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A loud sliding sound was followed by a crunch and scream as Jaron fell seemingly straight through the floor. Balinda identified the floor and debris as an illusion covering a sphincter-like shutter in the floor that was rapidly opening and closing. It led to a chute and a sloped tunnel. A splash of blood let her know Jaron did not pass unscathed. Bart hastily claimed the vials as everyone dove down the chute after Jaron.

Meanwhile Jaron landed in chest deep water with serpentine figures sliding beneath the surface. He tried to warn the others as they arrived but everyone just started struggling to walk out through the water. Balinda was shocked by an electric eel, but Jaron was grappled by a giant moray eel.

They moved deeper through the tunnels and back to dry land. A side tunnel revealed groups of dying villagers caught in nets and skewered or slashed open and bleeding. Gwaiyu immediately moved to help them, as did Lemmy and Bart. They found the image to be an illusion set to cover the trap of a falling wall and debris that crushed them. The party pulled back and regrouped in the hallway …. Depleted, mutated, and injured, they stand in the tunnel debating their next move ….. The tides did lower come morning. The party did their best to rest up and after speaking with several of the villagers, including the constable.

They would investigate this wedding rock and the mysterious island of Nal-Kashel. A local fisherman named Estian even agreed to take them there. The idea of helping save the villagers plus the added incentive of a 1,gp in Azlanti jewelry did not hurt much either. They first checked on Cromag, Adler and their boat. Adler agreed to begin working on repairs which he estimated at least two days to finish. The fog was thick and the strange man sang chants to himself to ward off evil.

As they approached the island and the famous wedding rock beach, he pointed out the bloom of jellyfish all around them in the waters. Immediately after that, the man froze. Everyone else was watching the island come into view with portions of towers orbiting in the air like planets around the sun. Bart was the only one that saw Estian begin to twitch and change.

The fisherman transformed into a savage fish man Jaron identified as a Scum. The scum began to rock the boat violently sending Balinda overboard into the jellyfish. She screamed as their stings burned her flesh and drained her strength. Bart reacted by shoving the scum face first from the boat and into the jellyfish. He too was stung repeatedly and sank beneath the waves. Gwaiyu quickly pulled the illusionist from the water. Bart rowed the rest of the way to shore and they began an investigation. Powerful transmutation magic filled the air here and everyone felt light headed.

Bart and Balinda resisted the change but the others were not so lucky. Jaron suffered occasional vomiting and nausea as he felt his innards shifting about. Poor little Lemmy seemed the most affected. Her eyes bulged, her nose flattened, and her lips cracked. A quick examination revealed this to be a powerful transformation magic, something that would not be easily remedied. They decided to investigate the island for the missing villagers and for a cure now.

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The wedding rock held little interest for them so they crossed the island in the easiest route they could find with the least climbing involved, picking out a path that led to a structure with a grand crystal dome. The building turned out to be a library archive of some kind. Copper plates printed with Azlanti writings hung in bundles floating in mid air. They began searching through the archives for anything interesting. Unfortunately they also found 3 rust monsters living here. The insects seemed ravenous and out for their metal. Several people were startled by glowing spheres that winked in and out of view at the deaths of the rust monsters.

They manage to uncover a couple of magical treasures here, too. The group decided to camp for an hour to translate the books. Jaron failed with the seventh column, but Gwaiyu uncovered a map in his book plus a layout and history of the island while Balinda learned about the strange quicksilver graveyard. They decided the graveyard a magical collection of soul drinking pools containing the knowledge of the ancients would be a good place to visit. On their way there another wave of stronger transformation energy washed over them.

Balinda and Bart felt it this time. Her eyes began to weep a black blood and He developed a wracking phlegmy cough. Gwaiyu got worse and was covered in a slimy mucus. Jaron also grew worse and felt his organs shifting beneath his skin. They arrived at the quicksilver graveyard and found a pile of villager bodies with traces of the glowing silver pool waters on them.

Plaques translated by Balinda and Lemmy respectively identified scholars they could call on for knowledge from the glowing pool and the ritual to call them. Gwaiyu wanted to give it a try so he did, calling forth one of the listed scholars and hearing his lecture on solar calculation. The man spoke in Azlanti so no one could understand him but upon completion of his speech he transformed into a silvery black pudding.

