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The third layer of authenticity is the density and quality of that feedback.

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Depth around why the buyer likes their experience, what the vendor has done to make them happy, plus more detailed feedback about various capabilities — all of that increases authenticity. Remember, your customers have spent so much time getting to know the product, understanding it, living with it.

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And fourth, the presence of negative feedback can help with authenticity as well. When was the last time everybody loved a software product? More broadly, any independent review is good when it is honest. Because being authentic means being open about your experience, and no piece of technology is perfect.

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The interesting challenge for us marketers is to bring authenticity into the buying journey, and to do it in a way that works seamlessly for the buyers. The fallacy of the whole omni-channel approach is that a single buyer is going to be in eight different channels. Once you get customers on the record, the next step is leveraging that across all the various channels of choice your buyers are engaging in. For example, if you know that buyers tend to visit a certain part of your site, like the product or pricing pages, add review quotes to those pages.

Your own channels can become much more authentic when you add third-party customer voice content. Marketing needs to help sales leverage authenticity as well. Putting authentic sound bites into your CRM and encouraging reps to share them on a one-on-one basis can be really powerful as well.

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So think about how you bring those reviews into the discussion at every step in the funnel. The biggest hurdle companies have in properly running an advocacy and customer voice program is the imbalance of spend in marketing. On the other hand, there is a disconnect in the actual allocation of budget. One thing I did when I got to Marketo was balance the budget more in terms of spending on existing customers. Because one way to make these programs successful is to start acting lifecycle, not just talking lifecycle. Today, a lot of companies talk about needing to invest across lifecycle activities, in advocacy and in customer marketing.

It is very important for B2B companies to invest in a program that proactively helps their customers become advocates at the height of delight, as opposed to being reactive about it. At Marketo, we were able to get about customers to socialize their love for the brand in just six months by taking a programmatic approach and leveraging technology like TrustRadius.

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Thanks to TrustRadius, we doubled our review volume and accelerated review acquisition by 4x , ensuring we acted lifecycle as opposed to talking lifecycle. Ultimately, the most relevant companies today are the ones that are directly associated with how you make money, spend money or maximize the value of your money. My previous company Marketo is mandatory because marketing automation is all about how you make money.

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On the flipside, Coupa is mandatory because it helps you maximize the value of every dollar you spend as company. Coupa provides a single, unified platform to manage your spend across your procurement, expenses, and invoicing functions.

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It was very compelling to me that Coupa is in a mandatory category, has some unique competitive advantages compared to the legacy players and also has a tremendous culture. I believe that when you have that combination, and you bring scale into the organization, it can be the next great SaaS company. Customer voice and advocacy will continue to be a priority for me at Coupa.

We are especially focused on tying all these experiences together across owned and earned channels. Because to me, earned has moved beyond traditional media — earned is now about your customers advocating at scale and having discussions in all those third-party channels. With the proliferation of vehicles such as the Internet, Email, Blogs, Podcasts and others, reaching the right customer with the right message is harder than ever before.

Coupa CMO on the Importance of Customer Voice in a Peer-Bound World

Helping businesses decipher and deal with this changing online landscape and its effects on the ever changing customer is the purpose of this book. Allowing a business of any size, location or type to not only understand when something needs to be done, but what that something is and what the outcome should be.

Empowering readers to take action by taking an active role in the understanding and execution of their visible details. In this book, we strip away the nonsense from the common sense to uncover connective marketing messages that allow businesses to create what they really need the most…sales.