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Manny Alvarez sat down with a teen who has recently been bullied and had suicidal thoughts of her own to find out how she was able to prevent her suicidal ideation from becoming a reality. Emily Odesser, 18, of New York, claims she was repeatedly bullied by a group of her own friends in middle and high school.

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Odesser was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and said she still manages both conditions with medications and therapy today. Other problems that can become a factor to suicide may be related to relationships, substance use, physical health, job, money, legal, or housing stress.

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You can ask questions and someone messaged me once when they were considering suicide, talking about my experiences, that was the start of it all. Odesser said finding someone who you trust to talk to was a pivotal moment in her recovery. If you think someone you care about might be having suicidal thoughts, there are warning signs to look out for, Moutier said. Remember two facts about this age group: Their prefrontal cortex is still developing, which contributes to impulsivity, and the second leading cause of death is, in fact, suicide.

Professionals struggle with this conundrum every day: Is this person safe right now, or is a higher level of care needed? In my own career, I have overstepped the bounds in an abundance of caution, and I have worked with someone who insisted on remaining in school even though I thought a medical leave would be beneficial. The experts do not get this right every time. Why would we expect colleges to do so? Meeting such an obligation would require every campus to build a hospital with psychiatric departments and intensive outpatient programs. Just as no one expects student health centers to provide open-heart surgery, no student counseling center can treat every severity level for all mental health disorders.

Emotionally distressed students need thoughtful and sensitive professionals whom they can talk to about their troubles — not only capable therapists who can assess their functioning but also compassionate administrators who can deliver the news when it is time for troubled students to leave campus, and reassure them that they will be welcomed back when they are healthy again. It is critical that our students receive all the support they need to learn and thrive in a safe and welcoming environment.

That was more than double the percentage of straight youth who searched for the information. The inherent challenge with this is that you will encounter resistance from many people both inside and outside of the company; I have experienced this first-hand in several companies I have worked for. However, if you try to be innovative ONLY when it's absolutely necessary, you will never get the head-start on your competition. Watch for trends in other industries as well as yours and think of how you can incorporate these into your business. Be a leader instead of a follower.

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Look for ways to surprise your customers and do something completely unexpected for them. Make a charitable donation in their name. Invite them to a special event.

Give them a bonus gift or service. Find out what networking events your clients might like to attend and send them a complimentary invitation. If they enjoy reading send an occasional book in their area of interest.

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Gift certificates to a show or play may be appreciated by some of your customers. There cannot be any strings or hidden conditions attached to this offering. Some organizations have a strict "no gift" policy and you must respect it. Very few people keep in touch on a regular basis with their customers. Yet, this is the best way to keep your name in their mind.

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  8. Maarten in the Caribbean and found a beautiful postcard of a beach along the Caribbean Ocean. I sent this card to about four dozen clients and prospects with the message, "When the winter starts getting you down, take a three minute vacation by picturing yourself on this beach. Have a VIP day. You can organize a golf tournament - assuming of course your customers play the game. If you're a retailer, you can invite your best customers to an invitation-only special sale.