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The author notes This book was SO good! The author notes in the end that her "early attempts at this novel looked nothing like what ended up on these pages. Both impactful and insightful, as well as enjoyable and entertaining I especially enjoyed the bit where she included the Bible passages of the events about to take place in the following chapters!

This novel grabbed ahold of me at the prologue and never quite DID release me fully I'm eager as all of you should be, too! Smith has in store for us in the near future! What a great story of trusting our God to do what only He can do. A story of believing in God during the most difficult losses and persecution.

Here are some of my favorite quotes: She nearly laughed at the foolish thought. What could one woman possibly do to save her family, let alone her nati Excellent book!!! What could one woman possibly do to save her family, let alone her nation?

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He lifted his head to gaze upon the coming dawn. Jan 30, Sherril Stinnett rated it it was amazing. Jill Eileen Smith is one of my favorite authors. God has graced her with the gift of being able to take a character from the Bible and bring her to life in such a way that her story is still relevant today. A Passionate Hope is no different. The main character in A Passionate Hope is Hannah. As a young girl, Hannah dreams of the day when she will marry and give birth to a houseful of children, as so many young girls do. Hannah is passionate about her love for the Lord and her dreams of being a w Jill Eileen Smith is one of my favorite authors.

Hannah is passionate about her love for the Lord and her dreams of being a wife and a mother. Five years later, she does the same thing. But how much hope can she hold onto after twenty years have passed and still her womb remains barren? Her hope derived from her passionate love and belief that God sees her and has a perfect plan for her life is sure to inspire hope in even the most cynical reader.

Feb 12, Chloe aka Crystal rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Previously published on Purely by Faith Reviews. I've only read a handful of biblical fiction, and when I first saw this book's cover, I just knew I had to read it. This was my first time reading a book by Jill Eileen Smith, and I left it with a great experience. I totally want to read some more books by her.

So I remember reading 1 Samuel a few times in the past, but it took me a while to connect everything in this story to the real thing and made some wrong assumptions about what was going to happen a few times because that's the imaginative part of me. The writing was wonderfully done, and although I knew what was going to happen, the way the author wrote this story was simply divine. The way the author had described Hannah was wonderful. Although she had her flaws at times, that really made me like her more. I can't imagine what it would be like to not be granted the ability to give birth to children for a long time and was amazed in general when I thought about how she put her trust in the Lord.

It really must have been hard for her to allow her husband to marry Peninnah, and to have that rude woman spout awful remarks about how Hannah was barren. Again, it's just really amazing when I think about it. I really loved how the author included scripture, made the story somewhat preachy, and highlighted Hannah's faith in the Lord as well as her actions for Him. Elkanah was another one I was fond of. The Bible doesn't reveal much about how he felt about marrying Peninnah, but I imagine it would be similar to the way it was described in this story.

I don't even understand why he would marry someone like her, as the Bible does not go into detail about this. At least he had Hannah, but still. Although I really didn't dislike anything in this book, I chose to rate it four stars because it was not my top favorite book and not something I could really rave about. I still liked it, of course, but it wasn't the best thing I've read. It was really hard for me to review this book, when remembering that this is just an idea of what could have happened to Hannah.

If you are fond of biblical fiction, then you will want to pick up this book! I would totally take a look at Hannah's story in the Bible 1 Samuel. I received this book from Revell through Interviews and Reviews in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to provide a positive one. This review was written in my own words and opinions.

Feb 09, Kara rated it really liked it Shelves: Historical fiction is not the genre I normally read, but there was just something about this book that got my attention and it truly is a special journey of faith, heartbreak, and healing! I'm always fascinated by Biblical fiction and this was my first time reading Smith's work, I was engrossed from the start. Hyam looked at him for a lengthy breath and smiled wide. Even if she proves to be barren, you can never divorce her or send her back to me or her mother. Elkanah felt the heat of embarrassment sweep through him.

I will gladly put my seal on such a promise. I guess in those days, it was a possibility that couldn't be overlooked, but still this quote seems to be a powerful moment in the story. I truly loved Hannah and her faith, she understands the heart of God better than her parents do. I couldn't stand Penniah, but I also felt sorry for her.

