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The Lyme Disease Solution

Now, in The Lyme Solution , Dr. Darin Ingels shares his revolutionary approach to treating and healing acute and chronic Lyme. Drawing on his experience as a naturopathic physician who has treated thousands of cases, and as a patient, Ingels reveals that Lyme is an autoimmune disease as much as it is an infection. Conventional treatments too often rely on toxic doses of antibiotics that weaken your body and worsen symptoms, instead of boosting your ability to fight for your health.

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The Lyme Solution offers a simple, five-step plan, including: Whether you are facing acute or chronic Lyme, or undiagnosed autoimmune symptoms, the natural, whole-body approach of The Lyme Solution will help you permanently recover your health, and reclaim your life. He received his bachelor of science degree in medical technology from Purdue University and his… More about Darin Ingels.

It cuts through the confusion and mystery surrounding Lyme and provides a step by step guide to restoring health and well-being for so many. Targeting the bugs alone is not enough to heal and Dr.

A 5-Part Plan to Fight the Inflammatory Auto-Immune Response and Beat Lyme Disease

Ingels offers a comprehensive plan that can help you support your body naturally to heal from this devastating condition and get your life back! In the pages of The Lyme Solution , Dr. Darin Ingels lights the path to healing in generous detail and with pragmatic steps to renew hope today. Ingels gives the kind of practical solutions I wish every patient could get, a healthy plan that is easy to follow that makes a person stronger, healthier and probably more well than before they contracted Lyme in the first place!

If you are suffering with Lyme disease or any other tick-borne infection , read this book.

The Lyme Solution

It is a game changer. A masterful clinician, Dr. I am giving this book to all my Lyme patients! Darin Ingels has provided The Lyme Solution , a superb and practical book that offers optimal treatment based on his years of experience and thousands of successfully treated patients. If you question whether you may have Lyme disease, reading this book may be the best first step you can take.

The Lyme Disease Solution by Kenneth B. Singleton

See our complete selection of Lyme disease books and DVDs. Customers who purchased The Lyme Disease Solution also purchased the following book: With pages, the book offers information on numerous Lyme-related topics, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and political controversy.

Episode #43: Overcoming Lyme with Dr. Darin Ingels, ND

See the Table of Contents for more information. Singleton, who holds both a medical degree and a Master's degree in Public Health, began practicing medicine in , after spending 7 years as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Wright State University. Singleton began a private practice in suburban Baltimore where he still practices today. Mar 16, Lori Anderson rated it it was amazing. Straightforward compared to other books. Gave me helpful insight into the various antibiotics I've been on and clued me in to supplements to try.

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