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Teste , Knopf, , McGraw, Milford, ; L'Ame et la danse first published in Revue Musicale , December, , translation by Dorothy Busay published as Dance and the Soul , John Lehmann, , Gallimard, , reprinted, , translated and edited with introduction and notes by Vera J. Fragments sur Mallarme , R.

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Davis Paris , Situation de Baudelaire , Madame Lesafe Paris , Durtal , Champion, Etudes et fragments sur le reve , Claude Aveline Paris , Petit recueil de paroles de circonstance , Plaisir de Bibliophile, Discours de la diction des vers , Le Livre, , revised edition published as De la diction des vers , Emile Chamontin Paris , Durtal; ou, Les Points d'une conversion criticism , M. Senac Paris , Maitres et amis title means Masters and Friends , Beltrand, Discours sur Emile Verhaeren lecture , Champion, Discours de reception a l'Academie francaise , Gallimard, Galanis criticism , Aux Aldes, Essais sur la poetique et le poete essays , Bertrand Guegan Paris , Remarques exterieures , illustrations by L.

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Soulas, Editions des Cahiers Libres, Variation sur une "Pensee," annotee par l'auteur , Balancier, Litterature notes; first published in Commerce , , Gallimard, Choses tues , Gallimard, Moralites , Gallimard, Suite , Gallimard, Etat de la vertu: Rapport a l'academie , L. Pichon Paris , Analecta extracts from Notebooks and other personal records , Gallimard, Discours aux chirurgiens lecture , Gallimard, Introduction a la poetique , Gallimard, Poesie et pensee abstraite lecture , Clarendon Press Oxford , La Politique de l'esprit, notre souverain bien address , introduction by Lucy Leveaux, Editions de l'Universite de Manchester, Mauvaises pensees et autres extracts , Gallimard, Dialogues de l'arbre , Firmin-Didot Paris , Au sujet de Nerval , Textes Pretextes Paris , Un Poete inconnu contains two interviews with Valery , Lettres Francaises, Blaizot Paris , Discours sur Voltaire lecture , Domat-Montchrestien Paris , Henri Bergson , Domat-Montchrestien Paris , Souvenirs poetiques , Le Prat Paris , Vues , illustrations by Gilbert Poilliot, Table Ronde, Histoires brisees , Gallimard, Propos sur le livre , Bibliophiles Francais, Reflexions simples sur le corps, de Paul Valery, ayant inspire des lithographies originales a Hans Erni , E.

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Valery, the latter by F. Valery , Gallimard, Autres rhumbs de Paul Valery extracts , Editions de France, Cahier B extracts , Gallimard, Autres rhumbs extracts , Gallimard, Gaston Poulain, Paul Valery, tel quel includes unpublished letters , illustrations by P. Correspondance, , preface and notes by Robert Mallet, Gallimard, , reprinted as Correspondance Andre Gide—Paul Valery, , , abridged and translated edition by June Guicharnaud published as Self-Portraits: Correspondance, , introduction, notes, and documents by Octave Nadal, Gallimard, Prose et poesie anthology; contains Poemes , Ecrits en prose , Sur la poesie , Sur l'architecte , Sur la danse , Essais divers , Cycle Teste , Gallimard, , reprinted, , abridged translation published as Selected Writings , New Directions, , reprinted, Poesies , Gallimard, , 2nd edition, , reprinted as Poesies: Prose et vers , compiled by Henri Payre, Blaisdell Paris , Lawler, Princeton University Press, Paul Valery secret, Lawler, ; Part II: Plays some text in French and English , translation by D.

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Dialogues , translation by W. Stewart, prefaces by W. Postwar hospital architecture in the Belgian Congo and the dream of a new colonial society John Harrington: Alice Street Catherine Burns: The Invention of the Birthsuit: Formal and informal systems of response to outbreaks emerging infectious diseases in Ghana Luce Beeckmans: Imagined disease and racial segregation: Fighting against illicit medicines and shaping pharmaceutical markets in Kenya Bob Simpson Rene Gerrets: Malaria control dreams in colonial British East Africa: Quest for health beyond hospital treatment of cancer in Kenya Patience Mususa: Dreaming beyond a blanket and a roof: Healing dreams and hepatitis B in Burkina Faso Where dreams and the imaginary fill a social void Cheikh Ibrahima Niang: From resistance to hidden Utopias of gender and health in West Africa Chair: Anne-Marie Moulin Peter Mangesho: Collaborations in transnational medical research: Ruth Prince Fanny Chabrol: Dreaming of safer blood donation and transfusion amidst a ruined hospital in Cameroon Alice Desclaux: Serena and 4 others are mysteriously abducted through an amazing energy identified merely because the Coordinator.

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