She is cruel and jealous, but she really doesn't understand how to be a good person, it was something never taught to her. There are three parts to the story, but I was satisfied that it's so easy to read and the chapters are short. Smith TRULY captures the essence of what it felt like to be a woman during this time, the agony Hannah goes through not being able to conceive and despite the heartache of giving away her first born to the church, how the joy and peace of God fills her after the deed is done. There is so much sadness in this story yet it is also rich with the ways of God and the hope of trusting Him when you desperately want a prayer to be answered.

A sense of uncompromising trust filled him. Yet despite all they go through, their faith in God never wavers and their reactions are tangible. Hannah is married to Elkanah for 18 years before they start to see their prayers answered, that really is amazing patience. I enjoyed this story so much, I loved being there with Hannah, truly inspiring and heartfelt! I received a free ebook from the publisher via NetGalley, I voluntarily reviewed this.

The comments and opinions are my own.

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Apr 08, Christian Fiction Addiction rated it it was amazing. I was utterly moved as I became reacquainted with this Biblical character as Smith effortlessly draws readers into Hannah's world. Hannah's story will evoke deep emotion from her readers as Smith captures not only her angst at being unable to have children, but her deep grief over the taunting cruelty of her husband Elakanah's second wife, Peninnah. It is easy to read a Bible story and only get a surface understanding of what someone in the Bible experienced.

But Smith has done a great job at making Hannah a real living and breathing person who readers will come to truly empathize with and appreciate all the more. Each of the characters have been well crafted and, though of course Smith had to take some poetic license in fleshing out these people who grace the pages of the Old Testament, she has remained faithful to the Biblical text in doing so.

The novel poses an intriguing question that was on my mind as I read the story, asking "Can one woman's prayers change the world? I am so grateful for this novel in giving me new eyes to consider the account of Hannah, one I've read many times without the same level of appreciation I now hold for the story. Smith continues to create Biblical-based fiction that is not only entertaining but is so God-honouring at the same time, gifting her audience with a new appreciation of God's hand in history.

I greatly enjoyed this book and award it 4. Feb 05, Beth King rated it it was amazing. A story of hope, faith, love, and trust in God. Jill Eileen Smith did an excellent job in bringing this story to life as she does in every book. I highly recommend A Passionate Hope and the rest of the books in this series. Jan 22, Paige added it. Jill Eileen Smith gives such a vivid picture of Hannah and her struggles. She brings to life women of the Old Testament with her extensive research and imaginative writing skills!

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I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants a clearer picture of the life that Hannah lived! Feb 05, Beckie Burnham rated it it was amazing. Although I have read the story of Hannah from 1 Samuel numerous times, I have never read a fictionalized account of her life. A Passionate Hope is an outstanding novel and probably my favorite so far by Smith.

If you are a fan of Biblical fiction, this book is a must-read. Hannah is very much a woman of her time — dutiful to family and God, her greatest desire is to be the mother of sons to her husband Elkanah.

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But tragically, her prayers go unanswered year after year. I loved the character of Hannah as portrayed by Smith. But her faith reflects those of us all — doubt and sorrow often creep in. Her question to God — Do You see me? But Hannah remains firm in her trust in God, even when Elkanah is persuaded by others to help God along by marrying someone to bear him children.

But he never believes Hannah can be enough. As portrayed in the novel, Penninah is very human in her desire for love and her jealous and bitter behavior towards Hannah. The best of Biblical fiction does that, and A Passionate Hope is one of the best. A Passionate Hope is well-written and well-researched. Thanks to Revell for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

Feb 03, C. Hart rated it really liked it Shelves: I love biblical fiction stories. Though little is mentioned about her in the Bible, this story is created in such a way that it gives us a taste of what it was like for her during her life. The customs, the living conditions, dangers, and more, are highly researched and make the story come alive. The mix of history I love biblical fiction stories. The mix of history and fiction not only entertains, but also teaches us so much of the time of the Judges.

There is limited Biblical information on Hannah. We know that she was barren and yearned for children. I learned so much about the lifestyles and customs of the characters. I adore her and the way she chose to live her life—in reverence to God and His ways. We would all do well to have her faith, strength, and perseverance.

He loves Hannah so much—but I have to say, he frustrated me at times. I wanted him to be stronger, more assertive, but he was annoyingly passive at times.

