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An all-flash array, that is a solid state storage disk system containing multiple flash memory drives instead of spinning hard disk drives, can transfer data to and from solid state drives much faster than hard disk drives. Where traditional HDD storage often misses the mark is ensuring consistently low latency and through unnecessary delays experienced when customers try to dip in and out to access their data. Flash storage allows a far more seamless way for organisations to access their data when and where they need it - without that extra latency or delay. Flash-based solid state storage devices also require much less power for running and cooling than HDDs, especially once IT managers run de-duplication.

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With power in the data centre usually being placed in the top three IT operating costs - alongside HR overheads and datacentre space - any reduction in energy costs will generate significant savings to the business. All-flash arrays have a higher performance throughput, which means datacentres and businesses need fewer drives to manage the same workloads. But what does this all mean for businesses? In simple economics, combining all the benefits of flash brings manifold returns, dispelling the myth that flash is too expensive for the enterprise.

Deploying flash within storage arrays built to take advantage of flash based media will result in lower storage administration.

Revolutionary internal architecture completely eliminates complex set-up and tuning steps, while inherently delivering maximum performance. Clearly then flash is the only storage solution that can cope with the demands of the third platform.

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Yet until recently, it has not been available at a reasonable enough price point for many, as the dollar-per-gigabyte cost has been a large barrier to entry for businesses. Though the absolute cost of flash storage has been coming down significantly over the last few years, making the relative cost per TB of storage more attractive than ever in a flash vs. In order to make flash appealing to these businesses, it is important to highlight and understand how these secondary benefits - such as lower device count, lower energy consumption and reduced floor space requirements - can actually equate to lower overall operating costs, bringing down the TCO for businesses.

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