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The Chemistry of Tears. The Natural Way of Things.


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All That I Am. The Fault in Our Stars. Black Rock White City. The Other Side of the World. The World Without Us. When the Night Comes. The Eye of the Sheep. A God in Ruins. Talking to My Country. All the Light We Cannot See. Between a Wolf and a Dog. All These Perfect Strangers. Our Souls at Night. My cheeks were glossed in a fresh oil of pink. He makes it to London and a disastrous audition before meeting Tilda—beautiful Tilda, older, an artist—who brings his future with her. A heady romance leads to a new home in a decaying former bank in a small town hours from Melbourne.

They are building a life together—but there are cracks in the foundation. This is a love story, told from passionate beginning to spectacular end. It is intimate and honest, blackly funny and emotionally devastating. Read the Age interview. The Text Publishing Company. Jan 04, Bex rated it it was amazing. Please don't be fooled by the title although in hindsight it appears quite fitting. A love story, realist, and true to life set in small town Australia. Van Gogh dreaming, wheatfields, grief, what it means to love, to be human, to be flawed at best.

This novel warmed my heart up, almost too warm, and then fire, ashes, and let's stomp on the ashes while we're there. Sherborne is a poet and this is a richly worded piece of art, quick and light but at the same time heavy as the mo So many feelings. Sherborne is a poet and this is a richly worded piece of art, quick and light but at the same time heavy as the moon on the blackest of nights.

Feb 18, Lee Kofman rated it really liked it. Sherborne is a poet and so many of his sentences in this novel sing. I loved the emotional honesty, the lack of political correctness, the darkness of this love story set in rural Australia. But I must say, like with many other Australian novels I read, after I finished this book I felt desperate for some intellectual stimulation, for some depth.


So I went to look for some European literature. Jul 08, Margaret Ricardo rated it liked it. Read book for a book club. Great book for discussion as lots of topics covered in book - relationships , illness , caring roles , abortion ,deceit , small town life etc.

The Science of Love (Queen Parody)

Well written and easy to read. Aug 01, Sara rated it liked it. This book deserves more than three stars, but probably not four. A love story between Colin and Tilda who is 10 years his senior. He meets Tilda in London and together they settle in a small town in country Victoria to build a new life together. Very true to life.

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Jun 14, Nicole Chia rated it it was amazing. Could not stop reading and finished It in two days. The writing is simple and straight forward but he details their love story in such lovely detail while not being pretentious.

The Amateur Science of Love by Craig Sherborne

Very realistic, heartbreaking portrayal of love, sickness, betrayal and loss. A very enjoyable read! Sorry, as much as I loved the article this book was based on, the extension of it feels kind of excessive--in that I felt for him in the article written by the same man, on his own life experiences , but just wanted it to end in the novel.

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An insight into relationships from a male perspective. Read our review here. Feb 06, Jane added it. The Australian rec Dec 09, Chee Chee rated it liked it.

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Some nice writing, but I didn't like either of them. Sep 18, Barbs Lodge rated it liked it. Terrific read - a bit dark but insightful! May 24, Brittany Sanford rated it liked it. An interesting read for both genders. Don't be put off by the title, it's not your typical love story, and nothing goes the way you expect it to. Rubee rated it liked it Jul 18, Sharyn rated it liked it Jul 15, Chloe rated it really liked it Apr 21, Mosquitoeditor rated it liked it Sep 20, Catriona rated it really liked it Aug 19, Karla rated it really liked it Sep 20, Kerryn rated it it was ok Apr 06, Belle Lao rated it it was ok Jan 08,

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