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Parallel Myths

Can one continue to employ two very different models within either science or religion? Can an electron be thought of as both a wave and a particle? Can one use both personal and impersonal models of Ultimate Reality? All data are theory-laden. Comprehensive theories are highly resistant to falsification, and there are no rules for choice between research programmes.

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Three assertions are essential for objectivity in science: Rival theories are incommensurable; 2. Observation exerts some control over theories; 3. There are criteria of assessment independent of particular research programmes.

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A discussion of the influence of theory on observation, the debate over the falsifiability of religious beliefs compared with falsifiability in science, the role of commitment to religious paradigms, the problem of transcendence and the status of metaphysics, and the criteria of assessment and their limitations. The author discusses several models of God, particularly two which have recently been developed under the influence of philosophical thought — the agent model and the process model.

The author suggests implications of critical realism for the academic study of religion and for the encounter of world religions, as well as for personal religious faith. Skip to content by Ian Barbour Ian G.

Introduction Three themes — the diverse functions of language, the role of models and the role of paradigms — combine to support the position of critical realism which the author defends in both science and religion. Symbol and Myth Religious models are in relation to other forms of religious language — particularly symbols, images, myths, metaphors, parables and analogies.. Models in Science Models have a variety of uses in science: Models in Religion The character of religious models is in several respects similar to that of scientific models.

Complementary Models Possible parallels exist between the role of models in twentieth century physics and religious thought.

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Selby, Associate Professor, Roanoke College. Greek and Roman Love Myths. Morality Tales from the Myths. Some Brief Myths of the Hero. The EndVisi0ns of the Apocalypse.

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Parallel Myths and Ways of Interpreting Them. MythYours Mine and Ours.

Parallel Myths by J.F. Bierlein | Books

The Journey to the Underworld and the Path of Death. Multilingual, he is deeply interested in theology, existentialism, art, opera, and the study of classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Hebrew, as well as other languages. Professor Bierlein and his wife, Heather Diehl, live in northern Virginia.