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There's a new twist on an old prophecy, and this one brings the end of days. Junco must make a choice - human or avian? Only one race will survive. Lucan has secrets, and the lies are flowing like a mountain river during spring thaw. But he needs Junco to cooperate just a little bit longer or it all falls apart. Two years have passed since Inanna stole Junco away from Lucan. Two years of unimaginable pain. Two years of isolation, mutilation and torture. Two years of fear and loneliness in a morph tank. And that's not something you just get over, even if you are psycho-assassin, Junco Coot.

Sometimes a book goes temporarily out of print - and sometimes no audio version has ever been recorded. Audible wants to give you the most complete selection we can and we'll keep adding series and filling in gaps as quickly as possible. How long can you lie to yourself before it all comes apart? JA Huss Narrated by: Add to basket failed. Please try again later. She's the type who knows all her weapons and firearms, would probably go nuts over a motorcycle helmet sale, and could care less about fashion and anything frilly. All she knows are secret military ops and assassinations.

She's been trained to be a ruthless killer since birth and she's pretty good at what she does, but we learn that there's so much more to her and everybody wants her for themselves. Everybody here means the aliens or Avians as they are called, and the humans, all the different factions and republics. They all have an agenda and Junco is right smack in the middle of it all. Clutch , Fledge , and Flight are pretty much made of the same stuff--they are all exciting, action-packed, and emotional in different ways.

In each succeeding book, the excitement and emotional factor rise and you can't help but be swept along with it. It's hard to talk about specific events without giving anything away. What I really like about this series is the main character, Junco, who is truly a badass killing machine, but we also see a vulnerable side to her. We see how her life has been like since she was young and we see how things affect her. We see her being constantly barraged with things that could bring any person down, but we see her cry, get hurt, and bring herself back up. She is one character that you would truly feel and root for to the end.

Another thing I like about the series is that it's very fast-paced and the story is very original. I like the author's unique writing style. I like that there's always something happening and each twist to the story is revealed at the perfect moment. Sometimes you'd think there are too many twists, but they all add to the story and come together nicely.

I also like the play with mythology and religion mixed in with the science. This series is a fun sci fi piece with a dash of dystopian and a little bit of fantasy. It really is pretty exciting and I can't wait to read what happens next. I received review copies of the first three books for this blog tour in exchange for an honest review. I received this book as a gift from Alexia Purdy author of Reign of Blood, she is awesome! I could not put it down and could not go away for two seconds without reading another word.

In book 2 of I Am Just Junco series, the story goes on exactly where it left off in book 1. Now Tier OMG hot Tier is on a trial for treason because he did not follow his orders to kill Junco, and Junco has to try and survive through the Fledge. We get to meet some new characters I'm not going to reveal names and I loved all of them. I can tell you that they are mostly all boys swoon. The boys were so loveable even though they were such assholes sometimes, but that's what sealed the deal, right?

Junco was brave and strong and bad-ass like normal, and I love that about her. She's not those girls who would try and be brave in front of people but actually is a fraud, she is real and she is herself, and that's all that matters. She is not perfect, and sometimes I want to kill her and hate her but I can't, because I can relate to her in some ways, but not all. Like, she's not afraid to tell the truth, and I love that. Junco is cocky and I really wish she was real and she would be me.

The storyline was just amazing. Huss did such a great job making the whole story realistic and I feel like I'm actually living in her world. I love the way J. Huss uses swear words, it doesn't seem over-the-top, it was just I love that and I just love the way she created such an imaginable world that I wish I was living in. Sometimes, I could actually feel the anger, exhaustion, sadness emotions that J. Huss described of all the characters.

She is such an amazing author and I will definitely read the rest of the series. I cannot think of any other words to describe this. I get the feeling that I really live in the story with Junco and have to confess although it is good, I need some space so that I can relax again but here some of my opinions on this book the story was good, altough it is very bloodthirsty and dark and if you don't like to read about too much action and killing people maybe you this book was even better than the first book because the confusing memories of Junco were sorted out.

I get the feeling that I really live in the story with Junco and have to confess although it is good, I need some space so that I can relax again but here some of my opinions on this book the story was good, altough it is very bloodthirsty and dark and if you don't like to read about too much action and killing people maybe you should skip it but in some twisted way the story even the killing made sense and the plot is really fantastic. You never know what comes next and it is really well written I think Junco was a great character in this one and learned a lot since her leaving earth.