Bart tumbled away and shot it with his crossbow. The pudding split into 2 equally huge creatures. Everyone scattered and Balinda summoned a spiked pit. The puddings both slipped into the pit but the spikes split them into 4 puddings. As they tried to climb out but failed again the party ran leaving at least 8 silver puddings behind. They headed for the observatory and spotted a female villager running for her life from a trio of large flying creatures later identified as cloakers. One engulfed her and they raced to help the woman. The party pulled together to do an amazing job at slaughtering the cloakers without suffering much damage.

More glowing balls winked in and out around them. This time they were identified as will-o-the-wisps. She was horribly mutated with gills and a fishlike appearance but she told them of the villagers being held by Gerlach at the excavation site. He had gone mad. She spoke of the alchemist doing experiments on them.

They tried to convince her to come with them but she decided with her new gills she could return and warn the villagers. Bart found more magical treasure in the folds of the cloakers flesh. They continued to the excavation site but another wave of stronger energy hit them again. Only Balinda and Gwaiyu resisted.

Bart developed uncontrollable coughs that wracked his body. Poor little Lemmy felt her head hurt again. When she pulled her hand away her topknot came loose with it. Her hair fell out and her eyes shifted slightly to the sides of her head. The group arrived at the far side of the island at the point marked excavation site on the map.

They climbed down a 40 foot cliff and found a crevasse being worked by many enslaved villagers. They spotted 1 man in rags wandering the beach dangerously close to where the others were working so they decided to stop and warn him. Lemmy sneaked her way closer and called to him. The bedraggled villager raced towards her arms outstretched.

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When he got close the others watched as he threw her into his mouth and began chewing her toad-like head. Blood gushed from her body seemingly from nowhere as gashes opened and she hung from his face stiff with paralyzation. Horrified, they were unsure what to do when the man stumbled towards them with Lemmy hanging from his face, stiff and bloody. The man reached out to attack Bart and Jaron and the veil of illusion fell away revealing a Chuul. The massive creature dropped Lemmy-toad from its face tentacles when she stopped twitching and focused on the others. Gwaiyu attacked with his mere club, Bart jabbed with his trident and Jaron fired crossbow bolts while Balinda hasted them.

The party dealt good damage but the chuul was ferocious. It grappled both Jaron and Bart then transferred the fighter into its paralytic tentacles. The man froze as blood gushed from his body. Jaron fell unconscious to wounds. Gwaiyu was next to be grappled and crushed. Balinda tried to help by dropping magical stones on the beast and even resorting to her magic sword to cut it, but it would not die.

Jaron lie dying, Bart and Lemmy both paralyzed and Gwaiyu grappled.

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It stumbled but held strong. Lemmy awoke from the paralysis and blasted the creature with her magic, killing it just in time. The carnage was serious. They healed what they could on the beach as they discussed what to do next …. The journey to Augustana took time. The heroes of the cove formed a plan to visit the temple of Iomedae and acquire help to return and destroy the deadly Terraken. Though it required some convincing, they did receive the aid they sought.

In addition, news of such a feat by this small band sparked other interests. Sponsors offered to set them up with a branch of The Guild for Andoran located in Augustana. The heroes accepted the offer, promising to return and establish the details once the Terraken had been dealt with. During the days needed for the Iomedae clergy to arrange their ship to collect the beast for disposal, Lemmy and her friends enjoyed the hospitality of a big city.

They sold treasures and bought new items. They then returned with the religious expedition to claim the Terraken. The Iomedae priests took control of the beast and left immediately back to Augustana to destroy it. They even carved a wooden plaque with symbols representing the Terraken and naming each of the heroes. Bart was welcomed back as a local celebrity and a banquet was thrown in their honor. During the travel time Balinda had studied the pirate Spellbooks, released the fearful thrush Luko, and acquired a new familiar, a pooka named Fantasia.

The banquet was held in the dock house in honor of the first place they met the heroes and merriment plus toasts were shared. The fun ended abruptly when a scream sounded from the pier. A woman spotted a ship sailing into the cove sporting the sails of Cheliax. Everyone hurried to get a better look. Jaron actually recognized this particular ship from his investigations. The village elder begged Bart to stop it before it could call down those reinforcements and destroy them for sure.

