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Sounds like a soap opera right? Can you say complicated? Then you keep making one misstep after another that could land you dead or in prison again. Harley was sunshine and always upbeat and she seemed happy all of the time. How could you not love her she was intoxicating.

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The story was filled with so many surprises as wells as twists and turns which dealt with death,revenge,love,laughter,secrets coming to light. Its also about letting go of ones past and forgiving one another. A real page turner from beginning to end with a bunch of love-able and engrossing cast of characters as well as a very complicated plot.

This book goes into the keeper pile and another fantastic tale in this continuing series. Jun 19, Racy rated it really liked it Shelves: I really had to stop and decided how I wanted to review this book. I had actually almost thought about stop reading it about half way through.

Not because it was not good. Most of it was good but I do not like books that have cheating in them. Not only did Cody sleep with one woman that had a boyfriend but he sleep with two. I do not care that Macy was his girlfriend when he went in prison. She had moved on and was with someone else. For the reason of cheating and the reason I did not like the d I really had to stop and decided how I wanted to review this book.

My heart truly broke for Cody. I did like the fact that the story was about a broken boy who lost his brother and wanted to seek revenge. His need to want to seek revenge is what landed him in prison. He made his bed and he laid in it. I can respect that to a certain degree. Cody after prison was a lost soul. He had a lot to deal with. His girl had moved on with his best friend and Cody held a lot of anger inside.

He felt like Dax had let him down when it came to getting revenge for his brother. I loved that Dax and Angel was in this book. Dax was what Cody needed in his life. He will face a lot of crossroads along the way and Dax and the club will be there to help him along the way. Cody will discover a lot on his journey including what brotherhood is really about.

Harley was the second woman that cheated on her boyfriend. I did not like the fact that she had little respect for her boyfriend that she was sexually active with. Harley will hold a secret that she is scared to share with Cody. I personally did not like the direction she the author took when it came to this secret. I personally would not of chosen Harley of Macy for Cody. I just did not like either character. I did not like the fact that Macy turned her back on Cody so quickly after he was arrested. I did not like the fact that she acted like she was better then the club life when it was a life she was raised in.

Harley I did not like the fact that never thought twice or showed any guilt on cheating on her boyfriend. Did I think the storyline was great? Yes, but I would of loved to see parts of the story changed. Jun 16, Angela rated it really liked it. Does he regret taking the taking of life and beatings that he doled out? He was avenging the death of his brother and he would happily do it again.

He missed his time on a bike and he missed the family that he left behind, the Southside Skulls Biker Club. He missed his girl, Macy. He knew that she was angry with him for putting himself in a situation where he went to prison. But Macy grew up in the lifestyle and knows what 3. But Macy grew up in the lifestyle and knows what it entails. All Cody wants is to find out if he still has a place in his family, his girl, and his chance to finish what he started. Macy Linden loved Cody Miller with all her young heart. She never expected Cody to be sent to prison for murder and attempted murder.

Her life went to hell when he left and she had no idea how to handle anything. She would move on and deal with the situation when Cody came back. She knew his reaction would be violent, but he also set out to get his girl back. But there are more secrets that Macy is hiding and all it takes is one match to ignite a fire. And when it blazes, there may not be any survivors. I read the first book in the series, DAX, and was floored with the storyline.

The story was very well written and kept my attention. I spent more time enjoying the interactions with Dax and Angel and other secondary characters than I did the main ones. There are twists and turns that I was not expecting, and I think that is what kept me going with the book because I wanted to find out what happened in the end.

Overall, it was a good story with drama, danger, and some sexy scenes. Aug 18, Books 2 Blog rated it really liked it. Cody was definitely an interesting character, although brought up around the lifestyle, when we are first introduced to him he is not part of the club, but has his sights set on becoming a prospect. Cody was an angry young man and had vengeance on his mind, and rightly so, having suffered all his life, this poor guy just doesn't seem to catch a break, maybe that's why I fell for him, even though some of his morals were ques Cody is book 2 in the Southside Skulls MC series by author Jessie Cooke.

Cody was an angry young man and had vengeance on his mind, and rightly so, having suffered all his life, this poor guy just doesn't seem to catch a break, maybe that's why I fell for him, even though some of his morals were questionable!! This book has quite a few other main characters; Macy Piqued your interest yet???