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He is a good man, but felt rather weak. She is the perfect antagonist! She made me so angry which is a good thing—creating tension and kept me turning pages. I had sympathy for her, yet I wanted to make her go away as well. I love a character that creates strong feelings in me! The secondary characters are memorable as well, and add so much to the story. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Biblical Fiction. This is a deeply emotional and memorable book. Revell First Line Prologue: Hannah walked with her father and brothers and fellow Kohathites from Ramathaim-zophim in the hills of Ephraim, nearly skipping for joy at the chance to accompany them Shiloh during their week of work.

I was blessed to receive a complimentary copy of this book. Feb 16, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: I believe this book is my favorite of Jill Eileen's novels, and that is saying something. Hannah's story is intensely emotional, drawing the reader into the corrupt world of ancient Israel in a time between judges.

I could experience the world of that day through the author's vivid descriptions, and I have a much greater understanding of what it was like.

A Passionate Hope: Hannah's Story by Jill Eileen Smith

Mostly I identified deeply with Hannah and her spiritual and emotional struggles. How painful to be barren in a time when fertility was a woma I believe this book is my favorite of Jill Eileen's novels, and that is saying something. How painful to be barren in a time when fertility was a woman's entire purpose! How horrible to see your in-laws pressure your husband to take another wife, then live with a jealous, bitter rival for his time and attention!

Yet I also sympathized with and loved Elkanah, caught between desire and duty. And when Samuel was finally born, how I admired these parents who demonstrated their love for this son by honoring their sacred vow to God! This is a beautiful book, written from the author's heart. I highly recommend it. Feb 05, Cathy Morgan rated it it was amazing. Elkanah has waited for some years for the girl he fell in love with to grow up, and finally they marry, against the wishes of some members of his family, especially his mother.

Each is deeply in love with the other, and they learn to deal with the difficulties cast in their way by his mother, but trouble arises when Hannah bears no children. The pressure to marry a second wife increases, with the suggested bride being the daughter of his mother's best friend. Still in love with Hannah, Elkanah f Elkanah has waited for some years for the girl he fell in love with to grow up, and finally they marry, against the wishes of some members of his family, especially his mother. Still in love with Hannah, Elkanah finally agrees to take a second wife, Peninnah, to bear him children.

She does so, and life becomes even harder for Hannah, as the loved but barren wife. The tale of their lives together, and her vow of desperation, make a compelling story, set as it is against the background of a corrupt priesthood. The story forms a memorable read both for those who consider it as Biblical fiction, a Bible story fleshed out with fiction to bring it to life, and for any who don't care about the Bible story and merely want an enjoyable piece of historical fiction.

I didn't come across anything that struck me as being biblically or historically incorrect, and was enthralled by the way that the story I've known all my life was brought to life through fiction. Good lessons were brought out of the story too, but not in a preachy way.

Overall, a good book, with a good plot, realistic characters and a good message. The historical background is woven in carefully along the way without ever feeling like a history lesson, and the reader is able to feel like they are 'there'. It isn't what I would call a light read, but one to come back to and think about. Having said that, though, the writing was such as to keep me enthralled on a plane, when concentration can be difficult!

So, this book is one that I would highly recommend, and it's an author I'll be looking out for more of. I was not required to write a positive review and this is my considered opinion of the book. Mar 05, Amy rated it it was amazing. What a heart wrenching story this one was. I know the story of Hannah and of Samuel from the Bible and have read it many times. I actually went back to read it again while this fictional account was fresh in my mind and it really gave me a new perspective on how Hannah was truly suffering.

Hannah by all accounts was barren and after many years was unabl What a heart wrenching story this one was. Hannah by all accounts was barren and after many years was unable to provide children, more importantly sons to her husband. Faced with pressure from his controlling mother and father, Elkanah, who loved Hannah very much, is forced to consider taking a second, lesser wife. As you can imagine, that caused all kinds of hurt, sadness, jealousy, ridiculousness, etc. So when the time comes for Hannah to pray her prayer for Samuel, the agonizing vow she makes to God, we as a reader are already heart sore for her.

Author Smith really brought this novel to life and it was a hard read for me. That was a different time and culture, but all the same- people are people, and women are women. The terrible trouble and judgement they were bringing not only on themselves but on the people of Israel.

This book left me with a lesson learned on patience. So many times we jump in and try to make things happen on our own time, yet God always has us wait for a reason.

