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David Faldet has spent forty years in the basin of the Upper Iowa River.

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His book "Oneota Flow" deals with the idea that "The river, like a keen memory, carries a record of the past. In "Oneota Flow," Faldet blends contemporary conversations, readings from the historical record, environmental research, and personal experience. Faldet says that the health of the river is best guaranteed by maintaining the biological communities that nurture it.

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In return, taking care of the Upper Iowa is the best way to take care of our future. Shedinger's "Was Jesus a Muslim" raises the question "Do Muslims understand Jesus in some ways more historically appropriate than Christians do? Questioning the distinction between "politics" and "religion" and the isolation of "religion" from wider social and cultural questions, Shedinger offers a proposal for a more accurate and respectful understanding of faith that he says will improve possibilities for mutual understanding among Christians, Muslims and others.

I was aware that this was required reading for Luther college Freshmen and jumped on the bandwagon.

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The Smell of Rain: Where it starts bacterial spores, Leopold: Round river - the land is not only soil but also plants, animals, air and water, all caught up in a single stream. The Two Names of the River: Geological beginnings a map i missed!

Big River in the Driftless: I especially wanted to get this quote in: This would definitely have more meaning for those who live in the area, the students who will see the topography and the towns as the go to school there for 4 years, it makes me want to re-rea as I tour the area but it also opens my eyes to the topography of my area, and to the practices we have here that affect each other.

Dec 08, Hannah Breckbill rated it it was amazing. This is a book that I will read again and again, as long as I live as part the upper Iowa river system.

Decorah, Iowa

I wish all places had local histories so well written and meaningful. Mar 02, Jess rated it liked it Shelves: I read it as homeowrk for a class and it was very interesting because it was so close to home and the author is a great speaker as well. I even had his wife as a teacher and she was great also.

Daniel rated it really liked it Oct 19, JeanAnn rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Karen rated it really liked it Feb 23, Jon McGee rated it really liked it Aug 26, Julie Mickens rated it liked it Jul 23, Marilyn rated it liked it Sep 24, Jim D'Ambrosia rated it liked it Apr 25, John rated it really liked it Apr 26, Jake Torgerson rated it really liked it Nov 18, Nessa rated it it was amazing Mar 31, I received my most wanted books. My friends are so angry because they don't know how I have all this high quality ebooks.

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