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May 28, Location: Jared Voldemort Jnr Joined: Mar 9, Location: South East Aururia and Aotearoa in the year , showing the struggle of colonising powers. Jan 12, Location: Shelburne Vt and Titusville Fl. Thank you for the maps and well done. Mar 12, Location: UK, EU for the moment , Earth. ARGH I cannot see it. Archangel Battery-powered Bureaucrat Joined: Nov 14, Location: TTL future Aururia will be a collection of colonies and later nations with very different external influences.

Gonzaga Well-Known Member Joined: Sep 15, Location: Sorry if I couldn't find them, but are there Portuguese on the map? For some reason, Booster, Fire, Ice, and Atom are the only ones who remember Lord and see him in recorded images.

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Fire, Ice, and Captain Atom are soon set up by Max to cut them off from allies, but, ironically, Booster is left alone because his reputation is already poor. Rocket Red declares the newly formed team as the new Justice League International, prompting Booster to figure out that Max Lord manipulated them to be together. Later, during the assault on Checkmate, Fire and Ice discuss how Booster has become the leader of the team.

The JLI carries Jaime to the land surface, where paramedics try to resuscitate him. However, their efforts fail as Jaime had already died. The rest of the team overhear his ranting and convince him that they believe in him.

Lands of Red and Gold, Act II

Gold is still upset, saying they cannot win against Max, when Blue Beetle suddenly sits up, his wound healed, declaring he knows Max's ultimate plans and that they can stop him. Booster Gold saves Max at the last moment, but Max mind-controls him until he is confronted by Captain Atom. Captain Atom forces Max to undo the global mindwipe. Max then teleports to escape. After the Time Masters: Vanishing Point event, Rip Hunter informed them that someone snuck into their base leaving a message on the chalkboard.

Skeets is damaged when Gold is attacked by the military's Project Six, which is revealed to be Doomsday. He escapes from Doomsday and then saves a woman named Alexandra Gianopoulos from Doomsday's attack. He learns the timeline has been changed, suspecting Professor Zoom. Alexandra and Booster split up, but she secretly has powers allowing her to take others' powers and follows him.

Later, he flies to Gotham City when Doomsday attacks him. General Adam's control link is destroyed by Alexandra in an attempt to rescue Booster. Doomsday's true personality comes to the surface and he attacks Booster. He tries to prevent Doomsday from killing innocent people, and manages to put Doomsday's helmet back on.

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Doomsday's control is restored to Adam, who grabs Booster, hoping to kill him. Alexandra defeats Doomsday by using the control helmet to make Doomsday tear himself apart, subsequently asking Booster to take him with her when he restores history to normal. Alexandra subsequently sacrifices herself to save Booster from an Atlantean attack, leaving him to return to Vanishing Point as history resets without any clear memory of his time in the "Flashpoint" universe.

Before the "Time Masters: Vanishing Point", Alexandra appeared and left the messages regarding the altered timeline on Rip's chalkboard before vanishing. In this new timeline, appears as part of the new Justice League International series. He takes his leadership role seriously, and strives to become a better hero and role model. In the end, Gold is confronted with what appears to be an older version of him, an agent of ARGUS who warns his present self to prevent Superman and Wonder Woman from dating.

Failure to prevent it would cause Booster Gold to cease existing. The present day Gold disappears moments later. Futures End 1, the older Booster clarifies he is not an older version of the New 52 Booster, but an older version of him from a universe which has ceased to exist such as the pre- Flashpoint universe. The older Booster is sent careening through the timeline, eventually meeting up with his sister, Michelle, who is in a version of Metropolis which has been sealed in a bubble by a godlike version of Brainiac.

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  • They are teleported to where the younger, New 52 Booster is held captive by Brainiac. Brainiac threatens to kill Michelle unless the younger Booster gives up the location of Vanishing Point, which he concedes. The older Booster knows this could lead to the end of the Multiverse, setting up the events of Convergence , Earth 2: Worlds' End and The New Booster Gold 2, following on from this event somewhat, the aged pre- Flashpoint Booster encounters the Zero Hour Ted Kord on the planet Telos, where Brainiac has gathered cities from across the history of the Multiverse.

