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My theory of "hook phrases". Articles Answers What's the differ What's the difference between 'clean away', 'clean up', 'clean out', etc.?

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Spaces and messes When you talk about cleaning, you're talking about two different things: We need to clean up the living room. Or cleaning the mess that's there: We need to clean up those dirty dishes.

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The different forms of 'clean' You "clean out" the inside of a space that has a large mess in it: It usually means to clean the most obvious part of something. For example, instead of saying "clean the cabinets", say: Can you clean out the cabinets?

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Can you clean off the cabinets? Learn 1, English Phrases! Recent Phrases at least a number before something arrive to somewhere I'm going to do something.

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Please go into the bathroom and clean yourself up. I'll clean up the kids before we leave for dinner. Can you clean this place up a little? The promoters cleaned up on the product. If we get this invention to market soon, we can clean up.


Make clean or orderly, as in She cleaned up the cellar after the flood , or Dad said he cleaned out the garage. Wash or tidy oneself, as in Do I have time to clean up before dinner? Settle or dispose of, as in He cleaned up all the bills that had arrived during his vacation. Bring to a certain standard of order or morality, as in This script won't do; we'll have to clean up the language.

Applied to personal behavior, it also is put as clean up one's act , as in He'll have to clean up his act and obey the rules.

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Succeed, especially financially, as in We had fantastic luck at the races and really cleaned up. Also, clean up on. Defeat or vanquish, kill, as in We're cleaning up all the other teams , or With enough ammunition we could clean up on this pocket of snipers.

To make someone or something clean, neat, or presentable: My brother stayed late and helped me clean up the apartment after the party. After I got home from work, I cleaned myself up for dinner.

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To get rid of dirt, rubbish, or impurities: Volunteers helped clean up the oil spill. I cleaned the broken glass up before anyone could step on it. To rid something or some place of crime or immoral behavior: