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Depending on their specialties historians travel to museums and archives around the world, or work with communities or groups like survivors of war. Other historians learn the languages of long vanished peoples and break the codes they have left behind.

Historians work in many places: Others write history in their spare time, knowing that all historians serve society by creating and preserving our collective memory. Taking a university degree in history is the best way to develop the special skills of an historian incidentally also the skills needed by detectives, lawyers, journalists, diplomats, and analysts of all kinds including business , so you may want to check out the following great History Departments and institutions that helped create the mystery project: What do historians do? Jennifer Pettit, Mount Royal University.

Jerome dead and his secret dies with him. What do historian do? If no positions are available, career services can help interested candidates locate opportunities at another university, museums, or government institutions. New graduates may also find careers through searching online job listings. Attend conferences and lectures. Events held by organizations like the American Historical Association help potential candidates find careers.

These events may host on-the-spot interviews and provide invaluable networking opportunities. Making a good impression may open the door for future opportunities for jobs and possible collaborations. Learning, for a historian, does not end with the acquisition of a graduate degree.

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Many occupations within this field require their historians to publish documents in their area of expertise, so attending lectures, visiting museums, and personal research are paramount for distinguishing oneself in their field. Doing so may allows a historian to contribute their personal perspective to the historical annals of time. Spanish Language Professions Video: Career Options for a Degree in Spanish. Historians and sociologists both examine the broad topic of society; however, their specific areas of focus differ.

Historians and archaeologists are professionals who specialize in researching historic events, cultures and sites. Research is a critical part of the work that anthropologists and historians do, but historians and anthropologists differ in Historians study events that have occurred with a focus on people's beliefs and conduct. Geographers focus on the physical The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

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An error occurred trying to load this video. Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support. Becoming a Historian Historians research, analyze and interpret the past using data from various sources, including newspapers, archives, film, photos and letters. Earn a Bachelor's Degree Although many historians have at least a master's degree or even a PhD, one must hold a bachelor's degree in order to enter a graduate degree program in history. Find schools that offer these popular programs. Earn a Master's Degree or PhD The majority of positions for fields such as public history, historical preservation, archival management, or museum studies require a master's degree.

Find Work After finishing graduate school, potential historians may be able to find work through the university they attended. Continue Researching Learning, for a historian, does not end with the acquisition of a graduate degree. What is your highest level of education?

Show me all schools Near my home Online schools only I want to choose a state Enter zip: Online Courses in World History. Job Description, Duties and Salary. Job Description, Duties and Requirements. Course Requirements for a History Major: Overview of Core Courses.

Overview of Adult Education Programs in History. Graduate History Classes and Courses Overview.

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Bachelor's Degree in History: Careers for Music History Majors: Job Options and Descriptions. Job Options and Training Requirements. History PhD Program Rankings: List of Top Schools. Top Colleges for a History Major in the U. University of Georgia Video Review.

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Career Roadmap Become a Speechwriter: How to Become an Aviation Historian: Career Guide Research Historian: Education and Career Roadmap. Wages For Related Jobs. Some College Complete your degree or find the graduate program that's right for you. High School Diploma Explore schools that offer bachelor and associate degrees. Plan your undergraduate education.