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Movie Info George Stevens's charming film version of Kathryn Forbes' collection of short stories entitled Mama's Bank Account features Irene Dunne as Mama in one of her finest and most ingratiating performances. The film is narrated by Mama's daughter Katrin Barbara Bel Geddes , recalling the trials and tribulations of her family in turn-of-the-century San Francisco.

Mama tries to keep her house in order and her family on their toes as a motley assortment of eccentric relatives, boarders, and friends -- including Uncle Chris Oscar Homolka , Mr. Hyde Cedric Hardwicke , Dr. Johnson Rudy Vallee , Mr. Thorkelson Edgar Bergen -- weave in and out of their lives. Irene Dunne as Mama. Barbara Bel Geddes as Katrin.

Oscar Homolka as Uncle Chris. Philip Dorn as Papa. Cedric Hardwicke as Mr. Edgar Bergen as Mr. Rudy Vallee as Dr. Barbara O'Neil as Jessie Brown.


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Peggy McIntyre as Christine. June Hedin as Dagmar. Steve Brown as Nels. Ellen Corby as Aunt Trina.

Hope Landin as Aunt Jenny. Edith Evanson as Aunt Sigrid. Tommy Ivo as Cousin Arne. Florence Bates as Florence Dana Moorhead. Lela Bliss as Nurse. Constance Purdy as Nurse.

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Stanley Andrews as Minister. Franklyn Farnum as Man.

Cleo Ridgley as Schoolteacher. George Atkinson as Postman.

I Remember Mama (1948) Smoking Scene

Franklin Farnum as Man. Howard Keiser as Bellboy. Cleo Ridgely as Schoolteacher. Ruth Tobey as Girl.

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Alice Kerbert as Girl. Peggy Kerbert as Girl. Mar 2, Full Review…. May 20, Rating: Jan 1, Full Review…. Aug 1, Rating: Critics found Mama to be old-fashioned and corny, and all were quick to describe the musically disinclined Ullmann as miscast. The New York Times reviewer wrote: Miss Ullman is unsuited to it. Show business insiders dubbed the Rodgers' production "I Dismembered Mama.

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  • It was Rodgers' last musical. An original cast album was never recorded, but a studio recording with Hearn and Irving reprising their stage roles and Sally Ann Howes replacing Ullmann was released in The first Canadian production of the musical came in This production took a few minor liberties with the script and score, but was a very big success for the company. The show ran over the Christmas season and garnered rave reviews and tremendous audience reception. Quoted one member of the original Broadway production staff, "The show is a hit at last!

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