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The party planned to let the ship dock then take it by surprise but Bart spotted them using a spyglass and turning about when the village appeared unclaimed by hobgoblins. In a desperate plan they hopped into their small boat with Bart at the wheel. He estimated they could catch the ship before it escaped the cove and made it back out to sea. No one besides Bart was particularly excited about a battle on the waves but their options seemed limited.

True to his word, the sailor warrior raced after the ship and caught up with it. Several arrows rained down on them during the pursuit but only Jaron felt the sting of a solid hit. As Bart sidled up next to the ship a plan was formed. Invisible Balinda would climb aboard with her magic claws and toss the anchor. They could board and overpower them.

Jaron drank a potion and leapt out to stick to the side of the ship while Lemmy transformed into a raven and darted into the empty crows nest for a good vantage point. The plan looked promising until the spray of rain hit their faces and the water grew rough. They caught the ship just as they passed through the islands leaving cove for open sea.

Bart spotted the storm descending upon them first. The sailor knew their tiny ship could not survive the impending hurricane raging towards them. He called out a warning that he was turning back immediately! Against his better judgement he held his place a second to allow Jaron to leap back to the boat but the initial assault of waves struck them, tossing both ships like toys. Hobgoblins fell to the decks with shouts, one was lost overboard and another fell from the crows nest to his death.

Gwaiyu and Balinda were likewise tossed into the sea. Cromag dove and caught Balinda, hauling her back into the boat. Gwaiyu called on his oni heritage and transformed himself into a gillman so he could swim, then crawled back into the boat. Poor little Lemmy, seeing her friends departing, called out a curse and unleashed raining rocks on the goblin ship adding to the chaos. Bart was tossed aside losing control of the boat when another bigger wave struck. This one nearly overturned the goblin ship and threw Gwaiyu, Cromag and Lemmy into the raging waters.

Luckily Cromag was a strong swimmer. The whole time Jaron was thankful that his spider climb potion kept him attached to the boat. Bart Warned them that they were caught in the pull of the storm now. They needed to board the larger ship if they had any chance for survival. Everyone made their way aboard. The waves had all but washed the ship clean of hobgoblins.

Bart dove into the sea and rescued Lemmy and Gwaiyu with his newly acquired cloak of the manta ray. With everyone aboard the larger ship Bart took control of the vessel with help from the others. A day and a half of hard sailing just to keep afloat in the hurricane deposited them far out at sea. Once free of the storm, they were able to piece together their respective knowledge to pin down a general location.

Everyone agreed they were definitely in Cheliax waters now, far from Andoran boarders. Remembering a small port town in a cove similar to his home town, Bart set his course. Lemmy, Jaron and Balinda all confirmed that their ship was damaged and taking in water — they were slowly sinking and needed to find a safe place to administer repairs. Pulling into Black Cove they spotted the ramshackle village in the distance. They also heard cries for help. A lone fisherman was caught in his canoe on the rocks being attacked by a giant crab.

Bart pulled the ship in as close as he dared then dove overboard with Gwaiyu to rescue the man. They killed the crab and fled before others arrived. He claimed creatures were crawling from the sea to steal them away in the night, including his wife, Sarah. The comb was later identified as an ancient Azlanti treasure. He claimed they had more if the party would please help. They docked at the dilapidated pier and quickly realized this town had seen better days. Cromag and Adler stayed aboard the ship while the others investigated.

They met a couple of odd people, a crazy man, a pair of old pasty men, and a strangely creepy woman, before making their way to the lighthouse where the townsfolk were gathered for safety. They listened to a few tales and suspicions on what was happening or had happened before another storm began to rage outside the lighthouse.

The waters rose dangerously high, flooding the lower level and threatening to spill into this area. The ground shook and something enormous attacked. Tentacles burst through the windows from all sides. The townsfolk flew into hysteria while the party tried to defend them. Time after time random people were grabbed and dragged screaming out the windows.

Even Jaron was grabbed but managed to cut the tentacle off in time. All in all two villagers were rescued from the tentacles and six were lost. Many giant tentacles lay twitching about the room. Bart even dove outside during the battle to see the source. He quickly returned unable to identify the gargantuan mass of purple flesh and tentacles.

Doing their best to administer healing and gather themselves the party debates what to do next. The villagers assure them the tides will fall come morning …. Bart sprung into action making an opening he could pass through. He crossed over and saw Poltur waiting for him further back in the passage where it turns sharply to the right. He escaped down the passage and the rest of the group joined Bart including Jaron who had been partially healed by Gwaiyu. They returned together to their room and talked about what to do. They decided Poltur was not going to let them recover all day and night.

They would explore further. Balinda created an illusory Bartholomew and marched him down the passage while she followed invisibly. The rest followed her bringing light. Poltur probably had healed himself. There was also light coming from the passage Lemmywinks had previously darted down during that earlier fight.

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They continued in that direction behind the illusion. Radiance poured out of a giant water droplet suspended from the roof fills the chamber with more light than a noon sun. The fat droplet was fifteen feet in diameter and just as long, and quivered slightly in the still air. Within it, something serpentine and translucent undulated slowly. Poltur called out them calling them scoundrels. He was there but not fooled by the illusion.

Now that Balinda was closer she could see inside better. It was blinding in comparison to the rest of the caverns. The floor of the chamber is divided into five separate pools of clear water. Ten feet below the giant droplet was a square pool 10 feet across bounded by a stone walkway 1 foot wide. Small openings enter the chamber from each of the four corners of the room, and a narrow stone path leads to the central pool, with four trapezoidal pools formed by the intersecting pathways.

The walls and ceiling are smooth, worked stone, glistening with moisture. Jaron and Cromag were in the first rank. They had not entered the room but stayed in the hallway. Poltur took a shot at Jaron again but his bolt missed. He moved along the narrow ledge to them. Behind him two big snake heads poked out of the giant water drop.

Balinda conjured up a roomful of black tentacles that whipped around. Only the snake was grappled though. The giant water droplet is the prison of Shirqual, a water elemental and his pet amphisbaena, a snake with a head on each end. It seemed the fight was inevitable. Jaron and Cromag fought back but the duelist was almost impossible to hit. Lemmywinks fired a scorching ray which he sidestepped but the second blasted the elemental.

Balinda burst a glitterdust into the room and blinded Poltur but the duelist was undeterred. He lunged and ran Jaron through with his rapier. The man fell to the ground for the second time that morning. The elemental slammed Cromag with his watery fists then it was hit with a snowball spell from Lemmywinks. The tentacles continued to flap around but only successfully grappled the two headed snake. Pelastour floated over and began healing. Jaron was awake again. Gwaiyu confused the amphisbeana but it continued to act normally. Lemmywinks drew on her magus powers and recalled her ray attack.

She sent another two burning rays into the elemental critically wounding it. Cromag slashed and it retreated into the waterdrop. By now the concentrated attacks on Poltur were taking their toll and he backflipped into the pool. He was underwater and temporarily safe but the dwarf hustled along the narrow ledge dodging tentacles.

He was waiting for Poltur to surface. Then the elemental leaned down to stroke his pet, the confused amphisbaena lashed out and bit him. The elemental splashed apart. Gwaiyu using freedom of movement jumped in the pool after Poltur. He came up behind the man and struck him with his morningstar. The swing was true and Poltur stopped moving. Bubbles drifted up from his mouth.

Two stones from a sling staff finished the giant magic snake. Poltur died as he was brought up to the ledge and his ghostly grandfather wailed. Pelestour began to fade. He told them that magic was no longer containing the water. He urged them to avoid fighting the Terraken directly but try to capture the amulet that controls it which was at the bottom of the oubliette. Then he was gone. There was a rumble in the distance and they could feel tremors.

Jaron was near death and ran out of the room. Cromag crawled into one of the water tubes leading out, or into, the room. Balinda crawled into another but she needed light so Lemmy went with her. Bartholomew crawled into another. Gwaiyu followed Jaron out. Nobody knew where the oubliette was. Cromag found the correct way and the fatigued dwarfed called out.

Balinda and Lemmywinks tube had ended in collapsed rock so they were on the way back and the only ones to hear him. His tunnel passed into the other side of the dry channel past the collapsed section. There was a breeze and the smell of salt water. They ran and left the fatigued dwarf behind telling him to get out. The channel opened into a huge pit at least one hundred feet across. A horizontal geyser of water shot from a fissure in the far wall thirty feet below the channel and blasted into the opposite stone wall and fell into a swirling froth eighty feet below.

