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I cannot wait to work with interesting characters and gain insights into innovative ideas and business models. Together, we will create the brands of the future. You could say my biggest challenge is my biggest adventure: I am convinced that you have to be clear about who you are and what you stand for as a company. Self-confidence and the right partners at your side are crucial for your success. Believe in yourself, your ideas and stay uncompromising in your mindset and convictions. At the same time, remember to stay agile in your actions on your path to creating a successful brand.

Der Weg von deiner Idee zur bedeutungsvollen Marke. Glaubt an euch und eure Idee und seid in eurer Haltung kompromisslos, bleibt aber gleichzeitig auf dem Weg zur erfolgreichen Marke in den notwendigen Handlungen agil. After having worked as a strategic planner in an agency and as a brand consultant, she felt her apprenticeship years were now complete: She was looking for more freedom and self-determination than possible in any corporate context. Her passion for strategy and brands has always paved her way and it feels wonderful to finally announce to have founded her own company together with Michele Schmitt and to lead this company according to their own beliefs.

It took me some time and likeminded people to discover that having my own mind and convictions is a strength; just like a strong brand I am uncompromising in what I stand for. I am eager to work with disruptors, rebels, crazy dreamers and visionaries: Founding your own business is time-consuming. Nothing is ever really finished and that feels strange, especially for me I love ticking off to-do-lists. Another kind of flow can be achieved by tackling challenges with ease and flexibility without losing sight of the big picture.

As a brand strategist I am convinced that it is the brand. We live in times of saturated markets when consumers already own everything they need, so nobody cares really about any product which can always be copied. Instead, people buy what they identify with and what gives their lives meaning! Be really clear about your goal and your attitude and never let others knock you off course. Clarity, consistency and an uncompromising approach have positive side-effects: Because people know what to expect, the right partners, customers and ultimately employees , will find their way to you automatically.

This saves time, money and energy. What is vital is to know exactly what distinguishes us from other startup hotspots and to stay true to ourselves. Es gibt schon alles und wir haben schon alles. Menschen kaufen Marken, mit denen sie sich identifizieren: Seid von Beginn an ganz klar, was euer Ziel und eure Haltung ist und lasst euch davon nicht abbringen; habt keine Angst zu polarisieren! Klarheit, Konsequenz und Kompromisslosigkeit haben den positiven Nebeneffekt, dass dadurch die passenden Partner, Kunden und letztlich Mitarbeiter zu euch finden.

Das spart Zeit, Geld und Energie. Als Ruhrpottkind im Exil beobachte ich die Entwicklung gebannt. So wie ich die Menschen im Pott wahrnehme, sind uns die besten Voraussetzungen in die Wiege gelegt: How to stay focused despite setbacks and headwinds! Adrian Rouzbeh is a self-made entrepreneur, entrepreneur, coach, martial artist and speaker. Since he regularly holds seminars and lectures, among other things as a lecturer for his own innovative company PHP. Adrian Rouzbeh successfully mastered the initial difficulties of establishing a non-existent market.

Today, his company has several locations and helps hundreds of people — young and old — and companies achieve their goals. He also lectures regularly at universities and schools. He also travels to various trade fairs and speaks to companies or advises them. He raised his own company without outside capital, partners, investors or the like — and at a young age: Adrian Rouzbeh was born in and was already regarded at the age of 22 as a sovereign leader who successfully brings his team and his concepts to their goal.

Heute hat sein Unternehmen mehrere Standorte und hilft hunderten Menschen — von jung bis alt — sowie Firmen bei deren Zielerreichung. The innovation evangelist and digitization expert has many years of project and management experience in DAX companies. In addition to partnerships, she is also responsible for workshops and training sessions at the Impact Hub Ruhr. The graduate business economist, communication scientist M. Innovations are an alliance with the future. Developing the future together with different people drives me.