I hope so, this book is definitely worth your time, it has a good story line with plenty of drama to keep you hooked, the authors writing is engaging and her characters are well developed and mostly relatable. There are so many other characters that we meet and hopefully lots more to come from this series. As expected the book shows the loyalty, dedication and sense of family you can only get in the MC world.

It has plenty of deliciously hot under the collar moments with a little laughter and violence thrown in, well come on, everyone needs balance in their life!! Jun 16, Books Laid Bare rated it really liked it. Exacting revenge for the death of his brother has cost eight years of his own life as he served his time in prison but now he is out there are three things that he is desperate to get reacquainted with; 1. His girl And not necessarily in that order!

So, first port of call for Cody was to find out exactly what is going on and exactly where his future lies. Is what they had enough to build a fresh start upon or will the time apart be a step to far? There were so many twists and turns in the story that I found the anticipation almost too much at times, but what I would suggest is that you make yourself comfy and dig in because as far as MC stories go this was pretty enjoyable and the characters certainly had plenty to say for themselves I couldn't wait for this book.

Cooke and her writing style. I highly recommend reading Dax first, even though they are standalones. This book centers around Cody and Macy. After serving 8 years in prison Cody comes out a changed man. Went in as a hot tempered boy of 16 and comes out as not a well adjusted man of He is emotionally stunted at Cody has no family aside from the Southside Skulls MC and the girl he gave his heart to at 16, the girl that hasn't even contact him onc I couldn't wait for this book.

Cody has no family aside from the Southside Skulls MC and the girl he gave his heart to at 16, the girl that hasn't even contact him once he is locked up. Dax and him have exchanged letters while he has been incarcerated and all he wants to know is about Macy. Once he gets out his in for a big surprise with Macy and one of his "brothers". Macy has been anxiously waiting for Cody to be released from prison. She has moved on with her life and is dating Cody's best friend and club brother Jimmy.

But that's not all Macy has been keeping secret. When Harley, Cody's childhood friend, makes an appearance Cody is torn between the two women. Macy his childhood love and Harley his friend that turned into a bombshell. Who will he choose? I really didn't like Macy or Harley for Cody. Macy abandons Cody as soon as he is incarcerated. What happened to loyalty and for her to not even let him know about her moving on?!?!

Harley is a promiscuous woman who cheats on her boyfriend with Cody. That's not why I don't like her, it's when she tells Cody her secret and how she planned to handle it that I lost all respect for her. That being said I still would recommend this book. Can't wait for the third installment. Jun 18, Wednesday Stanley rated it liked it. So this is the second book I have read by Mrs. Cooke and the second book in the Southside Skulls series. I have to say although I really enjoyed the first book in this series.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. Lets start with Cody. He's a young man who's finally being released from prison after doing 8 years, 2 of those which were spent in juvie. I think Dax nailed it on the head when he described Cody perfectly, he was still a teenager stuck in a man's body. I think Cody had a lot So this is the second book I have read by Mrs. I think Cody had a lot of growing to do in this book. And although he didn't do it all in this book, he did grow some. Uh lets get to Macy. I just didn't really like her at all.

She was so scarred of becoming her mother, that I feel like she indeed did become her, especially after Cody came back. She was just doing too much flitting back and forth between Cody and Jimmy. I also kind of found her anger towards Cody unnecessary, her and Jimmy are really the ones who let Cody down to begin with. As I said above I'm not sure how I really feel about this book. I don't want to make this review sound negative or like I didn't enjoy it. Because I did enjoy it. I really don't want to give anything away about the book, but there were definitely some twists I didn't see coming.

I will say this though the peak at the end of the next book is what really caught my attention. I'm giving this book 3. Maybe because Dax was just so dam good but Cody was good but could have been better; Cody story is good just a bit all over. Cody and Macy where High School sweet hearts until Cody was sent to prison for murder revenge against his brother murderers and it took 6 years away from Macy and Cody.

When Cody comes home he can see why his love of his life never came to see him Macy now with Cody best friend Jimmy. Now this is where I kind of got lost with my interest Harley is a girl that Cody use to hang out with but now she not the little annoying girl he used to hang out with and get into trouble with. Cody is very much a lost soul since being home and his feelings are all over. Who will Cody end up with? Will the past destroy his future? Jun 16, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked that Cody grew with the story and tried his hardest to be mature the majority of the time.

