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Josh Bruce — Playing the role of Mrs. Jamaar Julal — hitch hiking on a passing bus at 1: Jack Gorman — When my homestays, my homestay buddies, and I went hiking in Aurland. We drove up to a viewpoint that over looked the town and we took a trail into the clouds of the Fjord. Noah Shipley — Going on an unplanned beach trip at 1: Fisher, some chaperones, and some friends.

Dean Bloomingdale — Singing at the bonfire party on the beach of Svalbard. It may have been incredibly cold, but the entire town was there and it was fantastic. Clay Bryan — Riding ON a Land Rover- seriously, on top of it, not in it- And enjoying a degree view of the mountains and snow surrounding Longyearbyen. And riding on the Polar Girl.

And singing the African songs in Bergen with the drum circle. And being the only group not paid by the Bergen Festival but yet kicking musical butt and being the best act ever. Also, riding on a boat with my homestay in Oslo around the Harbor. Sam Rowland — Watching soccer and playing a game called Kubb with my homestay.

Hugo Von Hofmannsthal 'die Beiden'. Analyse Und Interpretation by Eliane Rittlic

Kubb is a game based around throwing logs at other logs and has a rich traditional aspect in Norwegian culture. Ricardo Jaramillo- Hanging out on the beach at 1: The sun was out for the first time since we reached Longyearbyen. Pedro Ramos — Getting a ride from a random bus driver to the beach at 1am with Mr. Fisher, some boys, and some chaps.

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Also, the fine dinner that we ate Sunday night. Best food all tour. Avery Mitchell- After our concert in Bergen we all got together in a circle, danced with random people and had a great time. Michael Adkins — Leaving at 1: There were only 14 of us; 7 adults, and 7 boys. Dom T-Bey — Including the mini concert that we had in the Bergan central square, the jam session that we had afterwards was an amazing experience. Tom Kroszner — When Jarle, our homestay in Aurland, took Josh, Nic, Clay and I up to the mountain waterfall right across the street from his country home.

Nic Hanson — It was a cold night.

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The sun was hidden, suffocated by thick, threatening, bullying gray clouds in the sky. Svalbard was in rare form as we stood, trembling outside the museum, breathing hot air onto our hands in a desperate attempt to keep warm. Our stomachs were crying out for some form of nourishment. We turn around, an eruption of orange and yellow, heat cascading off of the flames. It presides over the beach, allowing both Norwegian and American alike to bask in its warm glow.

Favorite Tour Moments

Everyone in Longyearbyen was down at the beach for the Summer Solstice Festival. Austin and I start to walk, then run, then sprint to the glow, to the warmth. Then, the smell of food!!! It fills our nostrils with life.

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  • Seal Team Six: The incredible story of an elite sniper - and the special operations unit that killed Osama Bin Laden;
  • Then we ate the food. Oliver Snook — My favorite moment is when I was on the boat today and I had a great time playing an assortment of highly advanced nominated card games of various cultures,. Charles Miller — When we were on a surprise dogsledding thing and I was allowed to drive the dogs.

    It was so fun I felt the Jackson in me. Matthew Flynn — My favorite tour moment was when we sang at the northern most church in the world! Will Hence — When I got a performance prize after the Bergen festival concert, and also one the next day. Cameron Brown — My favorite tour moment was on the plane ride to Oslo when apparently the man was handing out breakfast, and I half woke up, put the breakfast on my head, and went back to sleep!

    Michael Deshield — Laughing at dinner with my homestay in Aurland at all the funny stuff we were doing. Tyler Miles — My favorite tour moment was winning the performance prize for the concert on Sunday 17th. Jelani Wheeler — When a bunch of people was riding in the back of the Land Rover and some people were hanging off the side.

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    Linda Deis — A favorite experience was spending time with my homestay, Sis, and her two boys, Adrian and Leo, in Oslo. Will Anninger — My many favorite moments have been spending time getting to know all the KSB boys, varied and wonderful kids! I have also loved watching and being with Norwegian kids; I really appreciate their independence, and love for being outside in the beautiful cold.

    However, the mini concert for the children in Aurland and the concert at the elementary school in Oslo stand out due to the overwhelming positive response by the audience. In particular, both schools had children with disabilities included with the general population. The preoccupation with a crisis of language is most famously recognized in his Lord Chandos Letter.

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    He supports this claim by revealing the anomaly that Hofmannsthal is able to eloquently write about a crisis of language. That this work is fiction is reinforced by the fact that Hofmannsthal had a literary career past the publishing of The Lord Chandos Letter , whereas Lord Chandos promises never to compose again. Kovach presents another possible interpretation of the work. He writes that the crisis of language should be viewed as deeper than simply a predicament of communication and the limits of language.

    Since language is used to express thought, he concludes that the crisis examined by Hofmannsthal should be seen as one of cognition in addition to one of language; he asserts that Chandos is unable to write clearly because he is unable to think clearly. Another opinion on The Lord Chandos Letter is that it is evidence of an existential crisis. With the transition to an industrial society, forms and manners of expression previously deemed effective were no longer capable of articulating the thoughts and ideas of Viennese society.

    Michael Morton, another critic, views the crisis reflected in The Lord Chandos Letter as a set of predicaments. He feels Hofmannsthal expresses dilemmas of the self and of language. The second conflict he sees in the work is a conflict regarding the functionality and usefulness of language. In terms of the utility of language, Morton presents the tension between ideas being built around language rather than vice versa, language attempting to have more power than it is meant to have, and language trying to explain ideas and truths above its capabilities.

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