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Saint Catherine's search for perfection, her faith, and her piety are worthy of aspiring to. But more than that, the joy that Saint Catherine found, even in her suffering and death, is remarkable. She was confident in the love of Christ, confident that He would never stop caring for her, confident in His grace and mercy. During Lent, we often feel as if we should be morose and gloomy, fasting, abstaining, and enacting other mild forms of mortification and penance.

Saint Catherine understood these physical acts of repentence as well, but did so with a joyful heart, dancing and singing of the love of the Lord. This Lent, perhaps it is our turn to join in this glorious dance, hearts afire, desiring only Him who created us!

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A large part of St. The body of St. Catherine, which remains incorrupt, is preserved in the chapel of the Poor Clares at Bologna. Her feast is kept on the 9th of March throughout the Order of Friars Minor.

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If you feel you may have a vocation to our life of adoration and contemplation in the rich Clarian tradition of humility and service then please contact our Vocation Directress. Raphael's intimate account of her life with Mother Angelica. Copies can be ordered at http: As cloistered contemplatives, our primary apostolate is adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament and intercession for the whole world. One of our main means of support is the distribution of altar bread to parishes, seminaries, religious communities, Catholic schools, Catholic hospitals, nursing homes and prison chaplains.

For free samples please contact us at Catherine of Bologna Church. Big dreams, tiny house Published: September 13, Later this year, the non-profit Operation Chillout is looking forward to enacting its plan of giving the first of five homeless veterans the opportunity to engage in some old-fashioned therapy: Pastoral visit to Pequannock parish Published: Relics to visit five parishes Published: Although she probably taught similar ideas, she kept the written version hidden until she neared death, and then handed it to her confessor with instructions to send a copy to the Poor Clares at Ferrara.

Part of this book describes at length her visions both of God and of Satan. The Sette Armi Spirituali became an important part of the campaign for her canonization. It was first printed in , and went through 21 later editions in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including being translated in Latin, French, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and German. It therefore played an important role in the dissemination of late medieval vernacular mysticism in the early modern period.

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In addition, she wrote lauds, short religious treatises and letters, [8] as well as a line Latin poem called the Rosarium Metricum [9] , the I Dodici Giardini and I Sermoni. These were discovered around and described by Cardinal Giacomo Biffi: We can ascertain that she was not undeserving of her renown as a highly cultivated person.

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We are now in a position to meditate on a veritable monument of theology which, after the Treatise on the Seven Spiritual Weapons , is made up of distinct and autonomous parts: The Twelve Gardens , a mystical work of her youth, Rosarium , a Latin poem on the life of Jesus, and The Sermons , copies of Catherine's words to her religious sisters. Vigri represents the rare phenomenon of a fifteenth-century nun-artist whose artworks are preserved in her personal breviary. Her self-taught style incorporated motifs from needlework and devotional prints.

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Vigri is significant as a woman artist who articulated an aesthetic philosophy. She explained that although it took precious time, the purpose of her religious art was "to increase devotion for herself and others". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.