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My immediate thought was to connect with my brother Foxie and his wife Pam to support them in any way possible.

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And so, with great love and appreciation for Jason, it is through these written words we share the memory of a life of a young man whose passing has touched and continues to transform many lives. My brother and his wife were awakened in the early hours of November 28th, by their son who stepped into the family room where both he and his wife were sleeping. Feeling a touch on each of their heads with brief eye contact and only a few words, Jason made his presence known to them. It started out like any other morning. She walked into the living room and found Jason lying on the couch.

My Brothers Healing Journey Continues – Update 5/2017

Pam, sensing something was wrong, tried to awaken Jason from his sleep while calling out to my brother for help. In that moment, the shock of what had just been discovered was etched deep into their hearts and minds, changing their lives forever. Jason had a smile that would light up a room. He was tall, blonde and blue eyed and had a good sense of humor. He was a sensitive and kind soul, almost too sensitive for this harsh world. His soul came in with extraordinary gifts to share. Because of his uniqueness, early on he experienced difficulties with traditional schooling being labeled ADHD.


A Son’s Passing

These early labels can be difficult burdens for our children as they already feel different from others based upon their own awareness and sensitivities. From an early age, Jason would experience frustration as he was wise in ways beyond his years. At times he could become angry, defiant and argumentative. Jason could see the injustices and hypocrisy in people and the world and had very little tolerance for what he witnessed. This duality within Jason caused him to experience anxiety, self isolation and drug use, which eventually ended his life.

Many of these children from an early age have characteristics like Jason in that they do not fit within the current systems of conformity and control. True to their spiritual nature, our Indigo children come into the world to change these systems by their unwillingness to participate in them. Many times, these sensitive souls reach out to drugs, alcohol and other addictions to equalize their intense feelings, empathy and awareness. A greater understanding of our spiritual nature is needed to help direct and guide these sensitive souls to offer a gentle understanding of themselves and what role they play while here on earth.

Since Jason has passed, my brother and his wife Pam work through their grief in diverse ways and this is understandable.

Healing Childhood Wounds – Emotional Detox – Wash The Pain Away Subliminal Meditation

My brother has agreed to share his journey with you, and this is nothing short of a miracle. With the passing of his son, he received unexpected gifts allowing him to grow and change in ways he might not have thought possible. My brother will tell you that he participated in an extensive case study involving alcohol. Close to taking his own life on several occasions after Jason had passed, he has now achieved almost 4 years of sobriety.

Does time heal all wounds?

His strength today comes from a commitment made to Jason while at his burial site, to remain sober in honor of his passing. We would like to share some of them with you, to help provide comfort in knowing your loved ones are always near. In those early and dark days of emotions, my brother would often ask for signs from Jason. One afternoon my brother ran into his friend, Danny, who was pulling out of a parking lot just as my brother was passing by.

That gift and connection made a significant impact on my brother as I remember him calling to tell me about it. After receiving the pendant, in which there are only 2 in existence, my brother and his wife decided they would go to a jewelry store to purchase a chain so it could be worn. Thinking that it was a bit expensive, they decided to purchase it anyway.

Only a few weeks later my brother and his wife went shopping for a television. As they were shopping a young salesman walked up to them and introduced himself.

Morning Call Newspaper Posting – 5th Year Anniversary Of Jason’s Passing

There is nothing to be afraid of. If we accept death, we embrace life.

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