To think visionary and not be completely besieged by day-to-day business. Perseverance and openness for changes to the so beloved original idea, if the customers need something else. Put ideas through their paces with customers as quickly as possible and learn from them. The cereals are no longer bought just online, but also in their own shops, several countries and supermarkets. Max Wittrock is Chief Evangelist at mymuesli and is primarily responsible for public relations.

What I mean by that: I am interested in very many things and I am happy that we and I in our job, as founders, to try a lot and are flexible in our roles. We have become much more mature as a startup and company; this is super and important. But of course, there are very different challenges for a larger company than with three friends sitting together with an idea in the shared kitchen. Above all, I would like to give something to those who are about to set up. You have to try it! I recently got to know masterplan. Die diplomierte Betriebswirtin, Kommunikations-wissenschaftlerin M.

Das gemeinsame Entwickeln der Zukunft mit unterschiedlichen Menschen treibt mich an. Es ist Zeit die Startup Revolution Ruhr zu starten. April , ist mymuesli heute auf mehr als Mitarbeiter angewachsen: Was ich damit meine: Man muss es ausprobieren! Ohne es auszuprobieren, wird man nie wissen, ob es funktioniert. Da gibt es aber sicher eine ganze Menge, klar. Deswegen find ich es super, mit so einem Event auf die Region aufmerksam zu machen. Anna Yona actually wanted to become a journalist. Or preferably both at the same time. Since February the barefoot shoes are available in their online shop Wildling.

Walk the first steps in relatively unknown territory, tame wild growth and build structures that will last. A true USP, a strong brand identity and an abnormal portion of optimism and resilience. Be unique and solve a real, existing problem! Ulrike Trenz is co-founder of the Impact Hub Ruhr and is responsible for room booking, space design and strategic exchange with the global impact hub network. In the Ruhrgebiet, she is committed to increasing the visibility of topics such as social entrepreneurship and social innovation as the key to social and environmental challenges.

The greatest potential she sees at the interfaces of various disciplines and industries that must collaborate to build a sustainable future. The Impact Hub Ruhr represents a perfect hub for her. Ulrike has a business education and a degree in cultural studies at the FH Potsdam. After exciting study projects at the interdisciplinary interfaces to culture, economics and sustainability, she was a graduate student in futurology at Daimler AG. Because I always followed my gut feeling.

I always made sure that I do, what makes sense to me most. I am convinced that human beings are meaningful driven people which only can develop to their fullest when they realize the purpose of their actions. Doing the right things at the right time. A team you can rely on. I truly believe in collaboration on eye level — which btw also means same loans for bosses and team! Find and sharpen its own profile. Integrating social entrepreneurship and promoting responsible entrepreneurship to build a region fit for our grandchildren.

After completing his doctorate in number theory, Dr. On the one hand because of my interest in technology and building things and on the other hand because I enjoy working with ambitious people. To find the right mix of breadth and depth in order to help founders the best way possible. A strong team with relevant expertise, customer focus, execution skills and motivation. Other factors are important, too, though: To have an opportunity-oriented mindset, to be focused when working on achieving goals, but also to regularly reflect on past performance and to be open for change.

I see a big chance to grow to one of the most relevant startup scenes through the proximity of several larger cities Dortmund, Bochum, Essen…. Janna Prager is co-founder of the Impact Hub Ruhr, where she is responsible for community building and community management. She organizes events and is the first contact for the member experience in the Impact Hub Ruhr. She is also responsible for all online and offline communication and press relations. In addition to music, they are also interested in topics such as new forms of work and the promotion and networking of female founders.

It is important to me that I do a job that makes sense and in which I can make a difference. Here I can implement new projects together with the community, bring together great and committed people from the region and help to tackle social challenges. And of course there is no shortage of fun. To manage everything I want to implement. Besides the idea, the team is crucial. I think you have to get along well outside work, too. This makes difficult phases easier and you generally have more fun at work.