The water level was rapidly rising. At the bottom of the pit drifts the partially decomposed corpse of an enormous beast. Balinda suggested Lemmywinks go down there and fish out the controlling amulet while she distracted the Terraken. The halfling was horrified and refused. The second plan was better. As the shaft filled up Balinda created a fake wall to hide them from the beast. They stayed quiet and when the water lever reached the top, the Terraken roared in victory and scuttled down the old channel. The water kept rising and followed the undead dragon turtle.

Balinda and Lemmywinks took deep breaths and spider climbed down the wall into the churning water. They reached the bottom quickly. There was magic present. They stayed close and moved along the bottom of the pit. Unfortunately the magic item turned out to be a sword and not the amulet. They continued on and this time Balinda sensed the next aura.

This one required some probing but the wizard found it quickly — a ring still on a finger bone. She slipped it on and discovered it helped her swim. Lemmy was becoming out out of breath when they found the Cloak of the Manta Ray. Now Balinda could breath and she took the halfling to the top before continuing. The water was flowing into the old canal now. It had been digging through the collapsed portion of the canal. Balinda and Lemmywinks returned to the rest of the party in the inner port. All the rooms and passages were flooding and the water level in the inner port was rising but there would always be at least a dome of trapped air.

They spent the rest of the night there in relative safety arguing about what to do. Ultimately they decided to leave Balinda behind and seek out a church that could handle the destruction of the creature. Most of them left for Augustana the next day. That turned out to be the best decision. They chose to decamp from Magnimar after a delve into the city sewers went sideways resulting in their companion, an Inquisitor of Pharasma, being swallowed by what appeared to be a mass of tentacles with teeth.

This incident caused some bad blood with the authorities, so they thought an out of town job may be just what the barber ordered. They encountered a posting for a job in Riddleport requesting adventurers in retrieving information needed by a person by the name of Cyphermage Grimbowl. It offered a gp award, but was otherwise vague on the details.

Pathfinder Module LB2: Treasure of Chimera Cove

Needing to get out of town and having no other destination in mind, the four sold theirr horses and grabbed the first ship headed north. After about 5 days at sea they arrived in Riddleport late at night. It was notable that the ship was docking without any lanterns lit and the crew was whispering the whole time. After an unceremonious disembarkation, the four all spent the night in a seedy inn along the waterfront, awaking the next morning to begin their newest adventure! He had some information to give, telling them they needed to take the ferry across the river.

After being unceremoniously shoved to the side and having his boot stolen, the group decided to proceed to the ferry. They took the ferry across the river and met with Grimbowls estate. Grimbowl told them that they just needed to go to the Publican house to ask the High Publican Arnando Rolf for the map. The group went to the Publican house but it was too early in the morning and it was still closed. Uncle Sparrow ask a nearby hobo who was able to answer some questions about the High Publican as well as the Publican house.

While speaking with the hobo a young halfling pickpocket attempted to steal Uncle sparrows purse. The whole group being wide awake and alert noticed the halfling and Pema with her quick reflexes punched him into submission. The gathered hobos, seeing the group attack a pickpocket, fled the scene for fear of reprisals by the pickpocket Guild. Everyone decided it would be best to dump the unconscious halfling in a bin and then flee the scene. At this point, hoping to kill some time until the Publican House opens everyone decided to go to the market where they were able to purchase a pair of replacement boots for Uncle Sparrow.

That evening the group paid a visit to the Publican House where they found a raucous tavern like situation. They mingled among the crowd, attempting to gather information about the Publican Rolf and the possible job that they agreed to do. Jigsaw mingled amongst the crowd looking for free drinks. Uncle Sparrow decided to play a song with the band which was quite a morose and melancholy tune. Mark made friends with a couple other gnomes, Lini the druid, Bob and So-and-so. Pema went to the bar to try to bribe some information out of the bartender.

She asked the bartender if the High Publican was going to be around saying that she was an old friend of his, not realizing that she was speaking to the High Publican himself. He asked her who is asking and when she stumbled over her answer he then told her Publican Rolf would be around. Pema then attempted to sneak into the office but was caught.

Mark asked his new friends if they knew who the High Publican was and they pointed out that it was the bartender that Pema was speaking with earlier. The group then introduce themselves to Arnando and he welcome them into his office to speak about their job. He asked them what they were there for and they told him that they were told to ask for the map.

