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Charteris gave Templar interests and quirks as the series went on. Early talents as an amateur poet and songwriter were displayed, often to taunt villains, though the novella The Inland Revenue established that poetry was also a hobby. That story revealed that Templar wrote an adventure novel featuring a South American hero not far removed from The Saint himself. Templar also on occasion would break the fourth wall in an almost metafictional sense, making references to being part of a story and mentioning in one early story how he cannot be killed so early on; the s television series would also have Templar address viewers.

Charteris in his narrative also frequently breaks the fourth wall by making references to the "chronicler" of The Saint's adventures and directly addressing the reader and in one instance the story "The Sizzling Saboteur" in The Saint on Guard inserts his own name. Furthermore, in the story "The Unkind Philanthropist," published in the collection The Saint on the Spanish Main , Templar states outright that in his fictional universe his adventures are indeed written about by a man named Leslie Charteris. The origins of The Saint can be found in early works by Charteris, some of which predated the first Saint novel, 's Meet the Tiger , or were written after it but before Charteris committed to writing a Saint series.

Burl Barer reveals that an obscure early work, Daredevil , not only featured a heroic lead who shared "Saintly" traits down to driving the same brand of automobile but also shared his adventures with Inspector Claud Eustace Teal—a character later a regular in Saint books. Barer writes that several early Saint stories were rewritten from non-Saint stories, including the novel She Was a Lady , which appeared in magazine form featuring a different lead character.

Charteris utilized three formats for delivering his stories. Besides full-length novels, he wrote novellas for the most part published in magazines and later in volumes of two or three stories.

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He also wrote short stories featuring the character, again mostly for magazines and later compiled into omnibus editions. In later years these short stories carried a common theme, such as the women Templar meets or exotic places he visits. With the exception of Meet the Tiger , chapter titles of Templar novels usually contain a descriptive phrase describing the events of the chapter; for example, Chapter Four of Knight Templar is titled "How Simon Templar dozed in the Green Park and discovered a new use for toothpaste". Although Charteris's novels and novellas had more conventional thriller plots than his confidence game short stories, both novels and stories are admired.

As in the past, the appeal lies in the vitality of the character, a hero who can go into a brawl and come out with his hair combed and who, faced with death, lights a cigarette and taunts his enemy with the signature phrase " As the actress said to the bishop The period of the books begins in the s and moves to the s as the 50 books progress the character being seemingly ageless.

In early books most activities are illegal, although directed at villains. In later books, this becomes less so. In books written during World War II, The Saint was recruited by the government to help track spies and similar undercover work. The quality of writing also changes; early books have a freshness which becomes replaced by cynicism in later works. The edition of the short story collection The Happy Highwayman contains examples of abandoned revisions; in one story published in the s "The Star Producers" , references to actors of the s were replaced for with names of current movie stars; another s-era story, "The Man Who Was Lucky", added references to atomic power.

Charteris started retiring from writing books following 's The Saint in the Sun.

The Saint: The Inescapable Word

The next book to carry Charteris's name, 's Vendetta for the Saint , was written by science fiction author Harry Harrison , who had worked on the Saint comic strip, after which Charteris edited and revised the manuscript. Between and , another 14 Saint books would be published, credited to Charteris but written by others. In his introduction to the first, The Saint on TV , Charteris called these volumes a team effort in which he oversaw selection of stories, initially adaptations of scripts written for the — TV series The Saint , and with Fleming Lee writing the adaptations other authors took over from Lee.

The "team" writers were usually credited on the title page, if not the cover. One later volume, Catch the Saint , was an experiment in returning The Saint to his period, prior to World War II as opposed to recent Saint books set in the present day. Several later volumes also adapted scripts from the s revival TV series Return of the Saint.

The last Saint volume in the line of books starting with Meet the Tiger in was Salvage for the Saint , published in For the first 20 years, the books were first published in Britain, with the United States edition following up to a year later. By the late s to early s, this situation had been reversed.

