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In which she address a vast array of relationship topics spanning from learning to fight fair with your partner, increasing levels of intimacy with your mate, how maintain a healthy and loving relationship as well exploring ways of getting your partner to let their wall down and opening themselves up to the possibility of a whole new level of sexual arousal.

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She is also the cohost of the Chattin with Candace and Midnite show. For more information check out http: We can't keep repeating the same habits in relationships and expect a different result. I thank you for stopping by my page. And I hope you thoroughly enjoy the titles I have prepared for you Feel free to drop by The Love Den Diaries website for extended previews. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Learn more about Amazon Prime. A new relationship reality series. In volume 1 I put all aspects of the tomfoolery that's surrounding the dating scene today on blast. That includes, approaching,dating,flirting,dressing,and interactions with the opposite sex. I will cover everything from whack ass pick up lines to women falling for the okie doke.

The book will also give men better incite when approaching women. And how to know when she's not worth your time. If you are in fact already in a relationship with someone who fits the descriptions listed in this book it will help guide you in the right direction by serving as a starting point on the path to understanding and healing from this type of abuse.

Most people can recognize abuse if it's blatantly in their face. Such as a person verbally or physically abusing them. However what about the wolves in sheep's clothing? The ones that pretend to be so sweet, but in reality you are in the presence of a narcissistic social-path.

These types of abusers are the hardest to spot and even harder to catch. Due to the fact that they are usually what society deems as beautiful or handsome, smart, charismatic, charming, and flattering. In short they are loved by everyone.

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At least to those who haven't figured them out yet. Most people can not fathom the though of someone being so calloused. The ONLY way to have an edge with them is to be aware of their next move before they make it. This may seem impossible, however, once you figure out their personality most abusers are as predictable as the day is long. In this volume you will not only learn how recognize these type of people before they slither their way into your life. You will also learn the role YOU play in the abuser's life and how Your personality may actually even be an abuse magnet.

There is a saying that goes when you know better you do better. This is your time to do better.

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I would be an enthusiastic booster for Audible if it ran on the newer model like Netflix or Spotify and allowed users access to ALL of its content for a subscription fee, rather than a monumentally high subscription fee for access to a single audio book. Audio books being the length that they are, no one could over use the service to excess and we'd all feel like we were getting a great deal.

The lack of a formidable competitor has turned this potentially awesome service into an overpriced monopoly. The service itself was actually great. Unfortunately, when I tried to cancel my membership, they charged my card one last time even though my month was ending days after I cancelled. Our local library offers a service where you can download free audio books and listen to them on your phone, tablet, etc.

I'd recommend saving your money and supporting your local library. Charging a customer before the end of a trial is an unethical business practice and a gross misuse of credit card information.

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I just started an account with audio books supposedly for two free books. I purchased one and the credit for the second is gone. I am canceling my account.

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I dont need to deal with mistakes on my account. Directions for cancellation included for those interested. This trial really is a no-strings-attached trial! It was extremely easy to cancel at any time See the bottom of this review for directions.

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I originally cancelled it after my trial but after a year I decided to start up my membership again. Both processes went smoothly. As for Audible, itself. I truly love the wide selection of books it has to offer. The 1-year return with no questions asked policy of any book is a great convenience too. It's wonderful how Audible syncs across many devices so I never have to find where I last dropped off at. I'd encourage anyone to give this program a try.

You might end up missing it like I did. Thanks for a great program, Amazon! Here are the directions for cancellation because it seems to be a commonly asked question: Sign in to your Audible account 2. Click the part that says "Hi, [Your Name]! In the drop-down menu that appears click "Account Details" 4.

The second box from the top is titled "Account Settings" and within that box it says "Cancel my membership". Click that and follow the self-explanatory steps: First off, let me say that I don't think I've ever actually written a public review of anything. Nor do I think I've ever had a negative thing to say about anyone Amazon offers. I consider myself as big an Amazon supporter as there is and regularly voice this opinion to anyone who will listen.

However, my experience recently with Audible has been beyond disappointing. I signed up for Audible almost two years ago during a time in my life where I had extended periods where I was able to listen to audiobooks. I really enjoyed the service and felt it was something I would use for quite some time. Then, about a year ago I moved into a different position at a new company and simply don't have time to listen to audiobooks like I used to.

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When I called to cancel they told me I would lose my credits upon cancelling so they said they could place my account on hold. The limit, though, was three months. I said ok figuring in three months I would have more time to listen to books. Unfortunately this was no longer the case, and I of course forgot about the count restarting as active again after three months.

So I started accumulating more credits and didn't even notice it until I received an email about my new credits. When calling to see if there was any was to keep my account active but not renewing until I could listen to the current credits, I was told no. In today's digital age I can't think of a single reason why Audible would be unable to allow me access to those movies without my account renewing. I have an Amazon account. I paid for X amount of months membership with Audible which gave me X amount of credits.

If I use listened to less than the total amount of credits I purchased, I should be able to keep these credits until a time in my life when I can use them, and I shouldn't have to pay monthly to keep them. If I still had access to these credits, when the time comes in my life where I can listen to books, perhaps I use my six remaining credits and become hooked. All of the sudden I'm reactivating my subscription and will once again be a paying member. Now, however, I will never pay for another Audible subscription ever, regardless of my free time.

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