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10 Essential Texas Hold'em Moves: The Triple-Barrel Bluff

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Learn to blast your opponents off big hands with a convincing three-barrel bluff. How to Manage False Poker Expectations. The Art of Poker Table Talk: Romanello Deploys His Chirping Chips. Every successful pro knows when and where to triple-barrel bluff.

How to Make a 3-Barrel Bluff

It's important to understand what turn and river cards are good for barreling. When to Fire a Second Barrel on the Turn: A Simple Guide 27 September Think Math, Not Ego. Texas Holdem Betting Rules: Poker Terms Official Poker Glossary. Floating does not work against a player that only raises preflop and continuation bets with premium hands, for obvious reasons.

10 More Essential Texas Hold'em Strategy Moves: Floating the Flop

Look for tight-aggressive players who raise a lot in position preflop and follow it up with a continuation bet a high percentage of the time. These players will be showing up with air a lot, and check-folding to you when you bet the turn. Most players these days know they have to be aggressive but for a lot of people that just means opening a lot of pots and continuation betting at every flop.

A lot of these players don't know what to do when you play back at them -- especially when they're out of position.

If you spot players playing too loose and continuation betting too often you can catch them doing it when they have really weak hands. By calling in position pre-flop and calling their continuation bet on the flop, you can force opponents to check to you on the turn. That sets up a great bluffing opportunity where you can win the pot, no matter what cards you're holding. In this video Ivey breaks one of our golden rules by floating in a mutli-way pot, and he does it not once but twice.

Poker Tells Essentials

Ivey calls two big bets with seven-high and manages to take the pot away when Patrik Antonius checks on the river. Hey Andy, Isn't the float only successful when they fold to your bet on the turn though? If it's unsuccessful they call your turn bet , then you would lose the float call and turn bet, compared to the other option of just losing the check-raise on the flop.

Well candid, re-raising a c-bet is one possible counter, but the problem is that in those cases where your opponent is actually strong re-raising will lose you more money than floating.

Triple Barrel Bluffing Done Right

However when floating is successful, you make just as much as you would have if you'd re-raised. So re-raising is higher risk than floating, but the reward is the same. Although it does happen, the risk of your opponent catching his card is quite small, compared to the amount of money you stand to lose from unsuccessful re-raising. Because as the article says, a continuation bet can be made with a wide range of hands. A continuation bet does not mean that they are betting with nothing, they very well could have something.

That's why position is also mentioned in this article as you need the extra chances at information before attempting this as this technique is bluffing. They are right, just use this against the players that always cbet then shutdown on turn when they don't have a hand. Make people pay for taking a line that was standard in Why don't you just raise the flop if you think he's continuation betting?