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The days of ornately written speeches, like the ones history recorded from Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Kennedy, are rapidly dwindling in a world where everyone has the attention of a flea and anyone can command their own virtual megaphone online.

But despite the growing noise, Obama has left a pretty clear legacy of presidential rhetoric. These are the speeches experts rank as the best of his two terms, with an insider's view on how they were crafted. Obama first established his reputation as a powerful, influential speaker in , when he broadened his "Yes we can" campaign slogan beyond supporters and invited all Americans to share his commitment to change.

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Obama's election victory speech He did the same in , this time showing his ability to connect emotionally with the public after the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut:. President Obama sheds tears during gun speech Several "great speeches of Obama's presidency were after national tragedies, which struck the right note," said author and professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the University of Pennsylvania.

Many of those addresses were a collaboration between Obama and senior speechwriters Cody Keenan and Terry Szuplat, said former White House staff speechwriter David Litt. Former Obama speechwriter on gun control But Jamieson feels like Obama didn't always hit the mark. During his first inaugural address, he failed to digest a core idea into a single memorable phrase — like Franklin Roosevelt did in with, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

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On the other hand, Obama did create a history-making moment in on the 50th anniversary of the civil rights marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, when he delivered an address that many experts said rates among his best. Highlights from President Obama's speech in Selma When it comes to putting pen to paper, those who worked with Obama say each speech largely was crafted by the President himself -- especially the important ones. Unlike President John Kennedy's artistic style, which might have distracted from the underlying emotion in the message, Jamieson said, Obama's crafting has been so stealthy that listeners could be more easily moved by the speech's content.

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  • The 44th President approaches writing with "his own original, unencumbered style, free of conventional thinking," Frankel added. He captures "thoughts as distinctly as possible. Using phrasing that is appropriate to the occasion, but not typical.

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    According to Obama's former writers, the process to create a speech usually goes like this: First, there's an initial conversation between the President and his top speechwriters. They discuss their target audience and what the message should be. Ultimately, they aim to tell a compelling story that people will remember. Next, Obama's chief speechwriter would talk with other writers about how to frame the story.

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    For example, shortly after the election, chief speechwriter Keenan met with staffers to figure out how to write Obama's final address to the nation. Inside a meeting of Obama's speechwriters First drafts would go through policy experts and back to the President for final edits or approval. Several weeks later, that meeting resulted in Obama's farewell address, which was delivered to thousands of cheering supporters in his adopted hometown of Chicago, where his "Yes we can" slogan transformed into "Yes we did.

    It's still about change," Obama said. Republicans have mocked the Obama campaign's "forward" slogan, as well as the slogan.

    How today's presidential campaign slogans compare to those of the past

    The Republican National Committee has even started selling bumper stickers emblazoned with the words "hype and blame. The president, though, aggressively went after Republican policies in his two lead-off stump speeches and cast presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney as the Republicans' ticket to enacting those policies nationwide. The president described as a "make-or-break moment for America's middle class," before incorporating the theme of moving "forward.

    We've got to move forward to that future where everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules," Obama said. He was introduced in Columbus and again in Richmond by first lady Michelle Obama, and walked in to the cheers of thousands, many of them waving campaign-provided placards that read "Forward.

    While the president is notably grayer than he was four years ago, he and his campaign worked to rekindle the energy and excitement among students and other voters who propelled him to the presidency in