Connect and take every opportunity to present your startup on a stage. The structure is still partly under construction, but this can be seen as an opportunity. Carsten Maschmeyer is an entrepreneur, consultant, investor and author. All its activities are bundled under the strategic umbrella of the Maschmeyer Group. Carsten Maschmeyer is also the inventor of independent financial consulting. He has been married to the actress Veronica Ferres since From to , he advised innovation- and technology-driven start-ups for the win Business Angels Initiative of NRW.

BANK in order to bring them together with private investors. All my life I have played various sports with a lot of ambition. This has influenced me, both privately and professionally. Maintain a clear USP with a variety of support offers for entrepreneurs. In addition to a unique product and attractive market, the founding team is the decisive success factor for me.

The staying power until the successful foundation. A great potential that is now being tapped further and further. I always want to make the next step and the best time for it is always when the success is greatest. Doing a good job every day anew. They need knowledge, passion, attitude, diligence and the brutal will to be successful. A culture of failure. A great potential which should finally be lifted. Berat Gider studied and worked in Dortmund, New Orleans and Berlin with a focus on innovation management.

BANK since and helps scientists to form start-ups from their technologies and to become capable of investing in them. My grandfather was an entrepreneur to me. His greatest venture was a new life as a miner in the Ruhr area. To bring entrepreneurship into the world of science. A solid financing, because Disruption has its price. Like their football clubs, I see them in the Champions League in the future. Hungrier than we saturated ex- pioneers. The engine of our economy needs fuel, in the form of ideas, implementation speed and the leading light — radical rethinking!

To make an uncompromising decision and thus maximize your own resistance, enthusiasm and implementation speed. To name clearly what we stand for and to make it possible to experience it through our attention to detail and special strategic refinement. From the existing with minimal optimizations to achieve the greatest possible effect.

The credible embodiment of knowledge, which is why it is a privilege to be right here and now. To straighten out the existing suffering line in the companies and to change it into a guideline. Mostly it is the convenience or the activation of motivation. If you want everyone to like you, no one will like you in the end. So my question is, what are you standing against? More than 5 million people live in the Ruhr area. Energy and potential for new businesses as well as thousands of new customers, right? Then get up every day and activate your energy and potential.

Added value for society? On the side, this is always possible when anger or courage drive you to act.

How to build Digital Communities. She began her career in marketing and event management 10 years ago, working mainly in professional football and culture. In Nora Breuker founded Female Founders From Fat to Finish Line in America and today runs one of the most successful and largest international running communities.

I more or less slipped into community management. When I was very unhappy with my life and my job, I joined my current community as a member. A year later I quit my job, packed my things and travelled through 23 states in the USA. There I only stayed with members of the community and got to know my current co-founders.

Together we decided to make a startup out of the raw treasure we were sitting on with the already existing community. Because of my closeness to our members and my marketing background I took over the management of the community relatively quickly. Community management is still a young profession, although communities have existed for a long time and especially in Germany and Europe we still have a lot of catching up to do.

It is my wish to bring more companies and people closer to the meaning and the possibilities of communities. Since I am building up a startup as well as working as a digital marketing strategist in a full-time job during the day, I am actually busy around the clock. In addition, last year I started to talk to many companies and other founders about community management and now I am helping them to incorporate this in their businesses. Time management is therefore always a great challenge and part of that includes taking care of myself.

From a professional point of view, no two community days are alike and I always face many challenges. How do I measure the success of my community? How do I market new products skilfully without decimating the member experience? As a community manager you are a colorful mixture of strategist, marketer, judge, therapist, best friend, leader and public order officer. It never gets boring.

To know exactly what you actually want to achieve with the company and who my target group is. You should have a plan, even if the parameters and the plan itself are constantly changing. Knowing where you want to go and what your goals are is very important in my opinion. This makes it easier to work towards something and to measure yourself better. A good idea alone is not enough. Do you own thing. Founding is difficult, hard, challenging, sweaty, nerve-wracking.

