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Donna Grant Goodreads Author. Annalise Russell Goodreads Author. The Pleasure of His Bed 3. Naked, bound and aroused beyond their wildest imaginations, the women in these three stories prove how delicious complete surrender is What privateer Damon Delacroix doesn't know is how much Sophia longs to be do Naked, bound and aroused beyond their wildest imaginations, the women in these three stories prove how delicious complete surrender is What privateer Damon Delacroix doesn't know is how much Sophia longs to be dominated.

But soon it is Damon who is enslaved as he gives up all control and embarks on a wild journey of carnal pleasure Now Jarina's only wish is to satisfy her master's insatiable appetite. But she soon learns that to live under Bodin's command is to submit to the most sensual, skilled lovemaking she's always dreamed of. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Pleasure of His Bed , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Pleasure of His Bed. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Underwhelmed with this book. I really did not like the stories. I understand they are shorts but come on Russell I found I had to read pages again Oct 04, Laurie Gold rated it did not like it Shelves: Obviously, I hear more from grateful people both men and women then I hear from the folks who I manage to shock and upset.

But it is the folks who are upset that stand out for—simply because I am a gentle person—and I don't wish to upset anybody. Right now, I am traveling around the country visiting retreat centers—learning about how we rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit. In fact, at this very moment I am sitting in an airport waiting to go to The Chopra Center. As at all of my past workshops, I know that sexuality will come up it always does once we go around the table and talk about what we do for a living. It doesn't matter who is at the table.

But these days I am very careful about how to have these conversations as I have come to realize that there is still a tremendous amount of taboo around female sexual desire.

Positions for Maximum Pleasure

It amazes me and stuns me everytime I trip over another gate that is keeping women in a place of uncomfortable sexual endurance rather than a place of delicious sexual pleasure. And there are so many gates—and so much anger still around women and pleasure. The only way that we can break these taboos is to talk about the things that can make some people uncomfortable. So I do it—and some folks may squirm—but in the end gates go down, and I find myself to often be the most popular table at the retreat centers!

At my latest retreat I was asked what were the three most common secrets and desires of women that they might not tell you. So pull up a chair—sip your coffee, and I will tell you all about them. You just can't have too much lubricant. That's right—for many woman adding a lubricant to love making can make sex go from uncomfortable to ecstatic.

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Want to make things even better? Combine the lubricant with some female topical arousal gel like Zestra. And this is really not just about women who experience "vaginal dryness" which can happen quite normally in women as they age —this can be about adding pleasure to women who lubricate quite normally. Lubricant's can enhance female pleasure. One more word about aging women and lubricants: If we are going to be comfortable talking to men about "ED" and supporting lots of older men with their erections—we better get comfortable talking to older women about lubricants!

There I said it! Is everyone doing okay? Women can suffer from sexual boredom just like men. I know—this is a hard one to believe. After all—according to way too many experts on relationships and female sexuality—if a woman is feeling emotionally connected and loved—she is turned on forever and ever! It is the men—those beasts— who need sexual variety!

Hold on to your knickers Recently I heard this story about Calvin Coolidge and his wife told by a relationship expert. The legend goes that the Coolidges were at a farm and Mrs. Coolidge was watching Mr. Coolidge standing in the barnyard with the chickens. A rooster was vigorously servicing a hen. She alledgedly sent a note to Mr. Coolidge asking him to come up and service her the way the rooster was taking care of the hen, to which Mr. Coolidge replied "My dear, look at all of the hens the rooster has to choose from.

In this case I recommend that women look to themselves first. Seek out sexuality coaching, pick up some sexy books to open new horizens and think about attending some tantra workshop with or without your spouse. Lots of women do this alone.

See a Problem?

In fact there is a wonderful, inspiring workshop just for women coming up called Zest Fest in Vermont! I highly recommend it. I promise you that you will come out with a lot of fire! Many women's sexual experiences could be remarkably improved by learning how to receive pleasure as opposed to developing skills on how to give pleasure.

If you look around, there are a million courses on how a woman can learn to please a man. It is embedded in our culture going back to the beginning of time. Sure, I know that there are also lots of books and videos for men about pleasing a woman in bed. But I am actually talking about something radical. What if the sexual partner told their female lover that tonight was just all about them? Have you ever tried that? What if the partner told their female lover that you did not want her to touch back—that your pleasure was simply to give her pleasure.

You might meet with resistance, both your own—if you are a woman reading this article, or as the partner who may be told that she doesn't want to do that. That her pleasure is YOUR pleasure. Push on and insist! We have created a culture of women "doers" as opposed to giving permission for women to simply receive. It is an unimaginable pleasure and concept for many women to simply lay back and receive pleasure.

So the last secret about female sexuality is also a sex tip—try it. So there you have it Use the information wisely!

20 Things Every Man Wants in Bed

We only need these lubricants because so many men are now circumcised. The foreskin, which men are born with, help to retain the mositure created. The foreskin also has 20 thousad nerve endings, that tells a man where he is in his arousal and prevents premature ejaculation. Later in life this also helps a man with erection. Why we have lubricants and drugs like Viagra are a symptom of our over-circumcised culture. I was weak and couldn't make my wife happy. I started seeing results in exactly two weeks after usage and this week makes it exactly 11 months i used it and and I am permanently cured..

I didn't want to talk about it until i saw good results and i am very glad to share it now that i have confirmed it. Interestingly, I did just this very thing the other night. She was getting ready to go to bed and I told her I wanted her to come to my bed and I wanted to lavish her with attention and it had nothing to do with sex. I got one of those "Yeah, sure," looks. I told her it had nothing to do with my trying to have sex with her. I wanted to connect with her that night. We had let two very other good opportunities pass us by in the last two days because of insert your frequently used reasons here; i.