I don't agree with all her decisions but in the end I think she showed everyone what kind of person she is I really missed Tier in the story I loved all the side characters - even Lucan. Ashur was also a great addition but I was a bit disappointed with his behaviour towards Junco at the end and thought that I would have liked him more without some of his actions as I said above: Apr 21, Di Covey rated it it was amazing.

My eyes feel like their bleeding. I'm sucked into a rabbit hole of amazing-ness! This part of Junco's story takes place on the planet of the Avians. She is ordered to trust no one, how is that even possible? Everyone around her seems to genuinely want to help her. I was damned confused, I felt like I was in Junco's shoes.

No don't tell him that, no keep it a secret. But just Junco learns to trust, so do I. Who do you trust though? May 29, Danielle rated it did not like it Shelves: This story was utterly suffocating: It is one of those stories where the entire plot hangs on the fact that the main character is just SO SPECIAL, like Twilight, and yet nothing you read explains why the character is the least bit special.

I actually, after two books, don't car This story was utterly suffocating: I actually, after two books, don't care for her at all. I find such plot devices tiresome.

Fledge: I Am Just Junco, Book 2 (Unabridged)

Holy crap on a cracker was all that fighting intense. I would dub this book: This book was action packed. I can't believe Junco is still walking around upright after 7 levels of fights. After reading all of it, I'm exhausted. She's truly a badass mofo. I was on an emotional rollercoaster and there are a couple of sad parts, but there's always a reason. Plot twists, plot twists, that's one of the many awesome things why JA does it for me.

Jul 24, Melinda rated it really liked it. Wow this series keeps getting more involved, more interesting It's a good mix of dystopia, Sci Fi, fantasy There's lots of blunt talk, blood and gore so if that's not your cup of tea- steer clear, otherwise dive right in book one of course. I am so hooked on this series. I was up until 4 am this time reading this, I just had to finish, had to know what happened. It was such an emotional ride, I had tears in my eyes.

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Wow, just so good. Junco is now an avian, which is a winged "alien" and she's living on a habitat out in the Band -somewhere off earth, I am not sure much on this, its not really explained. Junco in her new avian body meets Lucan, her new commander. Lucan has decided that Junco is now his soldier. But in order for her to stay, she has to prove herself worthy. She ends up in Fledge, Each cluster has its own fledge- clusters are of different professions, one for Politics, one for Psychology, one for war, etc.

Not all children make it out of their Clutch, clutch is like a breeding place for each cluster The Fledge Junco finds herself in, is the fight to the death matches. Not all fledges are about death matches, some are worse than you can even think up. This death fight matches did reminded me a bit of the Hunger Games, but only in part, its much more violent, and emotional. I have only one negative, and that is the cussing is just too much, the word that stars with a F and sounds a lot like luck is used way too much, just makes me cringe every time I read that, and it's in there A LOT, times that word is used in one form or another, way too much!

It's really the only thing that makes this book series unsuitable for teens, otherwise, there is just the war type violence, but no sex at all, skips right over anything at all that happens. Which is fine, as I am not one to want to read erotic type stuff, I do not need that. In a way, the cussing in excess cheapens the story.

But this is just my opinion, and I like the story so much, that I will look past it. I really have found myself connecting with Junco, I finally have her figured out, some, lol. I love the connection her and Tier have, and really root for her in trying to save his life, even though it looks really grim that she will be able to accomplish this. For most this book, we do not have anything of Tier, which was a pity, as he is on trial for treason, for not killing Junco.

He did get her off Earth and to morph. We find many surprises about Junco's genetic makup, and what is found it pretty cool. I won't say what, as you can find out yourself. I liked the introduction of the new characters, and really loved the protective love the whole Aves team has for Junco, especially Asher. He did come off as a bit of a jerk at first though, but that was more because he didn't have the whole story on what got Tier in trouble, and he blamed Junco, it changes pretty quickly. I was not sure of Lucan, still am not, he did grow on me, some.

We will see on him. Kush was such a sweetheart. I thought this little part was funny, its Lucan and Junco in this part: Is that so unusual? I would have called Ashur, but I know the look, it means I'm giving someone a headache. Tier used it frequently. I was appalled at the Fights they have to go through, of course its pretty easy for the most part for Junco, but man, so much killing. But one is young and weak, and was so heartbroken for Junco for what she had to do. Ahhh, I still am reeling emotionally from this book.

I had to make myself not pick up Flight, the 3rd book yet. I had to get over this turmoil first. I honestly can't believe I love a book that has so much death in it, but the connection I felt with Junco and the others is rooted so deep, I can't help but care at what happens.