I liked the friendship with Dax and liked the majority of the characters. I will admit that it took a good while for me to get into the story. I failed to connect with Cody but I liked Macy and would have liked more of her and her point of view. I will admit that I felt sorry for him losing 3. I will admit that I felt sorry for him losing his brother the way he did. The storyline for this book is jam packed with drama, fairly easy to follow and a nice read. Having just been released after six years in prison, Cody Miller is trying to re adjust.

Now free, he heads back to his family, Southside skulls MC. He is also heading back to the only girl he has ever loved. But something has happened, and the Supers are again losing their powers. Temporarily, but who knows when they'll be gone forever? Meanwhile, Daniel is showing evidence of developing powers and the grandnephew of their nemesis the Shroud has come to town. He's obviously the number one suspect, but Daniel's worried things aren't so simple.

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Who can decide whether or not someone deserves power? Daniel may want to help his friends, but some of the super-powered kids aren't as nice or altruistic. If the local bully didn't have super strength, that would be a good thing. But would it just stop there?

Roasting Fans pt. 2

I liked that there isn't much romance, since the main characters are younger teens. There are hints of crushes and a quick kiss, but nothing more. There are a lot of friendships that cross gender lines, which is nice to see. Molly, a flyer, is one of the toughest characters and always ready to defend her friends. And Daniel is a good protagonist for the series, since he has no powers - just the ability to think things through and use his head.

Both tell complete stories, however. Each book has a definite end and can stand on its own if need be. This series is a good choice for kids who love superheroes and are looking for a good read that isn't a graphic novel. Mar 23, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: It was fun to see Brianna get so excited when this book came in at the library. She biked the mile to pick it up herself and then read it all in one night.

I was a little slower getting through it but I also enjoyed the adventure. Apr 21, Noah Kellstedt rated it really liked it. I would recommend this book to any on who wants a taste of adventure. Nov 05, Ethan E rated it it was amazing.

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Mar 21, Mrs. Notton Class rated it it was amazing. Super, by Matthew Cody, is about Daniel Corrigan. This is because of the kid supers that have protected the town for 80 years. Daniel and his friends defeated Herman Plunkett in Powerless to put a stop to the evil Shroud. This is why when they find out there's a new Plunkett in town, Theo, they are shocked. Daniel meets Theo and they are fast friends. Theo invites Daniel and his friends over to his house and while they are there, Louisa, is attacked by a shade creature.

Another attack happens while they take Theo to the treehouse and are attacked again. They have Theo yell commands to see if the shades would obey a Plunkett. This works and Theo joins them. Eventually the shades lead them to their layer. Read Super to find out what happens next. This book is for kids 3rd - 6th grade. This book is unique because it takes the standpoint of a normal kid in a town of superkids where usually a book about superheroes takes the standpoint of the hero.

A would give this book a 5 out 5 star rating because I love the storyline and point of view Matthew Cody chose to use. Nov 22, Zach E. After defeating the evil shroud in the last book, Daniel and two of his powered friends Eric and Rohan save the shroud's grandchild, Theo.

After this encounter, Theo is suspicious of the children and Daniel starts displaying powers. Though this may seem like a good thing, Daniel learns that he is stealing his friends powers. Then, smaller, weaker shrouds start appearing called shades. Can the Supers keep their secret and their powers while trying to handle Theo, Daniels ability to steal the Super's powers, and the shades all at once?

The theme of Super is to never give up. Many times Daniel and the Supers almost give up and let the shades win but they never did. If they did they would have lost their powers for good. Another example is when Daniel tries to distance himself from his friends when he learns he can steal their powers. They are persistent and keep badgering him and they eventually find out a way to stop it. This was a really good book and i'd recommend this book and the first book to anyone who is interested! Mar 19, Dave rated it liked it Shelves: I read the first book in this series to a grade 5 class during library time.

Perhaps it was because I didn't have the totally absorbed audience listening that I found this one not quite up to the quality of the first, but it seem as good.

