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Yada Yada Prayer Group 7 books in series. What do an ex-con, a former drug addict, a real estate broker, a college student, and a married mother of two have in common? Not Available on Audible. Her biggest challenge is when her husband brings home a six-pack of beer. What will her friends think?! She and some women from a spiritual conference form a prayer group. Like the author herself says I am sure a lot of women just love this stuff. Started to read Book 1 on a plane trip just to pass the time.

By the end of my 3 hr. The members of Yada Yada are so vividly described, unique and warm, they felt like old friends!

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The book made me laugh and cry but most important it has caused me to examine my prayer life and relationship with God. After many years we can "get comfortable wth God" and this has stirred up my passion for Jesus. One person found this helpful. I've been a Christian for almost 50 years but I've always been lax in my prayer life because I was a "good Christian". Don't smoke, don't drink,etc. This book convicted me on so many levels that I'm really taking a new look at my life and what it means to be saved by His grace.

Thanks so much, Neta Jackson for writing such an amazing book. I put this book on my Kindle in but never read it,even though I was familiar with the title and knew I wanted to. But God was just preparing me for the trial I am going through right now. Must listen to it. Remiss if you do not. Initially, many years ago I tried to read it.

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Series

Then recently , I had a bug to pick it up after I read a review that the audiobook with it makes the series. It's one of my favorite series.

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It branches off into " House of Hope-4 novels and two other novels with a character from the series. To appreciate the series' involved, you have to read this first. Great scripture application and every book is suspenseful and relevant to Christian living today. I totally loved it! It also has all sorts of unique characters and the" reader " of the audio books makes it easy to know who is who.

But the character's will fire off after the last audio book.

Audiobook Narrator Barbara Rosenblat YADA YADA PRAYER GROUP

I loved this book. This group gave a perfect example of how we are to respond, support and communicate with each other. It brought a light to my eyes about how easily we can have that judgemental attitude just because someone is different from us. Such a great story. All who profess the Lord is God needs to read this book.

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  • Also YaDa YaDa groups are popping up everywhere. This would be a great book for anyone volunteering to startup a Life group.

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    This book is a wonderful journey of how we need God and how God places good people in our lives. It doesn't matter what we have been through we can all learn from one another and pray for one another. God connects us to people for a reason, for a purpose beyond our understanding and the yada yada prayer group is an example of that. Financially, it's been a challenge at times. The fact that my husband and I both write means we have no regular salary coming in, but we're also able to produce more then just one person can. So, God has met our needs. We've been doing freelance since and we haven't gone hungry yet and managed to pay our bills so that's a great blessing.

    We did other book projects along the way, but it was nice having a backbone to our writing work.

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    And I love working with my husband. The privilege of working together has been an awesome blessing to us as a couple. Going solo on The Yada Yada Prayer Group novels three in all was a big leap of faith for me in many ways.

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    I've never written a book in first person before. That appeals to many people. How long did "Yada Yada Gets Down" take you to complete?

    See a Problem?

    Each Yada Yada book has taken about six months. It's been an intense year and a half! I haven't had much time in between. How do you think up your characters? First of all, I belong to a women's Bible study that inspired this book. I wasn't thinking about writing a novel based on my group experiences, but my husband, Dave, who knows all the sisters, woke up one morning with this idea saying, "You need to write a novel about all these stories, the people are just so incredible.

    I thought this would be a way to share it. I have been amazed at the response, giving readers a glimpse into our experience in this corner of Chicago. What I've discovered is that there are many women out there who long for sisterhood with a group and are hungry for prayer and worship. Though, some of the stories come close. If you notice the dedication in the front of the book "Yada Yada Gets Down" there is a quote about "bandana woman.

    I'm thrilled that she's been helping me tell it in a fictionalized way. How did you choose the name "Yada Yada"? The idea for the name came from a youth dance group in our church, which is called Yadah, Yadah, Yadah. I asked the director of that group where the name comes from. She told me that she found it in the Hebrew lexicon to the Scriptures. It's used in Scripture to describe the intimacy between a husband and wife, also the kind of intimacy that God wants with us and that we can have with God and other relationships.

    I thought those two meanings would be so powerful for my fictional prayer group, to give praise to God and to develop that kind of intimacy. Actually, our real group is not called Yada Yada, though it gets called that sometimes since the book came out.

    There's a lot of the journey that I've been on that I tried to work into her character. How did choose the setting? We live in the Chicago area, and attend a racially diverse church. Is that the reason you chose Chicago as your setting? We've been in the Chicago area over thirty years so I'm familiar with it. My son lives in the Rogers Park area of Chicago—supposedly one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the nation—so I decided to set my story there.

    Also, I wanted a setting that would enable me to bring women of different backgrounds together. We might be thrown together at work or school or other settings, but it really takes "intentionality" to cross the little barriers we set up between ourselves, even the invisible social barriers we embrace without even realizing it, to bring people into our personal lives and our homes. So I needed this setting for the kind of story I wanted to tell. How personal are your novels?

    Most writers pull little experiences out of their lives and plop it into their character's life. How many more Yada Yada novels? What's the third book called? Are there any new projects on the horizon?