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Hope this "Pull" strategy helps. I need some clarification on how my mission of delivering excellent service to my customers does not align. Thanks for your comment!! Mock, Thanks for your interest. Customer service is something that ensures our customers hang out, continue to buy from us, and keep coming back Customer service is a activity that is usually associated with a response after the customer has signed up and probably made payments as well. It is something we owe the customer as a legal, professional, and financial obligation.

Does this make sense? Have a fun weekend! We deliver excellent customer service through the experiences we create for our clients and in turn advise them on how to create the most memorable experiences for their customers. We are also passionate, authentic and professional about each project we take on which resonates with clients and their customers!

And, we practice what we preach in how we treat each other as well as our customers. So many great answers reading these can only make of us all better in the service industry.

Are Your Customers Being Served?

Excellent customer service starts with your internal customer, your employees, having them engaged on making your vision come to reality. Your people attitudes have to be right to set the stage even before you start selling your services. Work on their strengths and build from there. Empower them to bring out the best in them. This will then make it easier to take your service to the customer. Invest in your people and they will invest in you. Knowing the good and the bad are equally important. When a customer is not happy you should do what ever it takes to win them back.

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One upset person means a lot others when they talk. Never ignore a customer that responds negative on Yelp or other websites. Addressing them is so good for business and can calm the bad down and give readers a different view if your response is put together well. Continue to improve your product or service let you customers know your accomplishments. Small changes continually can increase profits, sales, and your customer base.

Customer service continues to be one of the highest impacting factors of why people do business with a chosen vendor or retailer. The number one thing that people remember about doing business with you is how you made them feel. Treating customers with empathy and urgency in serving their needs and goals should not be compromised. Price and quality can even be minimized when a consumer enjoys doing business with you to some extent.

Know your customer and care about them. Setting customer expectations is key to providing excellent customer service. Being clear on what your company policies are ensures this. Also, having CSR's recognize that the customers' needs come before theirs AND that they have no business getting sucked in the customers' emotional turmoil. Knowing how to deflate that balloon is a skill. In addition to the hands-on tactics, it's important to have a means to stay in touch with your customers, soliciting feedback so they feel part of your product.

This should lend itself to product loyalty.

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  • Customer service has always been ingrained in me from when I was a little kid so I learned to listen, be courteous, realize that an irate person is the one having the bad day - not me and come up with a workable solution so the customer leaves happy. Not everyone will be appeased but if you follow those basic principles at least you did everything in your power to resolve the situation at hand. As a website designer, one of the things I used to do was to offer a day unconditional no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

    I had to seriously reconsider that policy when I had a customer who loved her website and referred people to me but then cashed in her guarantee and never told me what I could do to make things right. Now what I do is I will make a website with no money down and then only ask for the money for hosting when they say they love the site. I think this approach is really radical and crazy in many ways but it has worked well! Accounting Finances Financial Solutions Funding.

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    Delivering Exceptional Customer Service with Steve Curtin

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