    Booster explains to Kord that he has led a good life, married and had a son Rip Hunter , and begins to age rapidly from time travel radiation sickness. Rip intervenes and forces the New 52 Booster to take his father into the raw chronal field contained at Vanishing Point; pre- Flashpoint Booster's body is destroyed, but he is reborn as Waverider , the all-knowing cosmic time traveller. Waverider then emerges on Telos in the final issue of Convergence along with the New 52 Booster and Goldstar to bring back Brainiac, and they convince him to save the Multiverse from its imminent destruction.

    Brainiac then sends Zero Hour Parallax and pre- Flashpoint Superman back to the conclusion of the Crisis on Infinite Earths to avert the original crisis event, and this results in many of the classic worlds of the Multiverse being reborn in their modern forms. Alternate versions of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle as they were prior to Countdown to Infinite Crisis appear in the pages of Justice League 14, where they are awaken from a year suspended animation on Takron-Galtos in the 31st century.

    ITK December/January - Issue 51 by Gold Cross Products & Services - Issuu

    According to Keith Giffen, "they're J. Booster Gold and his robot partner Skeets return in Action Comics This is made even worse when he learns that Jor-El is also Mr. Superman, seeking more answers, decides to use the cosmic treadmill to travel back in time and learn more about the unseen forces affecting the universe. As he finally gains enough speed to travel in time, Booster Gold and Skeets appear one second too late to stop him as Superman disappears into the time stream.

    This Booster returns to his costume Pre- Flashpoint , using the Time Sphere once more and openly states that he is a Time Master tasked with protecting the timeline. Booster Gold goes to Krypton to get Superman out of there before he ruins the timeline. Booster Gold tells Superman he cannot save them at all.

    Booster is captured and imprisoned in a cell with his father who refers to Booster throwing the football game for him. Superman and Skeets rescue Booster, and Skeets tells him what his father did to him in his past. Superman is saddened to hear how this affected Booster Gold's life. Superman knocks out Boosters Gold's father and breaks Booster out of jail. Booster goes to see his mouther on Superman's recommendation where he spends time with her, explaining his history. Zod ties them down, and Eradicator, who works for Zod, plans to take them down. Skeets is destroyed, devastating Booster, but it's revealed that Skeets downloaded his memory into an Eradicator to help free Booster and Superman from Zod.

    History begins to fix itself around them. Booster tells Skeets to go back in time so they can fix it for Superman. Back at the Watchtower, Flash is upset that they took his Cosmic Treadmill to save Krypton, which would negatively affect time. Booster Gold tells Flash it was Superman's idea to go back, and that he went back to stop Superman, who admits that is wrong.

    Booster Gold and Skeets go find Batman, who shoots Booster. He runs from Batman, hiding in a back alley with Skeets, and finds it odd that Batman both does not know who he is and tried to kill him. Booster Gold escapes and finds Bruce Wayne, who is dancing at a party with his mother, Martha. Booster tells Bruce that he got him a gift: Bruce believes him, grabs a fire poker, and destroys Skeets, saying that he prefers life this way.

    Booster Gold breaks Selina Kyle out of a mental asylum. Unbeknownst to him, this version is an insane serial killer. He breaks into Wayne Manor to introduce her to Bruce Wayne. She kills everyone other than Bruce before she escapes with this alternate timeline's Batman Dick Grayson. Booster is imprisoned by Bruce Wayne who tells Booster to go back in time an prevent his parents' murders. Since his origin, characters within the DC Universe have hinted that there is a greater purpose to Booster Gold than he knows.

    During the Millennium event, Harbinger reveals to Martian Manhunter that Booster is descended from the Chosen and that he must be protected. It is revealed that Booster is destined to come to the past to protect him from an unknown event in the future. Despite the general distrust of Booster, Rip and his descendants apparently know the truth, always honoring him. Due to the complicated Time-Travels mechanics, Booster's future self, "currently" operating from an unknown era with his time-travel educated wife, still watches over his past self and his son, making sure that Rip Hunter gives his past self proper schooling.

    The older Booster acts in total anonymity, and has access to other "time-lost" equipment than his suit, such as Superboy 's seemingly-destroyed "super-goggles". Due to a predestination paradox , the future Booster is revealed to be a more experienced Time Master than his son Rip Hunter, but also that he personally tasked Rip to school his past self.

    It is also implied that the departure of the Hypertime concept, rather than a simple retcon , is Booster's work, as in the future he tasked himself with the role of pruning divergent timelines from each universe in the Multiverse. While Booster Gold has no superhuman abilities, he is an excellent athlete. He demonstrates enough willpower to use his Legion flight ring at range, a feat few have been able to demonstrate.

