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That is exactly what too many salespeople expect to get when they ask for the order. I think it comes down to one simple fact: Go ahead and argue otherwise with me. Developing a value propsotion for the customer is fundamental to closing the sale, but not just for the customer.

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I believe when we go through the selling process with the customer and help them see the value proposition, we are also helping ourselves. There have been times when you know what you have is a no-brainer for the customer — in those situations, closing the sale is easy. What it comes down to is the simple realization that to sell the customer, you first must believe in what you offer at the price you offer it.

You must sell yourself first! Mark Hunter is the author of High-Profit Selling: Drastic times call for drastic measures, but when it comes to sales, sometimes a simple question is all it takes to close the deal.

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As a result, there was a time early on in my career when I thought I was actually pretty good at sales, and at the time I could not have been more wrong. Something was missing, and it took me years to figure out what it was.

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I received most of my formal sales training during my time at John Hancock, one of the largest life insurance and investment companies in the United States. At the time I was in my early twenties.

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I was young, motivated and ready to take on the world. I attended workshops led by motivational giants Zig Ziglar and Bryan Tracey.

We completed in-house sales training courses designed by proven masters such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and W. Yet with all the topnotch training my sales at Hancock never took off.

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When I started at Lemartec my family was under the wrong impression that I was a great salesman because of my prior insurance training and natural aptitude for opening doors — but my actual sales figures early on told a different story. All that changed, however, the day I was visiting prospects with Doug Parker, a national corporate accounts manager for a large steel building manufacturer Lemartec represents.