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The Knights of the Limits.

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Bayley was born in Birmingham and began writing science fiction in his early teens. After serving in the RAF, he took up freelance writing on features, serials and picture strips, mostly in the juvenile field, before returning to straight SF. He was a regular contributor to the influential New Worlds magazine and an early voice in the New Wave movement.

The World According to Anna. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. Bayley Sinners of Erspia. Bayley Write Review Rated 0. In each skull the same neat hole had been drilled. Histrina had brought the centuried life of the entire projector station staff to an end. He stared at her. Her eyes flashed, became alive. Something happened to me when we flew towards Ahriman. He got deep inside me.

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Perhaps it could happen, he thought. At such intensity the beam might work a permanent change in someone—if they were receptive to it. He was becoming more impressed with Histrina's mental sharpness. It was remarkable enough that she had guessed the gun to be a weapon, when there were only lances, swords and bows and arrows on Erspia. But that she had learned to use it so quickly This question was answered when she took him into her own sleeping cubicle.

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The walls were sprayed and splashed with molten material where she had experimented with the gun's focusing ring. She drew the gun back, holding it behind her.

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Give it to me as a present. Histrina had become clever and evil. He was going to have to learn not to turn his back to her. The first job was to get rid of the bodies. This they did together by the simple expedient of throwing them out of the hatch towards Erspia.

Читать онлайн "The Sinners of Erspia" автора Бейли Баррингтон Дж. - RuLit - Страница 10

They would, with fair probability, end up falling through the shallow atmosphere to land as flaming meteors. Laedo realized that he had acquired a valuable property in the station. Thought projection was a technique with limitless possibilities, once it was understood. There were people who would pay him a vast sum for the projector.

He set himself to studying the station's controls. They were, he found, surprisingly simple to operate. Klystar had modelled them on the human technology then currently available—for the benefit of the human crew, no doubt—which wasn't so very different from today's. Laedo didn't bother himself over where Klystar had obtained the human beings to people his exercise in practical psychology, but the drive unit, too, appeared similar to that he was used to.

The Sinners of Erspia

Not wanting to lose his own ship, he employed a trick familiar to spacemen, manoeuvring it round the globe to reposition it precisely on the axis of thrust, directly opposite the drive unit. He pointed to the bulking projector station. He and the woman cooed, as though at something surprising, but then turned to Laedo again. Their lack of genuine astonishment was, to Laedo's mind, itself astonishing. Moments later her head and shoulders reappeared, thrusting through the portico lips.

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Apparently she had discarded her gown. Her hair, face, and shoulders were dusted with a fine yellow powder. It was, Laedo realized, pollen.

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Unsure of what was happening, Laedo hesitated. But Histrina would brook no delay. She bared her teeth in a grimace.