Then another day passes, another week passes, and maybe even another month passes. When she reluctantly agreed, I considerately offered her the option of the next day while our son would be in college classes and away from the house for four hours. That would have been during the daylight hours though and there would have been way too much light in the room in spite of the Roman shades, shears and dark curtains on the window. That offer is made only once. I realized it has been a mistake to make it in the first place. I have asked her to come to me and she has reluctantly agreed.

I quit while I was ahead. I was speaking the truth about no sex. The truth is thus:. I wanted to deeply connect with her in a way that said you are not just an anatomical receptacle for my penis. If that is all I need, I have a hand; two of them even and they are always in the mood when I am. I wanted her to know I valued her for a more deeply seated reason. I needed to know I could value her in a deeper way too. I do value her in my life, but I needed the find a connection that was more sensual than sexual.

I have been having ED issues; it could be the new blood pressure meds, weight, age, lack of exercise, perhaps pre-diabetes or all of them combined. Sexual intercourse is the sadly typical way a male connects with his mate. We are not that emotionally narrow, it is just the only way most of us know to connect with you. You have sex with us because you feel a deep connection. We have to have sex with you in order to feel that deep connection. So, in one interaction with her, I am working at both heightening my sensual sensitivity while trying to show her how sensitive I am toward her.

I am coming from both ends of the street and trying to meet in the middle of the block. If it does resolve, the added sensitivity will not only be just that much more icing on the cake, it will also greatly enhance our relationship. I got to this point by reading about kareeza. We are both very much into orgasms, her in a very multiple way. I liked the idea of the soft entry or the frictionless connecting of genitalia without the intent of orgasm. It sounded exciting to lie connected without being sexually stimulated. I saw the opportunity of a connection that, while very sensual, would not distract from my goal of working on our yes, I said our.

Even though, as a female, she is credited with having greater sensitivity than any male dead or living, I knew there was work to be done. I felt that years of orgasm directed sex had numbed us to feelings that were there but of a more subtle intensity. When the clinical rush of sexual excitement hits, it overwhelms the more subtle sensitivities we might otherwise feel.

I say might because if we have overwhelmed or ignored them for too long, we will probably have to rediscover them. That was the ultimate mission that night. It was all about her because it was not intended to result in a sexual release for me. If she desired one, that would be my pleasure for her. I wanted to know her in a different way though. If I never get hard enough again in my life it could be the only way I receive sexual pleasure with her through a more sensual relationship on my part.

I can still satisfy her, but I may have to look for something different than what I am used to. I decided to start the quest last night if only for that reason. I am glad I did. I hope she is too. I kissed her so softly as I held her face in my hands. After the usual time spent on a kiss, she stopped.

I told her not to stop until I did. Then I asked her to try to breathe in unison with me as we kissed. Your body needs oxygen when it needs it and those needs may not coincide for the two of you. We kissed and maintained contact, not just a touching of lips either. Our lips moved over and against one another in a sensual massage.

It was a delicious feeling. You are not looking to build sexual heat. Refocus if you find yourself drifting in that direction. Concentrate on how connected you feel through your bodies touching and your lips in particular.

The Pleasure of His Bed

Try to sensualize it, not sexualize. Think of what she means to you and her place in her life. There is a feeling of shared energy and a circuit being completed between the two of you. You have become equal and necessary parts of one entity. She was no longer complementary to me; she had just become a necessary and vital part of me. It was this annoyingly missing part or my relationship with her.

I have always loved and desired her, but something was always missing and I knew it was not missing through any fault of hers. I had to find it on my own. She was doing her part as a devoted wife. It was all about me, and then the other night, there the missing part was,.

I next placed my mouth to her breast. I told her the emotions I felt when I was at her breast without intending to sexually excite her. I told her it was a feeling of great comfort, satisfaction and security. I felt nurtured and cared for, yes, even mothered. It is just a natural thing as a mammal to take nourishment and thus comfort at the breast I think. Adults suck on cigarettes and soda straws, children thumbs and lollipops. We chew gum to relax, and eat to calm anxiety. To desire a breast at our mouths and find comfort thereby is simply a part of our nature. We may be guilty of sexualizing them beyond their natural function, but the basic fascination with them is natural.

When I place my mouth to her breast, I may be sexually excited initially by the visual and tactile sensations involved; but, if I calm my libido, the feeling goes from sexual excitement to a peaceful comfort. I get a deep feeling of security and satisfaction. Male of female, there is nothing that compares in form or function.

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  4. Men are simply guilty of not comprehending the roots of their fascination with them and allowing their baser nature to overcome their sensual side. Sex, for most men, creates more heat than light. We just focus on enjoying a nice hot cup, usually as soon as possible.

    Sex tips for more pleasure in the bedroom | Daily Star

    We may be guilty of being goal oriented, but we are not alone. Two people are involved here and changing things is a two way street. We men need help and you need to help us. You are not just the object of our desire, lust, and sexual satisfaction; you a source of comfort, peace, security, and completeness for us. Hot sex, better sex, kinky sex or more frequent sex may satisfy the former, but only opening up to our sensual nature will satisfy the latter.

    You ladies may have to take the lead here. Kneel in front of him with your back to the mirror. Watching the reflection of your naked body rhythmically working on him in the mirror makes oral one hell of a visual. Take your partner by surprise and tug their testicles or sharply tweak their nipples as things heat up. Use with restraints such as hog ties, spreader bars and bed restraints for the full 50 Shades experience. These sex tips will re-vamp your love life [GETTY] If you want to spice things up in the bedroom this weekend, listen up!

    Here Ann Summers in-house sexperts and sex toy buyers reveal all: