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Kurds-Kurdish Culture

Although predominantly Sunni Muslims, some are Christians and their political structures are often non-denominational. More than 30 years of fighting with Turkish forces has killed more than 40, people. In Iraq, Kurds are an important US ally, and after having resisted the army of dictator Saddam Hussein for decades, have been at the forefront of the fight against IS.

Kurdish Religions

Kurdish peshmerga fighters are considered to be experienced warriors and Western countries have provided them with air cover, sophisticated weapons and training to combat IS. I feel Kurdish and only Kurdish in that sense. This is a photo of Mansour — probably from or When he was killed defending a village, his wife next to him was one month pregnant with their son Arman.

Arman is now an adult, having successfully left the war zone and is living in Europe. Being Kurdish has always been a source of pride for me. Our culture and our history is so rich and loving. I wear my sweatshirt a lot because I like these conversations.

Kurdish People Fast Facts - CNN

They have changed their stance from independence to autonomy after Ocalan — imprisoned by Turkey since — developed the idea of democratic confederalism while serving his imprisonment. But political analysts think that the idea of democratic confederalism is a ground preparation for an independent Kurdish state.

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In northern Iraq, primarily backed by the US, the Kurds have carved out the KRG — the autonomous region recognised by the Iraqi constitution which was written with the involvement of the US after they invaded Iraq in Since then, the PKK has been conducting attacks on both to Turkish security forces and civilians along across the country. Many analysts have seen the Assad regime's move as a countermeasure against Turkish support to the Syrian opposition. The YPG and the Syrian regime have reportedly been on good terms during much of the Syrian civil war.

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Turkey has vehemently opposed the presence of PKK-aligned groups right on its border with northern Syria. Turkey previously launched military operation dubbed Euphrates Shield in northwestern Syria in August , in order to clear Daesh from the country's Syria border.

Historical background

The PKK was already in Syria before civil war erupted there in Syria allowed the PKK to operate its training camps in the Bekaa Valley and other locations during the s and s. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for all latest in-depth, on the ground reporting from around the world. News Magazine Who are the Kurds? Murat Sofuoglu 1 Jun What would you like to learn more about?

Thousands of Afghan migrants walk into Turkey for a better life. How the killing of a betrothed Kashmiri man shattered many lives. Ignoring death threats, Nigerian radio station resolutely informs people. How the Dungan community protects its identity from regional influences. Why has Turkey banned rentals in foreign currency?

A brief survey of The History of the Kurds

Kurds are often described as one of the largest stateless people. While other stateless nations do exist, the Kurdish question is complex and goes back generations. So who are these stateless people, and where did it all begin?