Can't help but love Junco's funny, yet severe attitude, this is a cute part, with a Avian that she doesn't know: Kill you with my SEAR because you want to ask me questions? We cannot be too careful. If you think I'm wild, I can't wait to see how you treat my brother. I have a feeling it's just going to get even more intense with the 3rd. I won't say much more. I need to leave the surprises for you and the intense suspense too.

If you read Clutch, the first book, You need to get to reading this one. If you had NOT read Clutch, well, what are you waiting for, go get it, then read this! Plenty of killing, war type violence. This series is not for the weak or faint of heart. No sexual interactions to worry about. But this is still for mature readers only.

I was provided a copy of this book for the book tour with Innovative Online Blog Tours, for my honest review. Stop by the book tour at my blog, click banner to go directly to the post. Jan 29, Kimberly rated it liked it.

Also very engaging and fun to read, but frustrating as a reader because of what seems to be unnecessary drama going on. But then she trusts people - and it's all ok? And she wants answers now! But then when people try to tell her answers, she's not interested in talking about it.

And then she's betrayed that they didn't tell her.

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Overall, it was still enjoyable, but had a lot of unnecessary complications and overly dramatic stuff going on. Dec 05, The Book Tart rated it it was amazing. Fledge is the second book in the I Am Just Junco series science fiction series. I suspected when I read Clutch that these books could become some of my favs and they have. I am completely hooked on this series. I love the world building and the characters. I especially love Junco. These books are told in her voice. And what a voice it is. Flight picks up right where Clutch left off….

Her training was in killing, following orders and surviving. She discovered that she is part Avian, part of an alien race of winged beings. In Fledge, Junco learns what that entails and even more mysteries of her past and purpose are revealed. Junco leaves earth with Tier, the avian she made friends with in the first adventure. On the space ship her Avian side is triggered and she goes through morph and wakes up changed.

She has wings now and Tier is in prison for not killing her! Junco rolls with the punches and puts on her game face determined to save Tier. Fledge refers to the survival of the strongest type series of battles that takes place every year for the Avian race. They fight in battles to the death to eliminate the weak from their population.

She is a survivor. This novel is a story of survival but also of love and sacrifice and what you would give up for someone you loved. I loved watching her thought process. I like how she faces challenges and can temporarily wall off emotions. She is feisty and fierce. She is a fierce fighter, fiercely loyal and brave, funny and full of heart. I continued to root for her through the Fledge process and the incredible action sequences. I cringed at the damage that people can do to themselves and against their own race in their fight for perfection.

The things she has to do to survive broke my heart, and it breaks hers too… But Junco keeps her eyes on her goal. She is focused on her mission, to survive to save Tier. The secondary characters are so well drawn and individual. I loved how unique and different they were. I got a kick out of seeing the different ways they reacted to Junco and she to them.

Lucan, the Avian leader, is a fascinating being and his relationship with Junco is complicated. And then there are the people Junco has to fight with and against… But through it all Junco shines bright in her determination to do what she sees as right. Some of my fav lines…ummm honestly? I highlighted passages. I have nothing to lose.

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I am just Junco. For one thing, you fall an awful lot. Even in the grass that hurts. What time is it? On the other side of death. You can just turn it on and off like that? Forget about stuff and move on? But it also makes you a little bit insane. If you enjoy fantasy, science fiction, action, intrigue, passion, epic world building and a main protagonist that is foul mouthed, tough, vulnerable and fierce, pick up the Junco series and get addicted like me.

Jul 31, Mehark Sidarkwi rated it it was amazing. Mar 18, Ren Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: Another great book from Huss. Violent and terrible, but terrific story. Sep 10, Christi Snow rated it it was amazing.

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OMG, it was so good. I think I will go with an A, but that is only because there were certain parts of the books especially the battle scenes which I found to be too closely reminiscent of the Hunger Games battle scenes But back to this book. Did I say WOW?? There is so much c My Review: There is so much creativity to this series. This book finds Junco on the Avian world and learning a new culture, with a whole group of people that she doesn't know. Lucan is in charge and he's the one who had given the kill-order on her originally.

Tier is on trial for treason for not killing her and the penalty if found guilty is death. In the midst of all that, Junco is now part of a warrior team She's the 9th member of this 8-man team. In book 1, we learned that Tier had been watching her for 2 years and that's how he has such strong feelings for her. OMG, I love each and every one of these guys I love the way that J. As a new Avian, Junco is having to go through the Fledge There are 7 total challenges and by the end, there were only around left Having been taught how to kill at will since the age of 6, this should be old-school for Junco, but the majority of those are kids To say it's mentally trying puts it mildly.

