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We want to fix the problem at the root, literally. Our new line of bleach and developer contains three main ingredients to send blondes into hair Heaven.

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The technology behind it fills the empty spaces in the cuticle with keratin, reducing porosity, protecting against chemical breakage and leaves the hair shiny and healthy. I have always wanted to be platinum.

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I decided to give our new developer and bleach a shot, a leap of faith from the cliffs of bronze into the world of ash. Now I understand why dogs get embarrassed when they have a shaved look.

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I never forgot but I did end up forgiving her years later. It must be noted that the Brazilian hairstylists do the best highlights ever.

Feel-good Friday: it’s a blonde thing – Girl Who Would be KING on Life, Style and INSPIRATION.

And as it turns out the color that suits me best is a rich auburn. Four years ago I went to my hairdresser to try blond again. My regular hairstylist was not around and a new guy stepped in and suggested I leave it up to him and try something different and before I knew it I was a redhead.

Dolly Parton - Dumb Blonde (1967)

For me it was stepping out of my comfort zone and I almost started to cry. But then I got lots of compliments although at first I was sure everyone was lying to make me feel better and realized that it really did suit me in an unnaturally sexy kind of way and decided to keep up my new red facade.

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I even changed my makeup and clothing to match my new hair — started wearing more green researching photos of Julianne Moore as my muse. The adjective blond , in American English, takes the masculine form in all applications. If blond is used to refer to men with light yellowish hair and blonde is used to refer to women with the same hair color, what should be used when referring to an inanimate object, like a chair or a piece of wood?

Blond or Blonde: What’s the Difference?

Should you use blonde as a noun to refer to a woman, be sure you avoid any possible interpretation as being sexist. The above sentence is unlikely to register any objection from anyone. If your sentence can be misconstrued, you might want to change your wording or rework your sentence.