In one case— The Saint to the Rescue —a British edition did not appear until nearly two years after the American one. French language books published over 30 years included translated volumes of Charteris originals as well as novelisations of radio scripts from the English-language radio series and comic strip adaptations. Many of these books credited to Charteris were written by others, including Madeleine Michel-Tyl. Charteris died in Two additional Saint novels appeared around the time of the film starring Val Kilmer: Both books were written by Burl Barer, who in the early s published a history of the character in books, radio, and television.

Charteris wrote 14 novels between and the last two co-written , 34 novellas, and 95 short stories featuring Simon Templar. Between and , an additional seven novels and fourteen novellas were written by others. Several radio drama series were produced in North America, Ireland, and Britain. Many early shows were adaptations of published stories, although Charteris wrote several storylines for the series which were novelised as short stories and novellas. The longest-running radio incarnation was Vincent Price , who played the character in a series between and on three networks: Like The Whistler , the program had an opening whistle theme with footsteps; some sources say the whistling theme for The Saint was created by Leslie Charteris , while others credit RKO composer Roy Webb.

Price left in May , to be replaced by Tom Conway , who played the role for several more months; his brother, George Sanders , had played Templar on film. The next English-language radio series aired on Springbok Radio in South Africa between and These were fresh adaptations of the original stories and starred Tom Meehan. The English service of South Africa produced another series radio adventures for six months in — The most recent English-language incarnation was a series of three one-hour-long radio plays on BBC Radio 4 in , all adapted from Charteris novels: Not long after creating The Saint, Charteris began a long association with Hollywood as a screenwriter.

He was successful in getting a major studio, RKO Radio Pictures , interested in a film based on one of his works. The film was a success and seven more films followed in quick succession. George Sanders took over the lead role from Hayward and did it for five of those films, while Hugh Sinclair portrayed Templar in the two last. Several of the films were original stories, sometimes based upon outlines by Charteris while others were based loosely on original novels or novellas. This was followed by an unsuccessful French production in In the s Roger Moore revived the role in a long-running television series The Saint.

The series ran from to , and Moore remains the actor most closely identified with the character.

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Since Moore, other actors played him in later series, notably Return of the Saint — starring Ian Ogilvy ; the series ran for one season, although it was picked up by the CBS network. In the mids, the National Enquirer and other newspapers reported that Moore was planning to produce a movie based on The Saint with Pierce Brosnan as Templar, but it was never made. Ironically Brosnan almost became Moore's immediate successor as James Bond.

Taffner , but it never progressed beyond the pilot stage.

Inspector John Fernack of the NYPD , played by Kevin Tighe , made his first film appearance since the s in that production, while Templar sporting a moustache got about in a black Lamborghini bearing the ST1 licence plate. In , six movies were made by Taffner starring Simon Dutton. In , as detailed by Burl Barer in his history of The Saint, plans were announced for a series of motion pictures. Ultimately, however, no such franchise appeared. A feature film, titled The Saint , starred Val Kilmer.

It was produced and released in , but it diverged far from the Charteris books, although it did revive Templar's use of aliases. Kilmer's Saint is unable to defeat a Russian gangster in hand-to-hand combat and is forced to flee; this would have been unthinkable in a Charteris tale. Whereas the original Saint resorted to aliases that had the initials S. This Saint refrained from killing, and even the main villains live to stand trial, whereas Charteris's version had no qualms about taking another life.

Kilmer's Saint is presented as a master of disguise, but Charteris's version hardly used the sophisticated ones shown in this film.

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The film mirrored aspects of Charteris's own life, notably his origins in the Far East , though not in an orphanage as the film portrayed. Since the Kilmer film, there have been several failed attempts at producing pilots for potential new Saint television series:. On March 13, , TNT said it was developing a one-hour series. The series for which no broadcast date was announced was to be executive produced by William J.

MacDonald and produced by Jorge Zamacona. Roger Moore announced on his website that he would be appearing in the new production, which was being produced by his son, Geoffrey Moore, in a small role. Glamorous starlets, glittering nightlife and gran… More. Shelve The Saint Goes West. Shelve The Saint Steps In. The Saint on Guard by Leslie Charteris.

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