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After the announcement, it was brought to my attention that Josie was already a little bit pregnant, so I agreed to a quick church wedding and an open bar reception at the Sons of Italy Lodge. For five years life went on as usual, but after Josie gave birth to her second son, she joined The Rosary Society at St. She now spent more time at Mass than she did at home, and Putsy and I had to fend for ourselves. Putsy whiled away the hours watching game shows and reruns. He no longer had a wife who catered to his every need, so he told everybody he planned to win the lottery and hire a maid.

With too much time on his hands and not enough brains in his head, he turned to betting on the ponies. The Putz shoulda come to me. Instead, he cut a small packet of mob cocaine with a little innocent powder and sold it on the side to cover his past-due bets. The deal might have gone unnoticed, but he sold the stomped-on coke to a guy who used middle school gangs to push his drugs.

It still pisses me off to think I stood up for the fool. I musta jolted his pea-size brain in the wrong direction, since he figured out that if he made that much of a haul on a small amount of coke, he could knock down a lot more on a deal of his own. Gus, not noted for his lack of intelligence, had a tail on Putsy. The shadow reported my brother-in-law was running a small drug business of his own and drawing a hefty profit. I have no say in this matter, nor have I done anything to warrant a penance.

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For some unknown reason, the sauce turns out crappy and you look like a short-order-cook. Tires squeal as a car rounds the sharp curves that lead to the third floor of the parking garage. I guess he got here early. I wanna do the job with one bullet. No need for him to suffer. I screw the silencer onto my. Headlights grab my attention as some shady looking white trash arrives in an old Volkswagen. A throwback from the sixties with a brown ponytail climbs out of the passenger side.

This is not part of my plan, but taking out this lowlife would be doing the town a favor. KTP scopes out the contents of the open pouch.

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He nods to an old guy with stringy gray hair who crawls from behind the wheel of the VW. The driver stoops and pulls banded packets of bills from the duffel and shoves them inside his windbreaker. He tosses a clear plastic package to Putsy. I level the gun and get a bead on the kiddie-diddler. My first shot hits him square in the chest and drops the retard with the weapon.

I fire the second round at the back of his gray head. Blood and brains splatter, his shoulder slams against the car, and his scrawny frame slides to the pavement.

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This gives my intended target time to focus on me. He spirals toward the deck and collapses in a crumbled mass. The packet of coke soars into the air and splits open when it bounces off the edge of an iron column. White powder spreads a film of dry snow on the cement.

No one comes up here this late. The police will deliver the bad news. Hooking Putsy up with the mob was the worst mistake I ever made. Not that I blame her for shopping outside her marriage for a little extra activity.

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Putsy has the mentality of a night crawler and about as much sex appeal as a box of rocks. There is a proper mix of action and reflection leaving the reader with a feeling of wanting more. The rich detail in the plot contributes to the page-turner effect. His relationship with Joe, a childhood friend, now a policeman, is slightly reminiscent of the James Cagney gangster movie, Angels with Dirty Faces. Nicky-Two-Fists delves into an underworld mob conspiracy that interrupts the good life Nick Salvatoro has become accustomed to. Can Nick change his life and survive outside the mob or is he destined to run forever?

Find out in the latest novel by Jodi Ceraldi. Nicky-Two-Fists is a fast paced and fun read that follows the later lives of two childhood friends, who grew up breaking the law and chasing girls in an Italian neighborhood in Jersey. Nick and Joe are now adults leading very different lives. Nick is a bad guy with a heart of gold that readers will find themselves rooting for.

I was scheming right along with Nick as he tries to escape the boring witness protection program and get back to a more profitable and exciting life of gambling and hot women. Although he fears former mob associates are hot on his tail that's not his only problem. Joe, now a homicide detective in Hoboken, N. Pages fly fast as the gap between the two narrows. Poor Nicky finds himself caught between his innocent form of justice and the heavy mire of crime.

Jodi Ceraldi has brought to life a true oxymoron, Nicky--the good criminal. Ceraldi captures her characters with rare writing talent. I am anxious to know what happens next. The dialogue is spot-on, the story fast-paced, the plot intriguing, and the characters delightful. Crime and mob readers will love Nicky-Two-Fists. Read more Read less. Product description Product Description "Nicky Two Fists" was read by authors and other credible personalities before its publication and here is what was said in their reviews: Kindle Edition File Size: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. The writing is excellent and one could feel himself in the middle of the action. It is a long book and not meant to be finished in one sitting.