But it is also fulfilling, exciting and extremely personality enhancing. If you are in it with your heart and mind, it can change everything. As a true Ruhrpott child, I love that the Ruhr area is slowly developing into an innovative, exciting place. I like to be here and enjoy the startup scene.

It is even more down-to-earth than Berlin or LA and you get to know each other relatively quickly. Let the world see that we are good in more than coal and steel. Benedikt Brester is co-founder of the Impact Hub Ruhr and is responsible for the programmes in addition to the finances. As a project developer, he works with partners and customers to develop programs such as Hackathons, start-up programmes or summer schools and new products. As a coach, he is involved in the workshop programme of the Impact Hub Ruhr, especially in the area of business model innovation.

I know from previous jobs the landscape around funding projects well.

In 7 Schritten zum Glück by Mike Dooley on Apple Books

To me, a long-term perspective of good ideas was always important, especially beyond public funding. This gap closes the Impact Hub network in locations by making good ideas work as enterprises. At the Impact Hub Ruhr, we are working to realize sustainable and socially effective business start-ups and to support companies in digital and sustainable change processes with our mindset. This combination gives me the charm of my work, and I am happy to be able to work with dedicated people every day — whether start-up or employees of companies.

To concretize the many resulting project and programme ideas and to bring them to implementation with partners. For me, this is internal communication: Make yourself aware of the social and ecological impact you have and could have. I think it is a little early to talk about a startup region, as there are many local individual initiatives.

The Ruhr Summit is an essential part on the way to the regional startup identity. The Impact Hub Ruhr is very happy to support regional initiatives. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mr. Bilski was multiple German swimming champion and part of the national squad. He also holds a Master of Science in Management. Why did you become what you are today? As a former professional swimmer, it was always important for me to be among the frontrunners. I combine passion with performance and therefore strive for the best.

Especially in the FinTech sector, this mentality is worth its weight in gold, as many things change rapidly due to technological change, and the competition never sleeps. Blockchain technology is developing rapidly, and paying via blockchain will become a mass movement. The winner is whoever can transfer money the fastest, i.

For many young Fintechs it is therefore a question of optimizing speed and effectiveness. In your opinion what is the crucial factor for a successful startup, and why? The focus should be on the customer. But it also depends on implementation. What piece of advice would you give any startup, and why? It takes a lot of passion; you must never lose it. Even if you sometimes have to pull yourself together and fight your way through. Naturally, you have to prepare for such situations and also show mental strength.

Of course, it is also important to have clear goals in mind and to work on them. Back then, we wanted to have one of the fastest IPOs in the world — and we implemented it. How do you see the Ruhr Valley startup scene? The startup scene in the Ruhr region is still in its early stage, but a lot is happening. Not surprisingly, because the Ruhr Valley location, with its numerous companies and universities, is excellently suited to young founders.

The areas of environmental technology and logistics in particular show potential in the Ruhr Valley. We can look forward to further developments. Your personal wish for the Ruhr region? Startup-Life is a pitch! Nils Beckmann has been working as a communications trainer since With his company Pitch and Grow, the conversational linguist trains pitches with start-ups, builds teams of consultants and develops new formats with multipliers.

As a friend of new ideas, he is enthusiastic about people who dare to implement such entrepreneurial ideas. Since my days at the university i worked as a consultant and did workshops at universities and worked with different companies. I tried to figure out, where i would fit and where my competences would be most useful. In i started to work on pitches. And i discovered that a good pitch can give you the edge to pass through bottlenecks in your developement. And i discovered my own flaws which held me back at the beginning of my business as a consultant.

At the end oft he day a good pitch can make the difference between a cool idea and a growing business. The transfer of Knowledge. Over the last couple of years i developed a method for pitches. And now i want to build a team and pass on this knowledge. A good network of people who put trust in your idea. Espacially when your idea works b2b. Alongside with conervsion rates and followers a recommendation seems a bit old school but this really opens up opportunities. So get in touch with key-accounts early and pitch them your idea. You are the price. At the beginning you need a lot oft hings from other people money, time, contacts, advice but at the end oft he day you got at least an idea.

