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This book includes twenty complete question practice exams, for a total of 2, questions. Read more Read less. Kindle Edition File Size: Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers.


Medical Massage Care’s FSMTB Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination MBLEx Study Guide

Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. This book of practice tests is terrible. The tests are poorly written, with bad questions, repeated questions in the same test, repeated answers to the same question, messed up question numbers, wrong answers in the answer key, etc. Also, the questions bear no resemblance to the actual MBLEx.

Taking these tests did not help in any way. This book is a companion to a book that was somewhat useful. This book was a good tool for someone anxious about test taking. Watch out for words that put limitations on a potential answer. If you look at the choices of answers before you understand the question entirely, you may be led into choosing an incorrect answer. Two of the answers can often be eliminated right away after reading the question through two times.

Once these two answers are eliminated, you only need to decide which answer is the "best possible answer" between the two remaining choices. Do not add elements into questions that are not already written into it. These things can cause you to overlook the basics of the question, which is usually what you are being tested on. If the exam result is fail, the report will show each content area with a good, poor, or borderline result next to the content area and nothing more no numerical score.

You are given one hour and 50 minutes to complete the exam of one hundred questions with 5 Minutes for a survey and 5 minutes for the Security and Confidentiality agreement added on. The percentage weight of each question is based on its difficulty. By using these methods, the MBLEx is used to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching programs and to determine the students' mastery of concepts and skills.

MBLEx Identification Requirements

Many students overlook this. There is detailed score tracking and exam review features that let you see your strong and weak areas while you continue to take exams and improve. Most exams given in the United States follow the formula below in developing questions. The MBLEx is one of those tests. If you understand what type of questions you are being asked, you will know how to apply the correct response from your knowledge base. Read through the following information then start to apply this knowledge during practice tests. It will help increase understanding and test taking acumen and decrease stress associated with taking exams.

Breakdown every question to understand its subject matter by first reviewing your Knowledge. What do you remember or recognize from your studies and memorization? Have you created charts, labeled diagrams, or taught another person what you have learned? Next, it is best to evaluate your Comprehension. What is your interpretation of the subject matter? What other circumstances, muscles, or pathologies also benefit from this knowledge?

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Is your knowledge organized and can you describe, explain, or discuss Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How in your own words? After you have a working knowledge and comprehension, it is time to Apply. Can you comfortably demonstrate a good base of knowledge and comprehension by observation, interpretation, and practice?

Massage Muscle Origins and Insertions (Review Guide 50-98 Of 98 Questions)

Can you safely and confidently use the facts, principles, and rules? Why is this information important?

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What other examples can be derived by these findings? Can this pathology relate to other areas of concern? Once you make new connections within your knowledge base and apply or put those connections into practice, you are ready to Analyze. How do your findings compare or contrast to previously gained knowledge? Do you note consistent evidence that can be outlined?

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Can you then break it down into parts and compartmentalize to classify or identify? In separating the whole of the results, can you differentiate and distinguish its parts? Can you identify the main muscles involved in the onset of the pathology? Now that you can effectively Analyze, Apply, and Comprehend your Knowledge, you are ready to Synthesize. How can you customize a homework plan for better function? What modality or treatment technique can you add to the next massage to create an improvement? When would you like your client to come in again and how often?

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Do you keep up to date chart notes in order to prepare and plan for future massage treatments? Can you confidently suggest a referral to other healthcare practitioners when needed? To complete these steps of knowledge, you must now Evaluate. Do you have enough knowledge for a comprehensive application in the making of treatment decisions? Can you prioritize the application of treatment for the most benefit to the client?

How would you decide what to do next? Are you gathering enough information from the client? Are you asking the right questions to get the most descriptive answers? Can you issue a safe prediction of your treatment work? What can you improve for future treatments? Why is self-evaluation important? This is the nuts and bolts of how an MBLEx question is built. Below is an example of how a question is constructed. This will give you some insight into the thinking behind each question.

Steps to Question Writing. A well-designed multiple-choice item consists of three main components: Ask more history questions to have a better understanding of the injury stage. ROM helps to find out the muscles involved in the primary area and the compensating or pain posture offenders Key. Ask questions to see if the spasms are protecting the injury to determine if the client needs to see a doctor or if you are able to relieve the spasms. Obtain information about what the client is wanting to achieve from this massage and give realistic information about your abilities, what you can and cannot do and why.

Create a treatment plan for the massage and give useful homework to obtain more relief. That is the highest form of question. It requires you to know information about each answer option and then weigh each answer against the other to determine techniques and application. In this sample question you can see that a client can still obtain a massage if acute injury protocol is followed.

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