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The only thing that makes the Steampunk genre different from any other is the fascination with the Victorian era and the need to re-explore the many possibilities of what was, what could be, and what will be because yes, there is futuristic Steampunk too. Really, what it offers is a facet for those obsessed with the Victorian era to re-live it in all the high definition excitement that other subgenres offer for other time periods. What are the challenges and advantages to writing a steampunk story? The challenges are entirely up to the author, I think.

It has to make sense. Readers in these genres are looking for true technical writing, they want your gadgets and gizmos to work on legitimate laws of mechanics and physics. How much research does it take and how much imagination. For Quinn stories, I focus on things that a female reader might be more interested in: Her father reached out and grabbed the newcomer by the sleeve, practically tossing him at Kate like some kind of offering.

He stumbled into the desk with an oomph , then righted himself, brushing off his stained, company issued coveralls with an oil veined hand. This time his tone indicated his impatience with her. Kate blinked at the newcomer, he blinked at her. He really was quite handsome, especially with the soot stain on his forehead. But, alas, he was like all the rest.

Staring at her in that odd manner all the newcomers got. Kate figured she might as well get the lecture over with. Do you have a problem with that? He turned to the newcomer. She held up a hand, silencing him, then fixed the newcomer with a penetrating stare.

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She took a deep breath before speaking. Coldwater you have read about in The Daily. Yes, I am the heir to Coldwater Steam. Yes, I am the chief engineer of the heart. No, I do not wear corsets or bustles, nor do I carry a parasol, conduct social hours, or powder my nose.

Bringing the X into City Steam

I do not look like a lady, I do not walk like a lady, and I most certainly do not give a damn what people think of my complexion. She paused, waiting for a reaction, but she got none. You had best come to accept that because I can not work with someone who does not trust me to do my job because I am a woman. She grew up in Bethany, Connecticut, where she had an unlimited area of woods to roam and trees to climb.

When not in class, Dana most likely has her nose buried in a book about the supernatural.

Ascendence is her first published work. What piece of advice would you give to a budding author? I think one of the most important thin. Enter for you chance to win ridiculous things! Apologies for not having any Monday Muses or Feature Fridays for the summer. I've been on insane deadlines and the blog got docked for it! Today I've got the fabulous Mr.

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Long type no post, I've been very busy churning out awesome new novels for you! Lily Young thought traveling across the globe with a reawakened sun prince was a grand adventure. The Rigs -- Ladybird. Crown the Empire -- Machines. I am very into songs about machines lately. It's because I'm working on the sequel to Nexis There will be a playlist. Christina Perri -- I Believe.

The Krie Seekers

This is my obligatory "crud, my life is falling apart Gotta hold on and all that jazz. James Blake -- Retrograde. This is so haunting. Celldweller -- Just Like You. It gives me chills. The Rigs -- All the King's Men. Die Mannequin -- Sucker Punch. Royal Blood -- Blood Hands. Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes. This is what happens when I go shopping. I start Shazaming what stores are playing and it cascades from there Also, dancing in stores happens.