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Eight Purposes of Revelation

But I made an effort to show my love for them, and I appreciated their efforts to reach out to me. Each week, my companion and I received a loaf of homemade bread from a sister in the ward named Sister Senba. Read the rest of this story at lds. These bags are perfectly arranged to accommodate temple clothing and even have a little room to spare.

Get it at Deseret Book. As you read your scriptures, highlight the names of Christ you find. Keep a separate journal of these names and record what attributes of the Savior are explained by each name.

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Ask your family the following questions: How did you get your name? When someone says your name, what do they think of? Does anyone ever call you by a nickname? Explain that nicknames may We adorn the walls of our homes with art and decor that reflects who we are and what we believe.

We have compiled 15 of our favorite Christ-centered pieces of artwork that will beautify your home and invite the reverent spirit of the Savior. The sights and spirit of giving help you to remember what is most important. Straight from our family to yours, here are six of our favorite traditions, recipes, tips, and crafts to make your holiday more memorable. Then I asked her the Santa question. With her answer, the enchantment of Santa and his magic disappeared like a sandcastle gobbled up by the rising tide.


It's one of the painful parts of growing up—losing the Christmas magic for a time until we realize that it can return again when we create it for others. But learning the full story of Santa was difficult for me in other ways—it laid the seeds of doubt in my That sweet, quiet voice of inspiration comes more as a feeling than it does as a sound. The Holy Ghost communicates with our spirits through the mind more than through the physical senses. This guidance comes as thoughts, as feelings through promptings and impressions.

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In the field of social work we often work with people who are struggling with addictions, including pornography and other addictive substances and behaviors. Brothers and sisters, what are the influences in your life and mine that negatively impact our ability to feel the Spirit? All too often we make faulty assumptions and have erroneous expectations regarding recognizing the Spirit. Let me share with you what Elder Bednar said about this:. Recognizing and understanding this pattern is an important key to obtaining inspiration and help from the Holy Ghost.

Sister Bednar and I frequently visit with students who wonder about career choices and how to properly select a school at which to study and receive additional education. Back in , when I was getting ready to graduate with my doctorate and interviewing for my first faculty position, I found what I thought was the perfect job: My meeting with the company went great. They were onboard, and I thought this appointment would lead to all kinds of research opportunities and funding.

In my mind this job was made for me. I prayed, felt good about it, and was moving forward. Then, during my faculty visit to the school, things went from bad to worse.

April 2017 General Conference

That was a question my wife and I were asking ourselves. Louis to the top social work program in the country, which obviously is a good thing. Their offer was for me to be the assistant director of the Kathryn M. Although this was a great opportunity, it was not a tenure-track position—something I definitely wanted. So we prayed again, moved forward, and took the job. What a blessing that position turned out to be! I got to spend three years working with Eddie Brown, the director of the Buder Center and former assistant secretary of the interior in charge of the Bureau of Indian Affairs—an appointment our own Larry Echo Hawk later filled.

Eddie Brown is probably the most influential American Indian social worker in the country, and during those three years we were able to travel throughout the country working with Indian tribes and tribal organizations. Those three years provided me with the foundation I needed in order to be where I am today. While it would have started out as a great job, it would have been short lived.

Here is the lesson I learned in recognizing and responding to the promptings of the Spirit: Sometimes what we perceive to be a positive answer followed by a negative outcome is later followed by a new, unexpected, better answer i. The Lord knew what I did not. My wife, Erika, and I dated for nearly a year before we were married.

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  • Together, all of those simple answers over a period of time helped me to receive an appropriate spiritual confirmation that I should ask her to marry me. That confirmation did not come all at once during a single heartfelt prayer of desperation. If a revelation is outside the limits of stewardship, you know it is not from the Lord, and you are not bound by it.

    I have heard of cases where a young man told a young woman she should marry him because he had received a revelation that she was to be his eternal companion. If this is a true revelation, it will be confirmed directly to the woman if she seeks to know. In the meantime, she is under no obligation to heed it. The man can receive revelation to guide his own actions, but he cannot properly receive revelation to direct hers. She is outside his stewardship. Just because I received a witness to marry my wife, that was not enough. She also had to receive her witness—independently. I think it took her a little longer to know whether or not she wanted to spend the rest of eternity with this guy who was pretty average.

    We all know that big answers do come—and sometimes all at once—but those are more the exception than the rule. For our family, the story of the lost binoculars and how my daughter, McKenna, prayed and knew almost instantly where to find them has become legendary and is used as an example of a big answer to a single prayer. As we think about things we can do to increase our capacity to follow the Spirit, let me suggest a few ways I have found to better receive and respond to the promptings of the Spirit.

    First, living worthily invites the constant companionship of the Spirit. If you are not now worthy, repent and become worthy. These are all examples of what we feel when the Spirit is present. In striving to live worthily I am also encouraged by the discussion in section 46 of the Doctrine and Covenants about the gifts of the Spirit. The last part of this verse adds an additional element of hope: One night recently my seven-year-old son was having a hard time and was misbehaving, so I sent him to bed a little early.

    My two boys share the same room, and I usually read to them before bed. So I hurriedly read to them and, before leaving, gave my son one more short lecture on proper behavior.

    Listen to the Promptings of the Spirit

    During that time I felt something—a feeling—that I should stop and give him a hug and tell him that I loved him. But in my haste and frustration I ignored the prompting, finished reading, and hurried back upstairs to finish my talk. That was a missed opportunity I regret. Thankfully for me, Heavenly Father is patient—perfectly patient—and was patient with me on that occasion.

    The next morning, as I was lying in bed getting ready to get up and start the day, I felt that same prompting: This time I followed the prompting. When my son awoke, I called to him and asked if he could come to my room.

    When he did, I asked him to sit down on my bed.