As I look at the character of Samuel, he came at the right time for a great purpose when Israel needed him the most. Hannah and Elkanah just needed a little bit more patience in their waiting. This is my favorite by author Smith. I received a complimentary copy of this novel. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own. Jill Eileen Smith is a gifted writer when it comes to Biblical fiction. She brings to life the characters from the Bible as well as the time period in which they lived.

She also gives a new perspective to the life and times of of approximately BC and gives her readers an insightful glimpse into the life of a woman from the Bible. The story of Hannah is found in I Samuel. Hannah was a strong, faith filled woman who married the love of her life Elkanah. But she finds herself after many years Jill Eileen Smith is a gifted writer when it comes to Biblical fiction. But she finds herself after many years still barren.

She deals with lots of family discord in Elkanah's huge family compound. Then, to top all this, Elkanah's parents coerce him into taking a second wife who hates Hannah and delivers one child after another. Doubts and sorrow surround Hannah which make her so human, yet she still holds faithful to her God. She is a woman of prayer and dedication to God. Smith does an excellent job of pulling me into the daily life of a family compound with the noisy children, the scent of the sheep, the spinning of the looms, and the clanking of pots and pans making the life and times of this Bible period come alive.

I liked that she also included the horrible corruption in the temple that was taking place then to help us understand the need for a judge such as Samuel, Hannah's son from God, to restore God's people and God's laws. This is book 4 in her Daughters of the Promised Land series, but can be read as a stand alone. Feb 19, Laura rated it really liked it. I am not a huge fan of biblical fiction, as it is just that, fiction, and as a reader I am not sure what is actually true and what is made up.

A Passionate Hope: Hannah's Story

Is Hannah's husband really the brother of her best friend? Was Hannah's sister-wife truly not a hateful person but only being that way to Hannah because her mother and mother-in-law told her to be? There is a lot of speculation in here, I think, and also some truths because we do know the priests Eli's sons were corrupt. We also know Hannah gave her son to God, to the temple, to Eli to raise. Smith did her research and I am not doubting that. I am also sure that biblical fiction fans will love this story as as far as I know there aren't any other books out there about Hannah. The authors are delving out of the tried and true and into the known but not so common, and that is probably a good thing.

Smith is a stellar writer and the story is engaging. I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own. Feb 03, Linda rated it it was amazing. In-depth research and a gift for story-telling are characteristics of Author Jill Eileen Smith. She enables the reader to better understand the traditions and difficult daily life of people during Biblical times. A Passionate Hope is the story of Hannah who displays incredible faith and obedience as well as courage when faced with trying circumstances and the disgrace of being childless.

Each book in The Daughters of the Promised Land series tells the story of a very resilient woman from the Old Testament. Do yourself a favor and add one or all these books to your to-be-read pile! Feb 01, Sharon rated it it was amazing. What an amazing story depicting Hannah and Elkanah's passion for each other and the long struggle for a child and heir.

I read about consequences of decisions, unforgiveness, jealousy, family attacks and divided affections. At the same time, the priests, sons of Eli, at the temple in Shilo, have become corrupt, greedy and disobedient to their father, Eli, and to God and His Law. God has a plan to return His priests and His people to Himself, which involves all of them.

The wonderful thing about What an amazing story depicting Hannah and Elkanah's passion for each other and the long struggle for a child and heir. The wonderful thing about the author is how she brings historical facts together with the culture of the time, the expected gender roles, and God's Word. I enjoyed the emotion of the characters, especially Hannah; the family dynamics of reacting to a barren woman in a culture where the purpose of a woman is to bear children and that's primary. Like I say with all Jill's novels, there's just enough fiction and just enough fact to involve me in the story.

I have always wanted to read a story about Hannah. Her story has always intrigued me, and I wish the Bible went into more detail about her. She preferred the company of trees When he lay with her he felt the very union of the Holy One with His creation Is life so hard because we are wicked or is it because life itself is evil? Hardships leading to the migration remind readers of what was commonplace and so important in the formation of the United States.

Yitzhak felt his heart crushed like a bug, an empty shell I [Chana] fed [infant] Chaya on my tears along with my milk It was the heart's intention that pleases God more than any rules and forms of worship Unaccustomed to reading historical fiction, I was gripped by the power of this narrative--story and style.

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