In the midst of all that, she's also trying to figure out how to save Tier, how to deal with the new AI technology living inside of her, how to live in this new society, and how to deal with confusing feelings for several of the men in her life. It's a lot for anyone to handle, but Junco continues to fight on. That's what makes these books so good It's amazing how she continues to battle up out of her psyche and move on when it would be just so much easier to lay down and die. I really do love Junco's character.

First and foremost, she's incredibly tough. She's had to be because that's how they've created her. I love her attitude. So many times she goes into no-win situations with no idea how she's going to escape, but she goes anyway. She's a completely balls-to-the-wall kind of gal in each and every situation. But she's also completely open and honest.

Some of the things that she says, she knows are going to get her into deep problems, but she says them anyway. That's just the way that she is. Her team loves her. A lot happens in this book and there are a lot of shifts among the characters that I did not see coming. It will be interesting to see how and if it all plays out in the coming books. I have one more in the series to read. I'm hoping that's not the end of the series though because I am truly enjoying it!! If you enjoy sci-fi or urban fantasy, I think you're going to like this one!! I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Jan 31, Kimberly rated it really liked it. So many thoughts, I really don't know what to say other than the plot was fantastic! Full review coming soon.

Wow, um I don't really know where to start this review; I had a lot of thoughts when I finished this book. In summary I loved this book. It was so much better then the first, the plot was amazing, the writing was great, and the characters felt so much more real than in the first one. However, some of the minor problems in the first book also carried into this book.

The plot bl So many thoughts, I really don't know what to say other than the plot was fantastic! The plot blew me away. It was so much better then the first book where there were only a few fight scenes in the whole book, but in this book there is a fight scene in almost every chapter. The plot captivates you from the first page until the very last word. It's just so good. What I was most excited for was the alien world. I was excited to see how the author would create the world and their culture and everything.

I was a little disappointed when I figured out that their world, along with parts of their culture, was highly influenced by Earth. However, while their world was influenced by Earth, their thought process and morals were not. Like Junco once said "what would have been considered mass murder on earth was considered growing up here". I was just so appalled and I was waiting for the main character to also be, but this is Junco we're talking about and she's complicated. Complicated describes my feelings for Junco to a T. In the first book, I was really thrown off balance by Junco's I-Don't-care attitude and that also carried into this book.

Half of me admires her strength and intelligence and her bravery, but the other part of me is disappointed with her. I was waiting throughout this whole book for her to say "Screw this, you people are awful, I'm not listening to you" but she never did. She followed her orders, even if they where to murder people in cold blood and then she would go off on this self-hatred rant instead of hating them.

Right when she was redeeming herself to me she would go back to her original self. I still think she is a very well written character and I did connect with her, I just couldn't decide if I really liked her or not. One of the best things in this book, besides the plot, was how the characters felt so much more real in this book. In the last book, I only felt connected to Junco, but in this book I felt a connection to every character, new or old, and yes it includes Junco.

And every character was so well written. In my review for the first book I said that some things weren't explained and this book also had some of those, but not as much as the first one. Also some of my questions from the first book where answered in this book, like what are the seven siblings suppose to do, and what is her SEAR knife thing. I was really glad about that. Overall, This is the first time a sequel was better than the first book.

This book had a plot that blew me away and I felt connected to every character and it was just so good!! I can't wait to read the next book. However, if you are looking for a book series that is light and fun then you won't like this as much, because it is a very serious book with lots of death and fighting and I really loved it!

I would recommend it to every paranormal, assassin, action fan out there. Oct 02, Sparkle Plenty rated it it was amazing. You will not get all your questions answered in one or two books. This is the point of a series I think? This book builds the mythology, the history, and the purpose of the Seven Siblings. It also teaches Junco a lesson in culture that she probably was not prepared to learn.

It sets up the third book which continues the Seven Siblings journey. Here is my take on Fledge: This is not the Hunger Games. For one, Junco chooses to fight. She would have just gone back to Earth. She chooses to stay with the avians and become part of their world. A choice she almost immediately regrets, but nonetheless, she's stuck now.

Fighting is not the point of this book, yes there is a lot of fighting, but winning the Fledge is not the prize at the end. The prize is saving Tier, the fights are almost a side-show, something that's required of her. The fights reveal, in my opinion, her character. Wh she is, deep down. And maybe some people won't like what they find there - look at what goes on between the fights for the actual story. In his place is a new guy — actually a lot of new guys. In Fledge, Lucan hovers in the periphery as some authority figure.

Bottom line of Fledge is: This book makes her choose. Who will she follow?