CODY: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club (Southside Skulls MC Romance Book 2)

There was still some good moments during this one, but for the most part it felt a little repetitive. The ending was the most original part of the book from the first, but is that to hook me into reading the last book? I was going to read it anyway, so I hope t I read the first book in this series to a grade 5 class during library time. I was going to read it anyway, so I hope that it takes a new direction. There is definitely opportunity to do so with the way things were left, but Plunkett is still part of the story, so Wasn't a total disappointment by any means, but I think that it could have been better.

Oct 09, Chris M. The main idea of Super by Matthew Cody is that Daniel and the rest of his friend are losing powers because of Daniel and monsters that they called shades. The setting of the book is in a small town named Noble Green. The conflicts of the story are man vs. The main characters of the book are Daniel, Eric, Mollie, and Rohan. The problem of the story is that the supers of Noble Green are losing their powers. May 31, Christopher rated it really liked it Shelves: An interesting continuation of the story from the first, though a lot of it is "Heroes"-lite.

You have Sylar, even briefly a Peter. There's a cheerleader of sorts but she's actually the Flash and can fly. Superman shows up, minus the heat vision. I'm a little bummed it only made it to three books. Though given that book three is about Villians it makes sense. And looking at the Heroes wiki, huh: Season 1 - Genesis, an introduction to the characters and big bad. Season 2 - Generations, an introduct An interesting continuation of the story from the first, though a lot of it is "Heroes"-lite.

And the three Supers books fit this. Oct 09, Gunnar Gray rated it really liked it.

Super (Supers of Noble's Green, #2) by Matthew Cody

Super was a good book, but one of the things i liked about Powerless was the secrecy of their powers in Nobles Green. I don't like how everyone got their powers back. I also think the idea of mini shrouds called "Shades". Jan 03, Ellen rated it really liked it. The middle seemed to sag - was it really going to be that different from the first novel in this series? Overall, it was a well crafted superhero mystery. Oct 14, John rated it really liked it.

Better then the first one. Can't wait for 3. Dec 09, Isabella rated it it was amazing. Oct 28, Bryce Thompson rated it really liked it. Nov 26, Anthony rated it it was amazing. Dec 13, Andrew rated it really liked it. I have read the first book of this series called powerless, and I think that the second book is better than the last one. The reason I think this is because I like action and it has a lot more action in this book than the first book.

Also i think the author did a great job writing the book in very specific detail about the situations that are happening in the book.

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So overall I think it was a pretty good book and you should read it too. Feb 11, Ronald Baldwin added it. Daniel Corrigan only wants to be super, or does he? He soon finds that powers aren't all that they seem after keeping the ring from The Shroud. Will he be normal Daniel, or will he be Super? This was just part of the awesome story of Super. This book was amazing! It might even be better than the last book. I really enjoyed the storyline, the characters, and the intense moments. The storyline of the book was great. The creative ending to the story was amazing, too. It ended with all the children Daniel Corrigan only wants to be super, or does he?

It ended with all the children that had ever had powers getting them back. This was so cool because I never expected it. The other thing I liked about the storyline was the change from the last book. I went in thinking that it wouldn't be much different, but it was. For example, the characters, like Daniel and Molly, all acted more comfortable around each other. That brings me to my next point, the characters. The character development in the story was amazing. I loved how Daniel went from being a normal kid who was protected by his super friends, to him protecting his super-powered friends.

He took on so much responsibility and it really made me connect with him. I really liked the new characters in the story, too. Specifically, I liked Theo. Lamont author of The Jinx. Roberta Goodman author of Snow Escape. Eva Gordon author of Hidden. Bella Forrest author of A Shade o Jennifer Lynn Barnes author of Raised by Aaron Saylor author of Sewervill Search for a book to add a reference. Sep 11, Hi, I am looking for a co blogger to help out with running my blog http: I am looking for someone who loves to read and can post at least two reviews per month.

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Thanks for the friend request. At the moment I am only half way through and it is so hard to put down. I am loving wolf, but am still a Kai fan for sure. I do wish there was more of him and even though I understand his reasons for doubting Cinder All valid he is still getting on my nerves. Anyway sorry for the long reply hope to talk more in the future ; - Katie. Who wouldn't want Belle's library? Jan 16, Thank you for accepting my friend invite, Katie! Looking forward to chatting books with you. Jul 06, Thank you for liking my blog, too! Looking forward to talking on here. Jun 22, Thanks for the invite Katie.

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