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Nonprofit Doesn't Mean No Profit: A Financial Success Strategy for the New Economy

This is perfect for businesses whose ends were non-profit anyway, like those who are trying to influence national and global policy. A philanthropic entity like the Clinton Foundation has little in common with a Charitable organization like Goodwill. Why is Ikea a Non-profit?

The Secret to Leading a Non-Profit

MANY people who operate for-profit businesses such as the Koch brothers, Icahn, and Soros participate in the private and public markets, in all sectors, directly and indirectly, both in charity and philanthropy. The Gates Foundation is a not-for-profit, Microsoft is a for-profit.

Not-for-profit nonprofit or non-profit businesses can make a profit, they just have rules for how the distribute their profits that allow them to gain a tax-exempt status. Money , Morality , Philosophy of Law.

It’s Still about Value

Most campaigns get contributions to pay for things like advertising and marketing, but apparently this was not so in her case … because she spent the entire meeting talking politics and gauging our political views to sell us on the idea of building her site as campaign volunteers. If you can provide a solution that helps a charitable organization accomplish its mission, you are providing value.

Find out what their primary mission is and show them how you can help them accomplish it.

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One thing you can point out to them is, if they are successful at fulfilling their mission, it raises their visibility which causes donations to increase, allowing them to continue or expand their efforts. The majority of authentic ministers and pastors, however, are not in it for the money.

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Instead, find out what they feel called to do. This may vary from church to church. One may feel called to help the homeless.

Non-Profit Doesn’t Mean No Money — SitePoint

Another, to help unwed mothers. Larger churches may have ministries that do several things. The key lies in asking probing questions, then demonstrating how your services can provide a return—not on investment, but on mission.

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  • Social media has proven to be very effective for raising awareness about causes—a fact not lost on these types of organizations. Likewise, consider partnering with a social media expert when targeting non-profits. If you can provide a one-stop-shop solution, you have a greater chance of getting hired.