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In Mexico it is very difficult for a bar to have its own beer menu independent of the big conglomerates bar licenses are expensive but paid for by the big brewers — if the bar owner agrees to stock only their beers but the Club de la Cerveza in Playa Del Carmen is a notable exception. It has carved out a niche serving Mexican craft beers thanks to a brave self-funding initiative by the owner Miquel. So head up 5th Ave and celebrate his courage with a artisanal IPA or stout.

Other local wildlife includes rainbow-hued hummingbirds, rare herons and a portly crocodile sunning itself on the bank. Also worth a mention is Nicte Ha - a restaurant on Calle 10 in town that served the best ceviche we had on our trip and continued the birding theme with its beautiful flamingo mural.

When deciding which Mayan ruins to visit, note that Chichen Itza is crowded, access to the ruins is restricted by barriers and every shady spot is full of souvenir vendors. For us, Uxmal was equally impressive but with only a fraction of the visitors, much better access to the ruins themselves and without the annoying sound of souvenir vendors blowing their animal noise whistles. We stayed in Ek Balam pueblo at Genesis Eco Oasis, where the owner promotes mutually beneficial interaction with local people, such as a visit to her farm to see how they cope with draught and hurricanes, and to her Maya friend to make tortillas and chocolate as her ancestors did.

We felt this experience helps prevent the devastating cultural and environmental impact of mass tourism. Isla Mujeres is a beautiful little island that had two problems: Its solution was to create an underwater sculpture park that acted as both an artificial reef but also ensured visitors kept coming. The statues were made from moulds of local residents as well as the odd curious sculpture like the VW car.

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A Budget Traveler's Tour of the Yucatan, Mexico

Loading comments… Trouble loading? A vegan cafe in meat-mad Mexico City. From eco housing to cowboy cantinas, art galleries to poetry readings, the Mexican border city is moving on from its recent violent past.

Jo sees his death, while Jack discovers it afterwards. Yet, the killers do not know who knows what so there are many twists and turns as the plot thickens and more and more people are involved. Jo and Jack Phillips are separated and do not know their fates, so there is doubt and grief. Unsure who to trust, Jack has to trust who is in front of him.

He works with Hector, on an archeological site, but discovers that his friend Gus is dead and fears this is the fate of his own wife.

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Jack was initially rescued by Travis, but escape, but only to be caught again and then has to trust Travis. Travis wants to solve the murder of his friend, who was an initial target. Meanwhile, back in the USA, another agent is sorting out a series of crimes there that involve a corrupt senator who is connected with a criminal in Mexico, who keeps his own kingdom of treasure, money and women.

Yet, he is also under investigation by a policeman, who appears to be on the take, but is looking for a way to bring the rich criminal Reyes down. Reyes has a long criminal record and a way of pulling people into his web.

Highlights of Yucatán: readers’ travel tips

It keeps you reading. Yet, learning about the archeological stuff is interesting, particularly how this history is valued by the Mexican people and government, but also how it can be exploited by criminals. Nov 22, Frank rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 14, Kara Jorges rated it really liked it. The story begins with a bloody shoot-out on a ferry between the Yucatan Peninsula and Isla Mujeres, then moves to an idyllic, lazy vacation day with Jack and Josephine Phillips at their hotel. The ferry shoot-out seems a world away to Jack and Jo, who head to the mainland the following morning, befriending fellow American Stephen Potter on their way to Chichen Itza.

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Jack is too late to steal away with Jo, as she is missing on his return to their hotel, and Jack is soon arrested by the federales. Jack finds himself in the middle of a web of intrigue involving both the U. Jack, however, while at times numb and passive, does not live at the whim of others. He catches onto survival pretty fast, while working his way through the maze of intrigue around him, and I found myself rooting for Jack and the other good guys to beat the impossible odds. There are two stories unfolding; Jack on the run from the bad guys, and at the Washington end, Nelson Carlton unravels a series of murders directly related to the plight Jack finds himself in.

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Both are packed with action and intrigue that kept me turning the pages. Oct 15, Jen rated it it was ok. A man is on a boat in Mexico waiting for a drug deal to go down. The drug deal goes bad and he goes on the lam. Is he a bad guy or working undercover? A husband and wife are on a vacation in Mexico rekindling their marriage. They hope to connect with their friend who is an archeologist but they find themselves in the middle of a misunderstanding about drugs and ancient Mayan artifacts.

Will they kill or be killed? Basically, this plot has been done a million times and is not original. But even wor A man is on a boat in Mexico waiting for a drug deal to go down.

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But even worse, the writing is bland and does not keep the story moving. It's fine for a beach read, but there are other books out there in this genre that are much, much better. Dec 14, Carole rated it liked it Shelves: At times a little clunky this novel of Yucatan was fun reading during a trip to the area. A story of a tourist who winds up being involved inadvertently by people who are on all sides of the Mexican drug trafficking issues, it involves agents of various government entities, politicians, and others.

Ek Balam archaeological site, Valladolid

Jan 02, Shappy Irwin rated it really liked it. Having visited the Yucatan Peninsula many times, it was fun to visualize the places in the book. A fun read with a good story line. In the back of my copy of the book it says there is a sequel coming, however I only see one other book by this author.

Jun 22, Diane rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book, both for the suspense and for what it contained about Mayan ruins - not that all of it was factual. I felt like I was on a trip to the Yucatan. Had to suspend my disbelief, but it was worth the ride. Sep 29, Timeslife rated it it was amazing. Having been to that area of Mexico several times, I enjoyed the book immensely. The story was also suspenseful. May 01, Tommyb added it Shelves: Sep 12, Peter rated it did not like it. Probably the worst written book I've ever read! It even makes an appalling writer like Dan Brown look like Marcel Proust by comparison.

Liked adventure of this book. Aug 04, Glory rated it it was amazing. Jul 08, Shannon rated it liked it. Read this while vacationing in the Yucatan. The story is a little far fetched, but I enjoyed reading a story set in the area. Oct 02, Anni rated it liked it. Ritaflwr rated it liked it Oct 28, James rated it really liked it Jul 29, Kim rated it liked it Feb 18, Chana Bishburg rated it it was ok May 19, Jennifer Rhatigan rated it it was ok May 07, Manuel Gonzalez rated it really liked it Jan 22, Ann Spencer rated it really liked it Apr 24,