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We are not following an outward way, and we will not copy a certain way. This is something dead. We must go to the Lord and pray to open a new way for Him to come in. We must pray for the present situation concerning what the Lord will speak and what He will do. We must pray each day until we all see the same thing and have the same inner anointing and the same assurance.

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The Life and Way for the Practice of the Church Life - by Witness Lee

If we do not have the anointing and the assurance, we need to pray again even with fasting and without sleep. This is the only way to practice the church life. It is even wrong to say that we are going to practice the church life according to the book of Acts. Let us do the same thing today.

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This has no life, no anointing, and no impact. Rather, we must pray. We must bring our present situation, our need, and all things in prayer to the Lord and pray continually until all the leading ones have the same anointing and the same assurance that they see something of the Lord for us today. Then there will be the freshness, the newness, the anointing, and the impact.

The Lord will honor this. It is easy to speak about this, but to practice this kind of prayer is very difficult. If we try to pray in this way, we will discover where we are. If we come together merely to discuss something, everyone will be very active, but if we try to kneel down to pray, after a few minutes some may begin to sleep. They simply have no interest in this kind of prayer.

Instead, they want to know what they should do. However, the church there did not have any improvement for a number of years, and the news of their troubles and problems always came to us. One day we were led by the Lord to go there to pray with them for a certain period of time.

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Then I discovered that they did not have many problems; they had only one, the problem of quarreling. Whenever they came together, they only knew to quarrel with one another. They even quarreled in front of us concerning the hospitality that they were to render us. After I discovered this problem, I suggested that the leading ones and serving ones come together to pray. They all agreed to come, but to my impression they all came ready to argue.

I did my best to stop the arguing. I was forced to start the prayer, but after I prayed, no one continued. Then I prayed a second time, but still no one continued. When we rose up, everyone smiled pleasantly and prepared to listen to what I was going to say.

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This condition killed the church. I stayed with them for many weeks until they were somewhat helped to realize what their problem was. I wish to recommend to you that the best, proper, and only way to practice the church is to pray in a new way. It is not to pray in an old way to convince others or to ask the Lord to help us to convince others. We must give up every idea or thought to pray in this way. Forget this way and come to the Lord in a new way to pray, to let the Lord come in, and to let Him speak something.

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If we do not learn how to pray corporately in a new way, the church can never be prevailing. On the one hand, before we come to practice the church life, we first must read the Scriptures and many spiritual teachings. We should know how the Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, Anglicans, Lutherans, and others practice the church. We should also know the way practiced in the Epistles and taught in The Normal Christian Church Life and other proper writings. On the other hand, however, in order to practice the church life in a living and prevailing way, we must not depend on all those teachings.


Lay them all aside and simply go to the Lord to pray in a living and new way. This is the right way. To follow others by copying them does not work.

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There is no life, impact, or freshness in that. We need the freshness, newness, impact, life, anointing, power, and authority, and there is no other way to have this but by prayer. Moreover, we must pray sufficiently, pray through, and pray in a new way. Look at a building.

Every piece of material has been dealt with and cut into a certain size and shape for the purpose of fitting the building. I have seen a number of truly spiritual people, and I did get some spiritual help from them.

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This is a problem. In a certain place I met a very spiritual person. I realize that You need a house. You do not need a lot of beautiful stones which are good for exhibition. While Jacob was wandering in the wilderness, in his dream he saw Bethel Gen. At that time Jacob was a homeless person, and God was a homeless God. What the Lord needs in this universe is a home, a house, a building, a church, a Body.

They are two individually beautiful eyes, but what is their use outside the body? In a sense, these two eyes are quite beautiful, yet in another sense, they are very peculiar. Honestly speaking, I have met many Christians who are beautiful but who are also peculiar. They are spiritual yet individualistic. I am afraid you are either individually spiritual or spiritually individualistic. I want to say again that the life of Christ is not just for victory, for sanctification, for being spiritual, or for being heavenly, but for His Body. The Lord can be fully realized as life to us only when we realize that we are members of the Body.

We hope that many will benefit from these spiritual riches. However, for the sake of avoiding confusion, we ask that none of these materials be downloaded or copied and republished elsewhere, electronically or otherwise.

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