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She has raised a fine son, Dakota. Her work is going well, and for the first time in years she finds herself attracted to a man once again! Then Dakota brings home his fiancee, Sara After years of bitterness and anger over her ex-husband's betrayal, Claire Conway's life finally seems to be on track. May 31, Noel rated it it was ok. The book was well written and the storyline good. I did like the message of forgiveness and moving forward. Jun 20, Paula Stiles rated it did not like it.

This book is gross. It's written well enough from a technical standpoint, though the plot really drags, but the entire premise is icky. Basically, a man cheats on his wife with a college student, then ditches her and their young son. The wife is filled with resentment, especially when he also screws her financially in the divorce and never pays child support.

Flash forward a few years and the young son gets a call from his bio dad's new wife, saying he's died of cancer. Around this time, the Ew. Around this time, the son also meets a lovely somewhat-older woman Now, the premise is, frankly, ridiculous in the first place, but it could work as tragedy in the hands of a really good writer. Hatcher is only a reasonably decent writer, so what you get is moldy soap opera, instead.

Excuse me, but forgiveness is a very different thing from being a doormat. The latter is what the author seems to think it is.


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Also, girlfriend, there are tens of millions of young men out there. I mean, you helped destroy this boy's childhood. In addition, after the husband dies, the son quickly forgives him after some warmed-over drivel from Daddy's new wife about how Daddy "had regrets," but somehow never found the time in the ensuing eight years to reach out to his old family. Part of seeking absolution is making amends, which the cowardly old dog made absolutely no attempt to do, ever. Yet, the book never digs into this meaty source for dramatic conflict, wafting off instead onto some fake feel-good stuff about "the log in your eye" and so on.

The double-standard is just amazing. The wife and even the Other Woman are berated by other characters for being too angry, while the husband who caused all of this emotional carnage is posthumously let off the hook with some "Oh, but he meant well at the end" nonsense. If this is a signal example of "Christian" fiction, I'll pass on any more.

Jul 03, Cindy rated it it was amazing. Awesome book that I'll definitely read again!!! I'm so glad I read it and wish I could give a copy to everyone I know. Because we all need God's forgiveness and once we have that, we need to learn how to forgive others completely. Many of us only partially forgive, and often don't even realize there's more to it. But God doesn't just say to forgive others, He very specific.

He tells us to forgive the same way He forgives us. It's all about relationship and reconciliation. He even tells us w Awesome book that I'll definitely read again!!! He even tells us we are called to a ministry of reconciliation. We often mistakenly think that the forgiveness is just for the other person, but it's for us too; and in a huge way because we're forever changed by it. The author does a tremendous job of showing how important forgiveness is to all parties concerned.

She shows how hard we tend to fight against it, and the many awful ways it affects us. We're shown the amazing heart of love our heavenly Father has for us on every page, and the miracle He wants to work in our hearts as well. I'm sure many hearts will be touched and God's love will shine brighter through those who read this book. Jun 20, Debra rated it it was amazing.

The Forgiving Hour This story hit home for me. Thank you for it being free at this time. I would never had gotten it otherwise. I will re-read it again. This was about a faithful wife who had suspicions that her husband was not. She finds out about the one woman who was nineteen.

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He left his family. After the divorce mother and son moved on with their lives. But the past didn't want to stay in the past. This book has a very strong Christian based line of forgiveness in it.

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There were several peop The Forgiving Hour This story hit home for me. There were several people in this story that needed to be forgiven and give it also, to be able to truly move on.

The Forgiving Hour

Jul 03, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: Radical forgiveness This story is one of forgiveness that is only possible through the miracle of Gods grace. Sara, Claire, and Dakota have a long journey through their pasts to come to a place where they can be a family without bitterness.

Robin Lee Hatcher always shines in her ability to create characters that her readers can love and see themselves in. This is a story that everyone can understand because sin has broken every heart and divine forgiveness is a gift any believer can have through Radical forgiveness This story is one of forgiveness that is only possible through the miracle of Gods grace. Jun 25, Neecee rated it it was amazing. The facts are not the same but I see my own heart good and bad in Claire. I was intrigued from the prologue on, how could such a twisted, sordid chain of events be reconciled?

He has used Robin Lee Hatcher to reach my spirit in ways I have been avoiding too long.

The Forgiving Hour

I'm sure He is using this story to reach others as well, whether they relate to Claire, Sara , Dakota, Kevin or even David. Jul 05, Sandy rated it it was amazing. The Forgiving Hour What a wonderful story about mistakes and the people they can hurt, but most of all it is a truly great and comforting story of forgiveness. We all make mistakes and most of us have been guilty of harboring anger and even hatred in our hearts. Learning to let go of these feelings can be a long hard road. Sometimes we also have guilty feelings that make it hard to forgive ourselves for past mistakes.

Let go and let God is the lesson we all need to learn. Great storyline and grea The Forgiving Hour What a wonderful story about mistakes and the people they can hurt, but most of all it is a truly great and comforting story of forgiveness. Great storyline and great writing.

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  • Jul 04, Denise Troutman rated it it was amazing. I stuck it out and was amazed at the depth of the emotions involved in a very difficult situation. It was truly a beautiful story with a great message of the importance and freedom in forgiveness. The best part was the comparison to Lazarus. Nov 05, Gay N rated it it was amazing. Intrigue The author has the gift of imagination and uses it to create amazing stories.

    All of the characters have a great deal of sorrow and pain in their lives, and it is gratifying to see them work through their bitterness and find inner peace. I had a couple of problems with it. Her life is basically ruined for seven years after that. While it was a terrible thing to have to go through, it seems like she could have gotten over it a little faster than she did. The other problem is that while Claire forgives Sara, she never realizes how innocent Sara really is.

    The characters are sympathetic, the story is compelling, and the theme of forgiveness is a theme to which anyone can relate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Buy The Forgiving Hour: Blythe Smith Review Date: July 12, Publication Date: B- Sensuality Kisses Book Type: