix de guerre, the Legion of Honour, and all the rest of it. Mettre les bouts de bois, to decamp, to cut and run, hop it.

Very comical, side-splitting, killing, screaming. To laugh heartily, to split one's sides with laughter. Ma vieille branche, old bean. J'e'iais dans les brancos, I was a stretcher- bearer. Avoir les bras retournes, to be lazy. Des bras cassis, loafers, weary- Willies.

Manier les brSmes, to play cards. Maquiller les brSmes, to be a sharper. To do odd jobs. Faire la bringue, to lead a fast life, to be out for a spree. Une grande bringue, a tall, gawky girl. To sway to and fro, to dangle. Faire une brioche, to make a blunder. Manger, bouffer des briques, to have nothing to eat. Foil de brique, nickname of a red-haired person, ginger. Pas une brogue, not a mite.

To beat, give a dressing down to. To have to do without. Txi peux te brosser, don't you wish you may get it. Una tSte brulee, a devil-may-care fellow. To be very near finding it hidden thing, etc. Quelle buche I what a fathead! Ramasser une buche, to fall down, come a mucker. To work hard, to swot. II buche son latin, he is swotting at his Latin. Ce que ga m'a fait bucher!

Je buche mon examen, I am grinding for my exam. Je le biXcherai, I'll baste him. Studious or hard- working person. C'est un bucheur, il sera regu, he is a sap, he'll pass his exam. Rien A se mettre dans le buffet, nothing to put into one's gullet. He won an Academy Award for best live action short film in Due to a legal dispute with a distribution company, his films were unavailable from the s until Papa Beaver's Storytime French: The series which was produced by Cinar, originally aired between — on the Canadian Family Channel and the French channel France 3 and on France 5 in Zouzous and later on the American channel, Nick Jr.

Synopsis Series presenting a collection of tales based on the writings of French children's author, Pere Castor. Papa Beaver's Storytime is an animated television series which tells of Papa Beaver, a caretaker, a father figure, but most importantly, a storyteller. The show starts out with some type of disagreement between the children, who then turn to Papa Beaver for a solution.

He begins telling them some stories which are somehow related to the situation the children are in, the stories are either a fable or a fairytale ultimately telling the mora The Lady Banker Debout les crabes, la mer monte! Suivez mon regard English Title: Triple sec Short Association de malfaiteurs English Title: Georges Vitaly, real name Vitali Garcouchenko, 15 January — 2 January , was a 20th-century French actor, theater director and theater manager.

The son of immigrants from the Russian revolution, he trained as actor from From to , he was director of the Maison de la culture in Nantes. He was married to the comedian Monique Delaroche. La Nuit des espions by Robert Hossein Les Canailles by Maurice Labro The Moods of Marianne by Alfred d Prince Edward Island is one of the three Maritime Provinces and is the smallest province in both land area and population. It is part of the traditional lands of the Mi'kmaq, and became a British colony in the s and was federated into Canada as a province in Its capital is Charlottetown.

According to the census, the province of Prince Edward Island has , residents. The island has several informal names: Robert Manuel — was a 20th-century French stage and film actor, and a film director. La Petite Sauvage by Jean de Limur Salonique, nid d'espions by Georg Wilhelm Pabst La Marseillaise by Jean Renoir The Captain by Robert Vernay The Paris Waltz by Marcel Achard Rififi Du rififi chez les hommes by Jules Dassin Voici le temps des assassins by Julien Duvivier Comme un cheveu sur la soupe by Maurice Regamey Police judiciaire by Maurice de Canonge Le Gorille vous salue bien This is a list of French-language television series from Canada.

Most such television series are produced in Quebec, although a smaller number are also produced elsewhere in Canada. Poulenc in the early s. This is a list of works written by the French composer Francis Poulenc — This film-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. This list includes both English-language films that were based on previously released foreign-language films and those that were not based on any previous film, but merely share a common source material.

Georges Joseph Christian Simenon French: A prolific author who published nearly novels and numerous short works, Simenon is best known as the creator of the fictional detective Jules Maigret. Although Georges Simenon was born on Friday 13 February [2] superstition resulted in his birth being registered as having been on the 12th. His mother had origins from both the Netherlands and Germany while his father was of Walloon origins.