And this is worth something. So you should not fullfill the role of an petitioner. If you do so, you will seem tob e needy — but those who sell their ideas with some confidence will be treated as business partners. I like the relaxed and open minded people here. Espacially because they never forget that we are doing business here. And i love it, that the different cities work together to make the ruhr area a great place for startups.

Fuck Turnover — warum echte Visionen nicht messbar sind! Anna Yona wollte eigentlich Journalistin werden. Oder am besten beides gleichzeitig. Ein echtes Alleinstellungsmerkmal, eine starke Marke und eine anormale Portion Optimismus und Ausdauer. Die richtigen Dingen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt zu tun. Ein Team, auf das man sich verlassen kann.

Es gibt aber auch viele andere Faktoren: Mir ist es wichtig, dass ich eine Arbeit mache, die Sinn macht und bei der ich etwas bewirken kann. Hier kann ich gemeinsam mit der Community neue Projekte umsetzen, tolle und engagierte Macher aus der Region zusammenbringen und dabei mitwirken gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen anzugehen.

Neben der Idee ist das Team entscheidend. Die Struktur ist zwar teilweise noch im Aufbau, aber das kann man ja als Chance sehen. Seit ist er mit der Schauspielerin Veronica Ferres verheiratet. Deshalb stelle ich immer wieder alles in Frage und beginne immer wieder komplett neues. Eine Kultur des Scheiterns. BANK innovations- und technologiegetriebene Start-ups beraten, um diese mit Privatinvestoren zusammenzubringen. Ich habe schon mein Leben lang verschiedene Sportarten mit viel Ehrgeiz betrieben. Das Unternehmertum in die Welt der Wissenschaftler zu bringen.

Eine solide Finanzierung, da Disruption seinen Preis hat. Die gesamte Strategie vom Kundennutzen her betrachten. Meist es ist die Bequemlichkeit oder die Aktivierung von Motivation. Noch nicht einmal Dir selbst. Nebenberuflich geht das immer, wenn die Wut oder der Mut Dich antreiben zu handeln.

Ins Community Management bin ich mehr oder weniger reingerutscht. Community Management ist immer noch ein junger Beruf, obwohl es Communities schon lange gibt und gerade in Deutschland bzw. Europa haben wir hier noch extremen Nachholbedarf. Das beinhaltet auch auf mich Acht zu geben, dass ich nicht ausbrenne. Beruflich gesehen ist gerade bei Communities kein Tag wie der andere und bietet mir immer viele Herausforderungen. Wie messe ich wie erfolgreich meine Community ist? Wie vermarkte ich neue Produkt geschickt, ohne die Mitgliedererfahrung zu dezimieren?


Es wird nie langweilig. So kann man besser darauf hinarbeiten und sich auch erfolgreich messen. Eine gute Idee alleine reicht nicht aus. Als echtes Ruhrpottkind liebe ich es, dass sich das Ruhrgebiet langsam zu einem innovativen, aufregenden Ort entwickelt. Ich bin gerne hier in der Startup Szene unterwegs. Es ist aufregend wie viel sich hier gerade tut und wie viel wir hier schaffen und erschaffen.

Die vielen sich ergebenden Projekt- und Programmideen zu konkretisieren und mit Partnern zur Umsetzung zu bringen. Ich verbinde Leidenschaft mit dem Leistungsprinzip und strebe daher nach dem Besten. Die Blockchain-Technologie entwickelt sich rasant und Bezahlen per Blockchain wird zur Massenbewegung werden.