Publican Rolf told them that they could have the map after they do something for him, specifically they needed to clear out the gang run by Ziphras that is holed up in the Boneyard.

When asked for more information the High Publican told them that if they gave him a hundred gold pieces he would give them all the information they needed or they could try to find it out on their own. Blanching at the cost of the information the group decided to just ask around. He was able to tell them that it is a salt marsh to the east of the city that has a large number of derelict ships in it. He also mentioned that there were rodents of unusual size or ROUSes there and to stay out of the water because they are dangerous animals as well.

When asked if any of the three would be interested in helping, they politely declined. The group purchased rooms at the Inn for that night. Climbing over the ridge, Boneyard Cut passage ascends almost feet at a neardegree angle. The whole area is a partially flooded salt marsh that is generally two to three feet deep, although some hidden patches of quicksand are much deeper.

Our group proceeded into the swamp, moving towards the larger collections of ships. They initially encountered a group of 3 gang members. They got the drop on the group and was able to get an opening volley. Luckily, One of the gang members fumbled his crossbow. After a few rounds Pema was able to get the better of the small group.

One fled the scene, but was struck down by Pema. While moving through the swamp, the foursome was able to see the swamp barracuda before it was within striking distance. They were able to go around and avoid that encounter. Coming up on a large collection of derelict boats, they again encountered 4 gang members. This was ineffective because the gang members were able to take their true form, wererats and use their scent to navigate the cloud. One agreed to help them if he was spared.

The one remaining wererat as able to tell the four the lay of the land where Ziphras had his hideout. Slav Patrick , a blood witch. Krieth Kat , a human emissary. Appeared briefly and was gone just as fast. The game system is pretty Apocalypse-y. Our initial direction for liberating the Spire is to compromise the Hive, the big ass prison blocks, and use that to recruit people to overthrow the hated high elves!

Word of our adventures will come…. Posted in session summaries. Tagged actual play , RPG , session summary , spire , story hour. But a giant waterspout intervenes. But navigating the Eye of Abendego is no picnic, another waterspout bangs up the Araska. I keep rolling hot on the random weather table. Tagged abendego , actual play , adventure path , eye of abendego , Paizo , Pathfinder , pirates , reavers , RPG , RPGs , session summary , sodden lands , story hour.

More dungeoneering, and then a fight with a Juju oracle! Voodoo all over the place; juju zombies, she zombifies and mind-controls party members. They even leave her alive… Kinda. The Freak Watch continues their heroics! Session Six Session Summary 3 page pdf. Well, thanks to La Catrina teleporting her possessed mom inside the mansion, now Smorgascorpse himself is on the rampage. Which is the silliest villain name ever.

But, he summons zombies, takes control of the ghost of Meriweather Lewis, yadda yadda. We decide to go steal more bits for a ritual to put him away for good. But sadly, this is the last session summary. La Catrina and The Infamous Wasp make up and decide to be real heroes their own way. I enjoyed playing La Catrina, the emo Hispanic teenage girl with various family ties. Masks is a good system, we are loving the various Powered by the Apocalypse games and how people can really mold them to suit the exact kind of feel they are looking for.

Tagged actual play , freak watch , masks , powered by the apocalypse , session summary , story hour. Geek Related A place to get some role-playing game goodness. Character Creation Then you get a summary of character creation. Alignment is skimmed over pretty much in passing. Ability Scores Next we do ability score generation.

And the big bad in this chapter is goblins as a playable race. Backgrounds Then we have two pages of Backgrounds, which give ability boosts and skills usually. Dungeons and Dragons 3. Another great Pathfinder adventure module from Paizo! This book has premium high gloss pages with amazing art. This module is designed for level 7 characters.

For decades, the sleepy fishing village of Chimera Cove has harbored a dangerous secret. Now the last degenerate scion of his line is breaking into the secret tunnels, intent on selling the devastating weapon to the highest bidder. With time slipping away, only the PCs are equipped to brave the underground vault and ensure that the lost weapon stays that way.

Treasure of Chimera Cove is a seafaring dungeon crawl adventure for 7th-level characters, compatible with the 3. This adventure is set on the border between two nations in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, but can easily be set in any game world. It can be used on its own or combined with its prequel, Tower of the Last Baron, to create an even greater campaign arc.