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Registration Open Independence Ballroom Foyer 7: Networking Breakfast Independence Ballroom 8: Panel 1 — Policy How do we leverage the successes of NextGen without repeating the mistakes of our past?

Conversations and ideas abound regarding what business structure would best foster an increased pace in technology adoption and enable the operational changes our aviation system needs to address in order to remain the largest, safest, and most efficient in the world. This panel will focus on how policy changes could solve many of challenges we face today and what obstacles will need to be examined moving forward. Networking Break Independence Ballroom Foyer Panel 2 — Technology We are all aware of how fast technology changes these days.

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Our ability to adapt — and most importantly, implement — technological advances will determine how competitive we will be in the decades to come. How do we in the aviation community keep up? Other industries are driving or leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence and block chain to meet their missions. How does the re introduction of supersonic or even hypersonic transport play in the future of aviation and air traffic management? This panel will focus on how we can exploit these and other capabilities to move aviation into the next golden age.

Michael Hawthorne , Veracity Engineering Panel: It crashes repeatedly, does not track my location, and freezes on a regular basis. In addition, the live tile is oftentimes three or four days in the past.

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It went from being my go to weather app, to a boring and bland design and now to barely working half of the time. As I noted in the title, there are a number of things I really like about this app. The design is simple and clean and it provides great information. Unfortunately, the reliability is better with the me version. If the look gets fixed, this will be an outstanding app. Love the look, but the execution is horrible. Live tile refuses to refresh,and constantly switching my settings and units on its own. Today the app again switched temp units and I tried to open to change back but the app refused to open.

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Had to uninstall and reset up the app only to encounter the problem again. Really seems like one of the better weather apps at first, but eventually it starts failing to open and the live tile never updates. Requires reinstalling to fix. But it is prone to freezing up, not updating, and you can't even open it.

Which is a bummer, because for what it does, it's the best app in the Store.

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That is, when it does what it is supposed to do. Great ux clean minimalistic all info is there but inexplicably stops working and cannot be opened until reinstalled on lumia Live tile is great, interface is beautiful, but the forecast is inaccurate, doesn't match other weather sites. Not sure where this data comes from, but can't trust it. App requires constant reinstall on Lumia A different kind of weather app.

It's apparently based on the most popular weather app on iOS, Clear Skies. I really like the customizable info on the live tiles telling you if you need to take an umbrella with you or not. Very clean and intuitive design focusing on text rather than icons and graphs. Live tiles stop updating after a few days or weeks of use and make a reinstall necessary.

I'll give five stars when the update bug on the live tiles is fixed, but don't hold my breath that will happen as it gas not been updated in a long time. The app is generally good, but much more can be added, such as more info on the live tile e. Description of today's outlook , and would be nice to have lock screen support. The tale starts just after World War I and centers on two men who became friends in the Army: While hardworking Potter dreams of stardom, the more laid-back and less disciplined Adams has hopes of becoming a successful nightclub owner.

In time, dancer Potter falls in love with a band singer, Mary O'Hara. He takes Mary to Adams' nightclub, where she takes a shine to Adams. Potter warns Mary that his old buddy is not the marrying kind, but she marries Adams. The union is not a happy one, despite the birth of a child. Adams' nightclub business is anything but a resounding success, and it turns out Potter was right: Adams is self-centered and unable to commit to his nightclubs, his marriage, or his daughter.

The couple divorces, and Mary tries again with Potter. The two even become engaged, but Mary can't go through with the wedding and takes off.

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A devastated Potter turns to booze and subsequently suffers an accident that puts an end to his dancing career. He winds up behind a radio microphone, sharing his story with his audience, hoping that wherever Mary is, she can hear him. Joan Caulfield was pulled out of the film. But Paramount changed their mind and put her back in.

Variety gave a favorable review. Crosby is Crosby although a slightly heftier Bing.