Dann gewinnt, wer das Geld am schnellsten transferieren kann, wer also die schnellsten Server und Algorithmen hat. Der Fokus sollte auf dem Kunden liegen. Das Ziel sollte es sein, etwas aufzubauen, was das Leben der Menschen einfacher oder besser macht. Es kommt aber auch auf die Umsetzung an. Beim Product-Building ist es z.

Die Startup Szene befindet sich im Ruhrgebiet noch ganz am Anfang, aber es tut sich einiges. Man kann auf die weitere Entwicklung gespannt sein. Seit ist Nils Beckmann als Kommunikationstrainer unterwegs. Als Freund von neuen Ideen begeistern ihn Menschen, die sich trauen, solche unternehmerisch umzusetzen. Trainer war ich schon immer. Also schon im Studium.

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Hab dann viel geschaut, wo ich hinpasse, habe an Unis und in Unternehmen trainiert. Am Ende des Tages kann ein guter Pitch den Unterschied zwischen einer guten Idee und einem wachsenden Business machen. Du bist der Preis! Und die ist etwas wert. Daher solltet ihr euch nicht in die Rolle von Bittstellern begeben. Es passiert viel und es ist immer was los. Yaron Carni — Maverick Ventures. Zuvor arbeitete er u. Lilach Danewitz — iAngels. Andrea Blome ist Journalistin, Moderatorin und Kommunikationsberaterin. Fliegauf — On Purpose. On Purpose ist eine Gemeinschaft, die Sinn vor Gewinn setzt und ambitionierten Intra- und Entrepreneuren dabei hilft sinnstiftende Arbeit zu finden.

Arbeit, die sie begesitert. Anna Roth-Bunting — Talents4Good. Anne van Eijsden — On the Rocks. Anne founded On The Rocks in late The company designs Rockbooks, notebooks from revolutionary stonepaper. Daraus ist die Jobsharingplattform Tandemply entstanden. Tandemploy glaubt an Arbeit, die ins Leben passt. Was der Wandel von Businessmodellen bewirkt, wird in diesem prominent besetzten Panel diskutiert. Torsten Schreiber — Africa GreenTec. Mehr als Millionen Menschen auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent leben ohne Stromanschluss.

Ressourcenknappheit, Wetterextreme und Naturkatastrophen: Diese und andere Fragen werden hier im prominent besetzten Panel diskutiert. Markus Sauerhammer — Startnext. We all know that social startups hardly have any budget to spend on marketing and communications. So how can you utilise free or low-budget opportunities for marketing your product or service?

In this workshop we will explore ways to work together with other social startups as well as creating meaningful content for online media in order to push your brand. This workshop is most suitable for people who have already founded a startup and those who are working for social startups as founders or in the communications department. Andreas Renner — Certified B Corporation. Hans Reitz — Grameen Creative Lab. Heute begleitet er Prof. Lutz Mehlhorn — Mehlhorn Concept.

Niklas Manhart — Prof. Er hat unter anderem als stellvertretender Leiter des Pressereferats und Pressesprecher bei der Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in London gearbeitet. Sie ist erfahrene Sozialunternehmerin und Ashoka Fellow Kandidatin. Angefangen mit FrozenYogurt hat sich das Produktsortiment seit mittlerweile auf auf eine Reihe weiterer Bioprodukte, wie der veganen Coconut Icecream ohne Kristallzucker!

So lernst du Magie zu fühlen und zu erkennen!

Norbert Kunz gilt als einer der profiliertesten Sozialunternehmern in Deutschland. Maximilian Kultscher — Bugfoundation. Bernd Klosterkemper — Ananda Ventures. Bernd Klosterkemper ist Investmentdirektor bei Ananda Ventures. Clean In 3 Schritten zu einem gesunden Selbstvertrauen. Clean Wie du den richtigen Partner findest. Clean Wie ich die Schwangerschaft erlebe und mich auf die Geburt vorbereite. Clean Der wichtigste Satz deines Lebens: Clean Wie du dir selbst in 4 Schritten vergeben kannst. Clean Wie du authentisch deine Wahrheit leben kannst. Verbinde dich mit deinem Krafttier.

