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But when she made the leap to full-time freelancing, she needed to figure out her own way of doing things. After plenty of trial and error, she figured out a five step process to move up and earn more as a freelance writer.

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When long-time accountant Tammy Farrell left the business for freelance writing, she had her sites set on earning pro rates from day one. When Molly Carter reached a tipping point at her day job in addiction services, she knew she had to make a change. But she made it work.

After landing her first gig, freelancer Amy Hardison wrote a lot of great content for her client. Instead, she proposed a percent raise and got it. If you think you have to be an outgoing extrovert to make a living writing, think again. You could try and be a generalist and write for a broad range of niches and industries. But when Erin Walton was just starting out, she discovered that choosing a niche can be a highly effective way to fast-track your freelance writing career.

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  • Successful Freelance Writer - Building writing success one word at a time.

Freelance writer Thomas Hill knows. But he wanted to make a living writing. Instead of waiting around for something magical to happen, he took a few specific steps to move up, earn more, and start landing well-paying feature writing assignments.

The best and worst things about being a freelance writer [tips for freelancers]

Leslie Jordan Clay was a part-time freelancer with a regular job for years. When she finally decided to turn it into her full-time gig, she booked thousands of dollars in ongoing work with a handful of niche clients within the first nine months. You can earn six-figures in a lot of professions other than freelance writing.

I saw the results. I felt certain the same thing would happen online. Certainly, if people could find a cornfield in the middle of nowhere and in finding it they would save a man from financial ruin then they could find my words on …. Keep it simple by finding creative ways to wrangle your words into a product you can use to build your platform and promote your book.

You grow your platform by writing a book. You get your book published by having a platform. Does anyone else see the problem here?

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  5. Many years ago, I was encouraged …. Know the different rights as a writer to build a solid writing career. I stepped up to help out an organization that I believe in. They asked for speakers and I agreed to do the presentation — for free — at …. The target market for your books focuses on the ideal person that would read your book. As I recently transitioned from employment to self-employment as a full-time writer and editor, I was glad that she covered more than just the nuts and bolts of freelancing with chapters on marketing, efficiency, relationships, managing yourself, and seeking life balance as a freelancer.

    If you're a part-time or full-time writer looking to get paid for the work you do, this book will help you save yourself from making costly mistakes. Jun 05, Chad Schimke rated it it was amazing. With topics such as selling yourself, making the most of your time, building connections, running your business and balancing your life--there are a lot of gems in this book.

    With so many writing reference books devoted to formats, proposals, novels and creativity; this one delivers something quite different. Its sole focus is the creation, craft and business of being a freelancer. Mar 30, Jamie Stephens rated it it was amazing. Writer for Hire will definitely help me get started with my magazine writing career!

    I knew nothing before reading Kelly's book, but it has loads of information to help me get into the business. I am also a newspaper journalist and an author, but there was so much I didn't know that this book taught me about becoming even more involved in the writing business. Thank you Kelly for sharing your knowledge! Full of very useful hints and tips although it's geared more towards writers who are already freelancing.

    It's a good overview of a freelancing career. The author has been a freelance writer for 15 years, so she knows what she's talking about! This book also mentions several other resources helpful to freelance writers including books and web sites.

    25 Amazing Break-In Stories on How to Be a Freelance Writer

    Sep 27, Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is chock full of helpful hints for beginning freelance writers. In addition to this, Kelly James-Enger provides loads of encouragement to aid writers in weathering the ups and downs of the often tumultuous publishing industry.

    This book is a phenomenal and fast read. Apr 15, Karin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've thought about freelancing but honestly had no idea where or how to begin. This book is like having a coach in your pocket. It was the nudge I needed to finish up a book proposal and to start pitching articles. It is well written, full of practical strategies, and worth every penny! Writer for Hire isn't for anyone seeking a comprehensive guide to the current world of freelancing.

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    Dec 05, Anne rated it really liked it. Good advice for the freelance writer. Provides you with a lot of good information about the world of freelancing. Some of it is writing specific, but a lot of her tips can be applied to any freelance career. Mar 27, Brian rated it liked it. Pick and choose wisely from this advice book and you can learn some valuable techniques. Dec 09, Wendy Bachelu rated it really liked it. Lots of good nuggets of information presented in a very digestible format. Dec 04, R. I enjoyed the book. Post a full review later. Jul 20, Charlene rated it liked it.

    Some really good tips offered in a to-the-point fashion. Sep 18, Selina rated it really liked it. Good book to pick up useful tips on freelance writing. She knows her business.

    The Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

    Aug 03, Camilla rated it it was amazing. Just the perfect, helpful book I needed right now. I took so many notes! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Books by Kelly James-Enger. Trivia About Writer for Hire,