    Booster gained his "powers" from the artifacts he stole from a museum in the future. A power suit grants him super strength and wrist blasters allow him to project force blasts. The wrist blasters contain the primary controls and power supply for the suit as well as communications equipment. Circuitry from a force field belt once belonging to Brainiac 5 of the legion of Super Heroes allows Booster to resist physical and energy attacks, and he uses the force field to repel objects with great force and generate a breathable self-contained environment.

    The force field centers on Booster's body, but can expand and even project outward. The costume's goggles have infrared and magnifying capabilities. In addition to the powers from his suit, Booster can fly thanks to a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring. Booster can also absorb mass and eject it either in its original form or as a melted mass, [60] although this depletes his force field for a time afterward.

    As the series Booster Gold features time travel as a major plot element, Booster regularly visits alternate timelines where key events in history played differently. Occasionally, in Booster Gold , and in Justice League International and Super Buddies , alternate versions of Booster from these timelines make appearances. An apparently unpowered and street-talking Gold serves as an employee.

    He is much more brutish, pimp slapping a female employee simply because Lord commands it. This alternate version of JLI may be the same team as the Antimatter Universe -based Crime Syndicate of Amerika , which first appeared in Justice League Quarterly 8 sans Booster Gold, [63] but many of the events in this series do not seem to tie directly into continuity. He is also mentioned in Kingdom Come by Fire. To counter the speed advantage of Prince's preferred choice, Wallace "Kid Flash" West , he acquires a machine gun from the eccentric inventor Ted Kord.

    At the end of the story, once the Justice Riders have defeated Maxwell Lord, Gold heads for Denver, where "the suckers come in by the trainload every day. Based on Booster's reputation as a profiteer posing as a hero, Platinum admits to Booster that he is pulling the same scam, but more successfully, and assumes Booster is after a cut.

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    • His superhero gear is based on technology stolen from Rip Hunter, who has apparently had several encounters with him to get it back. In the final issue of DC Comics' — year-long weekly series, 52 Week 52, it was revealed that a " Multiverse " system of 52 parallel universes , with each Earth being a different take on established DC Comics characters as featured in the mainstream continuity designated as "New Earth" had come into existence.

      The Multiverse acts as a storytelling device that allows writers to introduce alternate versions of fictional characters , hypothesize "What if? The — weekly series Countdown to Final Crisis and its spin-offs would either directly show or insinuate the existence of alternate versions of Booster Gold in the Multiverse.

      For example, Countdown 16 introduced his evil Earth-3 counterpart, a member of the villainous Crime Society of America — and a similar Booster Gold exists on the Antimatter Universe, as suggested in a Justice League comic book, [64] with Booster's evil variant first appearing in a Super Buddies story. The Countdown spin-off series Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer also featured a gender-reversed Earth where, through character exposition, it is revealed that Maxine Lord the female Maxwell Lord murdered this world's female Booster Gold as opposed to its Ted Kord counterpart.

      The Tangent Comics fifth-week event Jurgens originally introduced an entirely different version of Booster Gold, a yacht-owning gentleman connected to the origins of the mysterious Green Lantern ; when the Tangent Comics universe was later amalgamated into Earth-9 of the 52 multiverse, 's Tangent: Superman's Reign 1 again by Jurgens introduced an African American superhero by that name. Booster Gold and Skeets appeared in the prequel of the sequel game Injustice 2 , he and Ted Kord , the Blue Beetle had been friendly rivals, even though Booster used to mock Ted's Blue Beetle suit due to his weight.

      One year after Superman's regime has ended, Michael warns Ted about the latter's cruel fate in the future, something Michael cannot prevent and is not allowed to interfere the time paradox for rescuing Ted. Before he sets on his way home back to the future with Skeets, Michael bids his friend a farewell and promises that they will see each other at the end.

      Ted tells Michael to look after Jaime Reyes before his final breath. Booster Gold was ranked as the rd greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine. The Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century series, based upon the television series of the same name presents another Booster incarnation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the character.

      For the title he appears in, see Booster Gold comic book. Booster Gold comic book. The DC Comics Encyclopedia. Archived from the original on March 20, Archived from the original on September 29, Archived from the original on Vanishing Point 6 and Flashpoint Exclusive News! Archived from the original on February 6, External link consists of a forum site summing up the top characters of Wizard Magazine since the real site that contains the list is broken".

      Archived from the original on June 8,