Clean Warum du keine Angst vor falschen Entscheidungen haben musst. Clean Wie du die Beziehung zu deinen Eltern verbesserst. Clean Warum es so wichtig ist, innezuhalten und Pausen zu machen - Interview mit Dr. Clean 3 Gedanken, die dein Jahr transformieren werden. Clean Wie du ein friedliches Weihnachten mit deiner Familie erschaffst. Clean Was soll ich mit meinem Leben anfangen? Clean Wie du Vertrauen in deinen eigenen Weg finden kannst. Du bist so viel machtvoller, als du erahnst.

Verbinde dich mit dem Higher Self. Clean 10 Fragen, die ich mir jedes Jahr an meinem Geburtstag stelle. Clean Bye bye Eifersucht! Clean Wie du wieder aus einem emotionalen Tief rauskommst. Higher Self - Wie du dein Bewusstsein in 3 Schritten anhebst.

Recommend Model Maker?

Interview Special mit Christian Bischoff. Clean Wie du deine Energie auf ein ganz neues Level bringst.

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    Cuffed, Tied, And Satisfied: Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover Volume 4: Practical English For Albanian Speakers: Inferno — Europa In Flammen, Band 3: Auflage, PDF - Buch. Ein Zauberhafter Erster Schultag: Last Child In The Woods: Stolen By An Alien: Sas A Moris Orakel: Asterix At The Olympic Games: Album 12 PDF - Buch. The Qur'an In Plain English: Part 30 With Surah Al-fatihah: Surahs And Surah Al-fatihah Pt.

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    Der Adler Und Der Kondor: Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant: Das Zen Von Pandoc: Could It Be Histamine Intolerance?: Das Juwel - Die Gabe: Typo3 Cms Certified Developer: Edition softcover PDF - Buch. Neues Vom Onkel Franz: Game Over - You're Lost: Jugendroman-thriller PDF - Buch. Ein Mords-team - Band 2: The Ultimate Guide To Homeopathy: Eine Gute-nachtgeschichte Zum Vorlesen. I-spy In The Countryside: What Can You Spot? In And Out Of Court: An Orphan In The Snow: The Christmas Eve Letter: Solutions 3rd Edition Intermediate. Comentario Al Nuevo Testamento Vol. Writing Down Your Soul: Sprint Triathlon Training In 4 Weeks: Fuzz, Acid And Flowers: Pass Auf, Der Geht So …!: Markus 2, Sternenglanz — Eliteeinheit Des Universums Live Well, Teach Well: Buddhist Forum Volume V: Medizinstudium - Ius Practicandi - Was Nun?: Ski Touring In Norway: Webseiten Erstellen Mit Drupal 7.

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    To Sea And Back: Zucker Is s Nicht! Wer Kennt Den Tschu-tschu?: Japanese Ikebana For Every Season: Ancient Wisdom, Modern World: Schlank, Gesund Und Vital: High Tide In Tucson: The Problem Of Political Authority: Lust Der Ewigen Nacht: Vampir-roman PDF - Buch. The New Organic Grower: Zeitmanagement In 10 Minuten Am Tag: Cattle And Sheep Medicine, 2nd Edition: Der Geist Bei Der Arbeit: Schlank Wie Ein Buddha: The Best Of Sickipedia: Das Schattenreich Der Vampire Quantitative Betriebswirtschaftslehre Band Ii: Werbung - Keine Kunst!?: How Big Is Allah?: Christmas With Southern Living Wicca Book Of Herbal Spells: Click Here To Kill Everybody: Yoga Gegen Dunkle Tage: Mein Vater Und Ich - Meditations-doppel-cd: Hundepulli, Hundehalsband, Hundeloop Und Hundehalsband: Love Me - The Hard Way: Christmas-special PDF - Buch.

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